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Business News/ News / World/  How to stay happy during layoffs? Experts share tips on World Happiness Day

How to stay happy during layoffs? Experts share tips on World Happiness Day

March 20 was declared as the International Day of Happiness by the United Nations General Assembly in July 2012 in order to recognize the importance of happiness and well-being as common aims and ambitions in the lives of people worldwide.

Happiness is important during this layoff drive. Premium
Happiness is important during this layoff drive.

Layoffs can be traumatic. It can even become difficult to stay positive and happy during this tough time as thousands of employees have been fired in the past two months, and many more to come. Every person feels like you are the only one going through a backbreaking situation. However, it can be an opportunity to take time for yourself.

Experts have shared some tips to keep yourself happy on this International Day of Happiness. Take a look and try to implement the given suggestions in your life, 

1) Accept the situation the way it is: The first step to stay happy during tough times is to accept the situation the way it is. This doesn't mean giving up but acknowledging what's happening and finding ways to work with it, said Abhishek Joshhi, Founder Strengths Masters, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. 

2) Practice gratitude: He also said that being grateful for what you have can help to shift your focus from negative to positive. “Share your gratitude with others and encourage them to do the same."

“One needs to focus on the positives, such as taking layoffs as an opportunity to learn new things and upskilling oneself. In addition, find support from people who encourage you and help you move forward," said Vishal Soni, Cofounder and Managing Director, Oxane Partners. 

3) Identify your strengths: Joshhi recommended that the first step to using your strengths for happiness is to identify what they are as everyone has unique talents and abilities, and by recognizing yours, you can begin to leverage them for greater happiness and success.

“After layoffs, it's important to remember that your worth is not defined by your job title or your employment status. Your skills, talents, and experience are still valuable, and there are many opportunities out there waiting for you," said Prerna Goel, Co-founder & CMO of WhizCo. 

4) Use your strengths to help others: Using your strengths to help others can be a powerful way to boost your own happiness. For example, if you have the power of empathy, consider volunteering or mentoring others who may benefit from your support and understanding, Joshhi added. 

6) Practice self-care: “Taking care of yourself can help you feel more positive and happy. Practice self-care and encourage others to do the same," the Founder Strengths Masters suggested. 

"Companies should ensure workers are treated respectfully and explained about the layoff requirement. It becomes mentally taxing for blue-collar workers without basic mental support and a minimal reasoning," said Trina Das, Founder and Chief Growth Officer, GigChain.

7) Learn new skills: Goel stated that you should use this time to invest in yourself and learn new skills or hone existing ones. “Consider taking an online course or attending a workshop to expand your knowledge and stay current in your field."

"During layoffs, it's important to remember that your job does not define your worth. Focus on what you can control - your attitude, your skills, and your resilience," Rohit Bansal, Founder, Super4, said.

8) Networking: Networking is also crucial during a job search after layoffs, so make an effort to attend industry events or connect with professionals in your field through LinkedIn or other online platforms, the co-founder of WhizCo asserted. 

Vishal Soni also suggested that one should tap into groups comprised of mentors, former colleagues, and other professional connections, and leverage their network to find opportunities that take you closer to your overall goal even if that means taking a little cut on the salary.

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Published: 20 Mar 2023, 08:17 AM IST
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