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Business News/ News / World/  Bed Rotting: What is this latest trend on social media? Does it affect your mental health?

Bed Rotting: What is this latest trend on social media? Does it affect your mental health?

Bed Rotting is a self-care trend where people spend extended periods in bed with blankets, phones and snacks. But, does it affect your mental health? Read on.

Bed Rotting may impact mental health, but it can also disrupt sleep patterns.

The latest self-care trend taking on social media by storm has users discussing the concept of Bed Rotting - a term used to describe spending extended periods of time in bed, wrapped in layers of blankets and often accompanied by a phone or snack. Experts have weighed in on the phenomenon, cautioning about the potential impact on mental health and sleep hygiene.

Psychiatrist Professor Gold from Washington University School of Medicine has explained to CNN that, while it can be acceptable to indulge in a day of Bed Rotting if necessary, it is important to be aware of the reasons behind it and to balance it with other coping strategies.

Bed Rotting is characterised by immobility and less activity compared to a typical lazy day, where individuals can still engage in enjoyable activities and spend time with loved ones.

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Psychologist Professor Rego emphasised the need for balance, as excessive time spent in bed can negatively affect mood and increase stress levels. While taking time to recharge and relax is beneficial, it is essential to avoid overdoing it and to maintain a healthy balance.

Extended periods of Bed Rotting may be a cause for concern, potentially indicating underlying mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, according to the publication. Professor Gold advised that the urge to spend excessive time in bed, particularly if it becomes a recurring pattern, may be an attempt to avoid unpleasant emotions, stress, or pain.

Bed Rotting and mental health

Not only can Bed Rotting impact mental health, but it can also disrupt sleep patterns. Sleep expert Professor Baron cautioned against using the bed for activities other than sleep or intimacy, as it can interfere with proper sleep hygiene.

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If individuals find themselves awake for an extended period in bed, it is recommended to get up and engage in relaxing activities elsewhere, such as on a couch or comfortable chair.

While fatigue after a long day is normal, if it begins to interfere with important aspects of life, seeking medical advice is advisable. Consulting with a doctor can help address any potential underlying issues affecting sleep and overall well-being.

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