Google is trying to do its part to help curb the impact of Coronavirus. The search giant is aiming to make resources about Coronavirus easily accessible online with the help of World Health Organisation. Any search result about Coronavirus, will be accompanied by links to safety tips, latest information and even Twitter updates from WHO.

The search will also provide a link that can be shared on popular social media platforms as well as instant messaging application, WhatsApp. Google will provide direct links to WHO site to leading to basic Q&A about the disease as well provide a general overview of the current situation.

Coronavirus threat, that originated in China’s Wuhan has spread to over 20 countries and the latest reports suggest death of over 200 people. Following the dramatic spread of the virus, WHO on Thursday declared the Wuhan-originated outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

Tech companies operating in China have shut retail stores and offices in the country to combat the threat. The outbreak is also impacting companies that manufacture accessories for popular smartphone brands. A third party manufacturer claimed that there will be a considerable delay in delivering cases for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Global events that include Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020 in Barcelona, Spain and even Auto Expo 2020 in India are dealing with the fear that can come with the spread of the disease. Major Chinese companies have already booked slots in these events.

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