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Business News/ News / World/  Israel-Hamas war Highlights: UK govt judges Gaza hospital blast likely caused by missile, says Rishi Sunak

Israel-Hamas war Highlights: UK govt judges Gaza hospital blast likely caused by missile, says Rishi Sunak

Israel-Hamas war Day 17 Highlights: Israeli warplanes bombarded areas near three hospitals in the Gaza Strip early on Monday, Palestinian media reported.

Israel-Palestine conflict enters Day 17; Bombarding and airstrikes continue (REUTERS)Premium
Israel-Palestine conflict enters Day 17; Bombarding and airstrikes continue (REUTERS)

Israel-Hamas war Day 17 Highlights: Early morning on Monday, Israeli warplanes bombarded areas near three hospitals in the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian media. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries at or near the other two hospitals.

The Israeli Defence Forces have also attacked Lebanon overnight.

Health authorities in Gaza said at least 4,600 people were killed in Israel's two-week bombardment that began after a Hamas October 7 rampage on southern Israeli communities in which 1,400 people were killed and 212 were taken into Gaza as hostages.

Israel has amassed tanks and troops near the fenced border around Gaza for a planned ground invasion aiming to annihilate Hamas.

Meanwhile, the US has announced a new deployment of advanced air defenses due to fear that the Israel-Hamas war could mushroom into a wider Middle East conflict.

Read all the latest updates on Israel-Hamas war at Mint's LIVE blog

23 Oct 2023, 10:10:23 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: ‘Bigger picture is, if we don’t defeat Hamas then..' says Israeli envoy Gilon

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Ambassador of Israel to India, Naor Gilon, on Monday, underlined the need to completely destroy Hamas. He said that defeating Hamas would prevent the resurgence of extremism and echo the sentiment that the fight against terrorism, especially terror groups like Hamas, remains a paramount concern for international security.

"The bigger picture here is that if we don't defeat Hamas, extremists in the world are going to raise their head, and it's going to be unbearable for all of us," he said.

23 Oct 2023, 09:33:16 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: Almost 20,000 displaced in Lebanon as clashes on Israel border escalate

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: Almost 20,000 people have been internally displaced in south Lebanon and elsewhere since early October, a U.N. agency said on Monday, as violence escalates on the Lebanese-Israeli border following the eruption of the Gaza war.

The International Organization for Migration said 19,646 people had been displaced inside Lebanon since it began tracking movements on Oct. 8, the day after an assault on Israel by Hamas militants and an Israeli counteroffensive on Gaza.

It said the movements were mostly by those fleeing the south of Lebanon, while some people have also moved from other areas.

Israeli authorities have also been evacuating dozens of towns and communities from the north of Israel. (Reuters)

23 Oct 2023, 09:13:01 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: 'Target on my back', French parliament speaker in Israel visit row

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: The speaker of France's parliament accused a hard-left leader on Monday of putting "a new target on her back" after she visited Israel at the weekend to show solidarity following Hamas's deadly attack.

Hamas militants stormed into Israel from the Gaza Strip on October 7 and killed at least 1,400 people, mostly civilians who were shot, mutilated or burnt to death on the first day of the raid, according to Israeli officials.

They also seized more than 200 hostages in the worst attack in Israel's history.

More than 5,000 Palestinians, mainly civilians, have been killed across the Gaza Strip in relentless Israeli bombardments in retaliation for the attacks by the Palestinian Islamist militant group, according to the latest toll from the Hamas health ministry in Gaza.

On Sunday, French far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon accused parliament speaker Yael Braun-Pivet, who is Jewish, of "setting up camp in Tel Aviv to encourage the massacre" in Gaza.

"Not in the name of the French people!" he said on X, formerly Twitter. (AFP)

23 Oct 2023, 08:54:51 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: UK govt judges Gaza hospital blast likely caused by missile, says Rishi Sunak

United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on 23 October said Britain concludes Gaza hospital blast likely caused by missile, or part of one, launched from Gaza towards Israel, reported by BBC.

In his statement to the Commons that on the basis of analysis by British intelligence, He said, as quoted by the BBC, "The UK government judges that the explosion (at Gaza's Al-Ahli hospital) was likely caused by a missile or part of one that was launched from within Gaza towards Israel".

23 Oct 2023, 08:42:05 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: UK PM Rishi Sunak announces extra £20 million aid for civilians in Gaza

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: UK leader Rishi Sunak announced on 23 October that Britain was sending an additional £20 million ($24 million) of aid to help civilians in Gaza affected by the war between Israel and Hamas.

"We need a constant stream of aid pouring in, bringing the water, food, medicine and fuel that is so desperately needed," the British prime minister told parliament after his trip to the Middle East. (AFP)

23 Oct 2023, 08:35:49 PM IST

Bank of Israel keeps benchmark rate unchanged

The Bank of Israel today kept its key interest rates unchanged at 4.75% to prevent spike in inflation. The central bank held its benchmark rate at 4.75% - its highest level since late 2006. 

It had raised rates 10 straight times in an aggressive tightening cycle that has taken the rate from 0.1% last April before pausing in July and again in August, reported Reuters.

Inflation in Israel has been increasing with a weaker shekel due to the ongoing war against Hamas. 

23 Oct 2023, 08:07:49 PM IST

Fresh aid arrives at Gaza

Two weeks into the war between Israel and Hamas, this morning about a dozen aid trucks arrived in Gaza through the Rafah crossing with Egypt, reported AFP. This is the third such convoy, the second one arrived on Sunday with 14 trucks and the first one was on Saturday with 20.

The United States has vowed to ensure a "continued flow" of relief goods into Gaza, where Israel has cut off most water as well as food, power and fuel.

The UN says Gaza needs about 100 trucks a day to meet the needs of its 2.4 million people, nearly half of whom have been displaced by Israel's bombardment, said the AFP report.

23 Oct 2023, 07:46:22 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: Israel Central Bank cuts growth estimate as war hits economy

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Israel left interest rates at their highest since 2006 despite the likely toll on its economy from the war with Hamas, as the central bank focuses on propping up the shekel after it fell to an 11-year low.

The monetary committee kept its benchmark at 4.75% for a third consecutive meeting on Monday, in line with the forecasts of almost all economists surveyed by Bloomberg. Updated projections from the Bank of Israel’s research department showed slower economic growth this year and next, assuming the conflict is contained to the country’s south.

The shekel was little changed after the announcement. In a statement accompanying its decision, the central bank didn’t indicate the likely direction of its next move.

“The interest rate path, and the use of additional monetary policy tools, will be determined in accordance with this purpose and with developments in the war, as well as with data on economic activity and the inflation dynamics, in order to continue supporting the markets’ stability and achieving the policy objectives and the needs of the economy, the central bank said. (Bloomberg)

23 Oct 2023, 07:44:49 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: Military hits Gaza with airstrikes and raids

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Israeli forces carried out airstrikes on Gaza and made targeted raids inside the territory on Monday, as Western countries intensified efforts to stop the war with Hamas from spilling over into the wider region.

The US has been bolstering its military presence in the Middle East and Israel appeared to hold off on a broader ground invasion as efforts continue to try to free hostages held by Hamas. The prime ministers of the Netherlands and Greece traveled to Israel and French President Emmanuel Macron is expected Tuesday.

Aid trickled through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, but the convoys are insufficient, according to the UN. The Israeli central bank is later set to outline the potential economic impact of the war with Hamas, which is designated a terrorist group by the US and European Union. (Bloomberg)

23 Oct 2023, 07:24:14 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: 'We share concerns regarding terrorism, violence and loss of civilian lives', PM Modi to King of Jordan

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 23 October informed that he had a discussion with King of Jordan -- King Abdullah II, on the developments in the West Asia region.

PM Modi also informed that botn the global leaders expressed their concern regarding terrorism, violence and loss of civilian lives.

PM Modi took to X and wrote, "Spoke with His Majesty @KingAbdullahII of Jordan. Exchanged views on the developments in the West Asia region. We share concerns regarding terrorism, violence and loss of civilian lives. Concerted efforts needed for early resolution of the security and humanitarian situation."


23 Oct 2023, 06:49:56 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: West gives Israel 'licence to kill' in Gaza, says Palestinian PM

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh on Monday accused Western nations of giving Israel a "licence to kill" in its war against the Gaza Strip's Islamist rulers Hamas.

Israel has been bombing Gaza since Hamas gunmen poured across its border with the Palestinian territory on October 7 and, according to Israeli officials, killed more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians.

Gaza's Hamas-controlled health ministry on Monday said more than 5,000 people, also mainly civilians, have been killed in the Israeli bombardment. AFP has been unable to independently verify the tolls.

"What we hear from the mouth of the occupation (Israeli) leaders on preparations for a land invasion means more crimes, atrocities and forced displacement," Shtayyeh told the start of a Palestinian Authority government meeting.

"We condemn the statements that constitute a licence to kill and give Israel political cover to commit massacres and spread destruction in Gaza," he added. (AFP)

23 Oct 2023, 06:43:35 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Ex-PM takes responsibility for failures leading to Hamas' Oct 7 attack

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Israel's former prime minister Naftali Bennett said he bears the responsibility for the significant failures that paved the way for the devastating Hamas attack on October 7, The Times of Israel reported.

In an interview with Radio 103FM, he stated, "Of course I also bear responsibility. I served as prime minister for 12 months. There were things that I can't elaborate on, that I didn't have time to do that could have dramatically changed the situation, and then the government fell."

Bennett served as prime minister from June 2021 to June 2022. (ANI)

23 Oct 2023, 06:30:11 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: EU set to seek pause in war to allow aid to Gaza

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Western countries intensified efforts to stop the Israel-Hamas war from spreading, with European Union leaders aiming to endorse a United Nations call for a “humanitarian pause" at a summit later this week.

After US President Joe Biden spoke with counterparts from Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the UK to strengthen coordination, the prime ministers of the Netherlands and Greece are due in Israel on Monday and French President Emmanuel Macron will follow on Tuesday. Amid the diplomatic push to secure the release of more hostages, Israel kept up airstrikes on Gaza overnight and made targeted incursions, but appeared to hold off on a broader ground invasion. (Bloomberg)

23 Oct 2023, 05:43:41 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Israel strikes across Gaza after allowing another small aid convoy

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Israeli warplanes struck targets across Gaza on Monday, including in areas where Palestinian civilians have been told to seek refuge, after another small aid shipment was allowed into the besieged Hamas-ruled territory.

Israel has still not allowed any fuel to enter Gaza, where there has been a power blackout for nearly two weeks. Hospitals say they are scrounging for generator fuel in order to keep operating life-saving medical equipment and incubators for premature babies. (AP)

23 Oct 2023, 05:34:46 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Over 5,000 killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza, says Hamas

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry said Monday that more than 5,000 people have been killed in the besieged Palestinian enclave since Israel launched its withering bombing campaign more than two weeks ago.

Alarm has surged about the spiralling humanitarian crisis in Gaza amid the war sparked by the October 7 Hamas attack that, Israeli officials say, killed more than 1,400 people who were gunned down, stabbed or burnt by the Islamist militants. Hamas also took more than 200 hostages. (AFP)

23 Oct 2023, 03:44:29 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Gaza sees ‘most violent night yet’ as bombardment kills 400 people in 24 hours

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: The war between Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas fighters from Gaza has seen the world erupt in demand for ceasefire as Palestinians in Gaza continue to lose life owing to Israel's relentless bombing in retaliation to the 7 October Hamas attack.


23 Oct 2023, 03:41:27 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Israel bombards Gaza as US pledges 'flow' of aid

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Israel said Monday it had launched more than 300 strikes on the Gaza Strip within 24 hours, killing dozens according to the Hamas rulers of the besieged Palestinian territory.

More than two weeks into the war triggered by the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel that killed 1,400, alarm has surged about the spiralling humanitarian crisis in Gaza. (AFP)

23 Oct 2023, 03:40:33 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Biden talks with allies to stop Israel-Hamas war spreading

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: US President Joe Biden and the leaders of France, Germany, the UK and Canada spoke on 22 October about preventing the Israel-Hamas war from spreading to the wider Middle East.

23 Oct 2023, 03:15:34 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Israel has eliminated 20 Hezbollah cells in Southern Lebanon

Israel-Hamas LIVE Updates: Israeli military has eliminated 20 Hezbollah cells in southern Lebanon since the beginning of Israel-Hamas war, said spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagasi.

23 Oct 2023, 02:55:53 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war: As Gaza runs out of fuel, risk for premature babies at hospitals increases

Israel-Hamas war LIVE news: As Gaza runs out of fuel, hospital management is struggling to take care of premature babies who require extra care and healthcare facilities. At least 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza are unable to access essential health services, and some 5,500 are due to give birth in the coming month, according to the World Health Organization.

23 Oct 2023, 02:34:44 PM IST

‘Monitoring to ensure Hamas doesn’t get Gaza aid': Israeli Military

Israeli military said it is monitoring all the situation to ensure Hamas doesn't get Gaza aid, “Ready to mount operations to prevent such seizures," it added.

23 Oct 2023, 02:24:16 PM IST

EU urges faster aid deliveries to Gaza

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Monday urged faster aid deliveries to Gaza and said the bloc was debating calling for a "humanitarian pause" in Israel's conflict with Hamas.

"What's important (is) more, quicker, and in particular to enter the basic things that make water and electricity supply being restored," Borrell said, ahead of a meeting of European Union foreign ministers.

He said, "The attacks of missiles, rockets from Hamas, from Gaza, has to stop and the hostages, people who have been kidnapped, have to be released".

23 Oct 2023, 02:06:01 PM IST

Israel's military killed 1,800 children in Gaza, Palestinian PM says

Palestine Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said that Israel's military has killed 1,800 children in Gaza.

23 Oct 2023, 02:00:28 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war: Gaza runs out of food, water

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has said that Gaza needs fuel "as urgent as water and food" as the aid trucks that entered Gaza this weekend will barely alleviate the dire conditions, an officila told CNN News.

23 Oct 2023, 01:34:19 PM IST

Israeli forces kill 60 in overnight strikes: Hamas

Hamas officials have said that Israeli forces killed 60 people in an overnight strike.

A statement from the Hamas government media office said "more than 60 were martyred in the (Israeli) raids" during the night, including 17 who were killed in a single strike that hit a house in Jabaliya, in northern Gaza.

23 Oct 2023, 01:30:31 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war: 222 people being held captive in Gaza

The Israeli military on Monday confirmed that 222 people are being held captive by the Hamas militant group in Gaza.

23 Oct 2023, 11:47:26 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war: IDF attacks Hamas' infra in Gaza

Israeli Air Force said that it launched an attack against terrorist infrastructures, Hamas and GAP terrorists in the past day.

23 Oct 2023, 11:36:33 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war: All you need to know about 200 hostages

According to the New York Times report, Hamas has taken more than 200 hostages after the 7th October attack on Israel in which 1,400 were killed.

The Israeli military has said 203 people have been taken hostage so far. However, they have not provided any specific details about the victims.

France, the US, and other Western countries are trying to bring back their citizens safely by speaking with both Israel and Palestinian authorities.

The hostages include children, soldiers, people with disabilities, 9-month-old baby.

As a result, Israel is holding off a ground invasion of Gaza because diplomatic efforts have continued to secure the release of more hostages.

On Saturday, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed the release of two US citizens, who were being held hostage by Hamas.

The two Americans released were identified as Judith Tai Raanan and her 17-year-old daughter, Natali Raanan, both from Chicago, according to CNN.

23 Oct 2023, 11:15:04 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war: Two Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces

Two Palestinians were killed at the Jalazone refugee camp near Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, the Palestinian health ministry said on Monday.

23 Oct 2023, 10:20:34 AM IST

Israel refuses to send aid to Gaza, report claims

According to The Spectator Index, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's office has said that Israel will not send aid to Gaza and will prevent the entry of aid from other countries that is sent without oversight.

23 Oct 2023, 10:06:27 AM IST

Hamas terrorists planned on using cyanide, claims Israel President

Israel President Issac Herzog has said that Hamas terrorists planned on using cyanide against Israeli citizens. He told Sky News that Hamas terrorists who broke into Israel were carrying instructions on how to make chemical weapons.

23 Oct 2023, 09:56:20 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war: Canadian Professor predicts China as safe haven for Jews

Canada-based professor Gad Saad has predicted the safety of Jews. In a post on the X platform, Saad asked Jews to learn 'Cantonese or Mandarin' as China will become a safe place for Jews.

"To all Jews around the world: Consider learning Cantonese or Mandarin and keep your fingers crossed that China allows you in. This might become the only safe place for Jews in 20+ years. Tragic but true". Read full story

23 Oct 2023, 09:43:13 AM IST

Ex-European envoy conducted 'paragliding flight' three months before terror attack

A former European Union envoy to Gaza is being slammed for allegedly empowering Hamas to use paragliders, the very devices employed by the Palestinian terrorists to invade Israel and kill more than 1,400, according to New York Post report.

23 Oct 2023, 09:26:23 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war: 'Hamas terrorists carried cyanide-based chemical bombs,' Israel claims

Hamas terrorists killed in the October 7 attack on southern Israel were discovered carrying instructions on how to deploy cyanide-based chemical bombs, Israeli officials have revealed, the New York Post reported.

The directions included detailed diagrams for a "cyanide dispersion device" and were stored in USBs found on the bodies of Hamas.

A cable sent by Israel to its embassies read: "This finding points to an intention by Hamas to use chemical weapons as part of its terror attack against civilians."

The cable advised the embassies to inform its diplomats that Hamas had been instructed "to conduct attacks in a similar way that ISIS tried to do."

23 Oct 2023, 08:52:16 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war: Emmanuel Macron to visit Tel Aviv on Tuesday

French President Emmanuel Macron will visit Tel Aviv on Tuesday for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to The Times of Israel, seven French citizens are missing and one of them is among the hostages taken by Hamas.

23 Oct 2023, 08:02:20 AM IST

Canada reaffirms support for Israel

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reaffirmed Canada's support for Israel.

"We reaffirmed our support for Israel and its right to defend itself, in accordance with international law," Trudeau wrote on the X platform.

23 Oct 2023, 07:45:56 AM IST

‘No ceasefire’ for Gaza, says Israeli official

According to CNN News, an Israeli official said that there will be “no ceasefire" in Gaza amid US and Qatari efforts to free more than 200 hostages held there by Hamas.

The official added that "humanitarian efforts cannot be allowed to impact the mission to dismantle Hamas".

23 Oct 2023, 07:26:29 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE: Two batches of aid shipments enter Gaza

20 trucks entered Gaza in the first aid shipment into Gaza on Saturday.

Israeli authorities on Sunday allowed a second batch of aid into Gaza at the request of the United States. COGAT, the Israeli defense body responsible for Palestinian civilian affairs, said the aid included water, food and medical supplies and that everything was inspected by Israel before it was brought into Gaza.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees confirmed the arrival of 14 trucks.

Israel has not allowed any fuel to enter Gaza.

23 Oct 2023, 07:20:54 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE: IDF attacks two terrorists squads in Lebanon

The IDF attacked a short time ago two terrorist squads that were identified in Lebanon, in the area of ​​Matat and Mount Dov.

According to the suspicion, the squad in Matat intended to launch anti-aircraft missiles towards Israeli territory and the squad in Mount Dov intended to launch rockets. Both squads were thwarted before they fired.

23 Oct 2023, 07:17:18 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE: Oil prices ease as aid convoys arrive in Gaza

Oil prices eased on Monday as aid convoys started to arrive in the Gaza Strip over the weekend. Brent crude futures fell 60 cents to $91.56 a barrel on Monday.

23 Oct 2023, 06:59:24 AM IST

US, Europe urge Israel to protect civilians

The leaders of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Britain underscored their support for Israel and its right to defend itself, but also urged it to adhere to international humanitarian law and protect civilians.

23 Oct 2023, 06:58:05 AM IST

‘Palestinians are not Hamas’, says US

US Embassy Cairo Charge d'Affaires, Ambassador Beth Jones during Cairo Summit said that Palestinians are not Hamas, and the terror group does not represent the Palestinian people.

Palestinian civilians are not to blame and should not suffer for Hamas' horrific terrorism, she noted.

23 Oct 2023, 06:46:22 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war: Biden discusses conflict will western allies

US President Joe Biden discussed the Israel-Hamas war with the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Italy.

The leaders discussed their own citizens trapped in the Israel-Hamas war, "in particular those wishing to leave Gaza."

23 Oct 2023, 06:40:03 AM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE: IDF attacks Hezbollah cells in Lebanon

The IDF recently attacked military targets of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, including a military compound and an observation post used by the organization.

Also, an Air Force aircraft attacked a terrorist cell operating in the border area and destroyed weapons in its possession.

23 Oct 2023, 06:37:25 AM IST

Israel strikes Gaza, Lebanon overnight

Israel bombarded Gaza and Lebanon with air strikes early on Monday as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened a meeting of his top generals and his war cabinet to assess the escalating conflict.

Israeli aircraft struck two Hezbollah cells in Lebanon that were planning to launch anti-tank missiles and rockets toward Israel, its military said. Israel's military also said it struck other Hezbollah targets, including a compound and an observation post.

22 Oct 2023, 10:36:52 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE:  29 staff for UN agency for Palestinian refugee died in Gaza 

Israel-Hamas war: Amid the raging war between Israel and Gaza, 29 staff of United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees killed in Gaza, said the agency on Sunday.

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said Sunday that 29 of its staff had been killed in Gaza since the outbreak of war between Hamas militants and Israel.

"We are in shock and mourning. It is now confirmed that 29 of our colleagues in Gaza have been killed since October 7," UNRWA wrote on X, formerly Twitter, raising a death toll released Saturday of 17 staffers.

"Half of these colleagues were UNRWA teachers," the agency said of its latest toll.

22 Oct 2023, 10:07:55 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: Israel issues new warning to Gaza 

Israel-Hamas war news LIVE: Israel's military has issued new warning to Gaza residents that Palestinians who do not move to south will be identified as ‘accomplice of a terrorist organisation’.

Israel's military has warned Gaza residents that they risk being identified as accomplices "in a terrorist organisation" if they do not move south, Palestinians there said, amid growing humanitarian fears with little aid being allowed in.

22 Oct 2023, 09:22:16 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war: Mistakenly hit an Egyptian position near Gaza strip, says Israeli military

Israel-Hamas war: Israeli military on Sunday, said that one of its tanks accidentally hit an Egyptian position near the border with the Gaza strip.

"The incident is being investigated and the details are under review. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) expresses sorrow regarding the incident," it said in a statement, giving no further details.

22 Oct 2023, 08:52:33 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war LIVE Updates: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warns Iran proxies

Iran-Hamas LIVE Updates: Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on Sunday, said that the US would “respond decisively" if Iran-backed groups attacked American forces. “We are concerned at the possibility of Iranian proxies escalating their attacks against our own personnel," Blinken said on CBS News on Sunday.

22 Oct 2023, 08:25:31 PM IST

Israel-Hamas war: Thousands of people gather to join pro-Palestine demonstrations in Bosnia

Israel-Hamas war LIVE: Several thousand of people gathered in Sarajevo city centre in Bosnia on Sunday. Demonstrators were raising slogans in favour of Palestine. The crowd was chanting slogans like "Genocide, genocide," while a large and prominent banner read "Yesterday Srebrenica, today Gaza," referring to the 1995 massacre in the Bosnian town, Europe's worst atrocity since World War Two in which Serb forces killed an estimated 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

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