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Business News/ News / World/  Israel-Gaza War Highlights: Hamas releases video of women hostages; Israel calls it ‘‘psychological propaganda’

Israel-Gaza War Highlights: Hamas releases video of women hostages; Israel calls it ‘‘psychological propaganda’

Israel-Gaza War LIVE: Hamas reported engaging in intense combat with Israeli forces in northern Gaza on Sunday, while residents in the besieged area were once again urged to evacuate to the south.

Israel-Gaza War LIVE Updates: Palestinians leave their homes following Israeli bombardment on Gaza City, Monday, (AP)Premium
Israel-Gaza War LIVE Updates: Palestinians leave their homes following Israeli bombardment on Gaza City, Monday, (AP)

Israel-Gaza War LIVE: Hamas reported engaging in intense combat with Israeli forces in northern Gaza on Sunday, while residents in the besieged area were once again urged to evacuate to the south, AFP reported.

Gaza on Sunday received the largest aid shipment since the war between Israel and Hamas began, as nearly three dozen trucks entered the region.

Meanwhile, the death toll among Palestinians crossed 8,000, mostly women and minors, said the Gaza health ministry, Associated Press reported.

According to a report by the AP citing a spokesperson at the Rafah crossing, 33 trucks of aid entered the only border crossing from Egypt.

Read all the latest Israel-Gaza War Live Updates here.

30 Oct 2023, 10:36:42 PM IST

Updates to this blog has been closed

Updates of the war between Israel and Hamas fighters from Palestine's Gaza will be available on our website LiveMint.

30 Oct 2023, 10:25:08 PM IST

Israel rescues kidnapped soldier from Hamas

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF)and Shin Bet security agency said a soldier captured by Hamas has been rescued from Gaza in an overnight operation.

The military said the soldier, who it named as Ori Megidish, had been kidnapped by Hamas on 7 October.

In a joint statement, the IDF and Shin Bet said Megidish had since undergone medical checks and was “doing well". It did not give details on the circumstances of her release.

30 Oct 2023, 10:01:36 PM IST

Gaza's healthcare paralyzed amid Israeli attack

The following statistical update have been curated by Al Jazeera

Since October 7, the World Health Organization has documented several Israeli attacks on the healthcare sector in the occupied West Bank:

-99 attacks affecting ambulances

-67 involving obstruction to delivery of healthcare

-61 involving physical violence against medical teams

-19 involving the detention of medical staff and ambulances

-12 involving armed searches of health assets

Since October 7, the Ministry of Health has documented several Israeli attacks on the healthcare sector in the Gaza Strip:

-124 medical personnel killed

-More than 100 wounded

-50 ambulances attacked – 25 are no longer in service

-12 out of 35 hospitals in Gaza are no longer in service due to fuel shortages and/or Israeli bombardment

-46 out of 72 primary healthcare clinics are no longer in service for the same reasons as above

-24 hospitals were requested to evacuate in the northern Gaza Strip (containing 2,000 beds).

30 Oct 2023, 09:02:17 PM IST

Scholz calls Shani Louk's death example of  ‘Barbarism’

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday said that the death of German-Israeli woman Shani Louk showed what he called the barbarism of Hamas and the need to hold them to account.

“For me, this news is terrible," Reuters reports Scholz said, adding “This shows all the barbarism that lies behind Hamas."

30 Oct 2023, 08:19:42 PM IST

Israel says ‘psychological propaganda by Hamas-ISIS’ to captive video

The Israeli prime minister’s office has issued a statement in response to the video put out earlier by Hamas, which said it showed three of its captives:

“This is a cruel psychological propaganda by Hamas-ISIS."

“We are embracing the families. We will do everything to return all the kidnapped and missing people home."

30 Oct 2023, 07:45:53 PM IST

Hamas releases video it says shows Gaza women hostages

Hamas on Monday released a video it said showed three women from the more than 230 people Israel says were abducted by militants and taken to Gaza during the October 7 attacks.

The Palestinian Islamist group referred to the women in the 76-second video as "Zionist detainees" but it was not immediately possible to verify their identities.

Sitting on plastic chairs against a white tile wall, one of the women urges Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree a prisoner exchange for the release of all captives.

Speaking in Hebrew, she becomes very agitated and starts shouting, almost screaming by the end, as the other two sitting either side of her remain silent.


30 Oct 2023, 06:24:41 PM IST

Israeli army has confirmed ‘ground offensive continues’

The Israeli army said it has continued its ground operations in the Gaza Strip for the past few hours. The defense forces further confimred that soldiers, along with combat helicopters and drones, were used in the fight and that it destroyed Hamas’s infrastructures, including antitank and launch positions.

Four senior Hamas commanders, including head of the group’s naval force, were killed, the army said.

30 Oct 2023, 06:21:07 PM IST

Israel minister freezes Palestinian Authority funds

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich says he stopped funds to the Palestinian Authority as a result of their “support" for Hamas’s October 7 attack, Al Jazeera reports

“I would like to inform you that I have instructed the ministry to stop the transfer of payments this month," Smotrich said in a letter to PM Netanyahu, quoted by the Israeli media.

Israel collects taxes on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and make monthly transfers after taking out expenses for services such as electricity and water.

30 Oct 2023, 05:55:47 PM IST

Oil falls over 1% as concerns about Mideast supply ease

Oil slipped more than 1% on Monday as concern eased about the Israel-Hamas war affecting supply from the region and as investors adopted caution ahead of this week's U.S. Federal Reserve meeting and other indications of global economic health.

Crude had jumped 3% on Friday after Israel stepped up ground incursions into Gaza, stoking worries the conflict could expand in a region that accounts for a third of global oil output. However, that concern was fading on Monday, analysts said.


30 Oct 2023, 05:33:45 PM IST

We're going to totally dismantle Hamas: Israel

Israeli government spokesperson Elyon Levy says, "The days ahead are going to be long, they're going to be difficult. They're going to be hard because this isn't another round of conflict. This isn't another round where Hamas will fire rockets, Israel will launch airstrikes and then everything will calm down after a few days. Hamas declared war on us, Hamas declared war with the worst terrorist attack in world history since 9/11. And so we're going to totally dismantle Hamas in the Gaza Strip. That is our goal in this war, total victory over Hamas. We are going after every single Hamas tunnel, every single Hamas rocket launcher, every single Hamas commander, every single Hamas fighter. They're all legitimate targets…They all represent a clear and immediate danger to the security of our friends and family. We are going after them in order to destroy them while doing everything we can to minimize civilian casualties, including on the Palestinian side as well..."

30 Oct 2023, 05:00:09 PM IST

Internet, phone services returning to Gaza

According to AP, Internet, phone service are gradually returning to Gaza, after the densely populated Strip went into a complete communication blackout owing to intensive bombardment by Israel on Palestine

30 Oct 2023, 04:58:05 PM IST

Israel confirms German-Israeli Shani Louk was fund dead

Shani Louk, the German-Israeli who was captured from a music festival in southern Israel on 7 October by Hamas, has been confirmed dead by Israel’s foreign ministry.

In a message posted to social media it wrote:

We are devastated to share that the body of 23 year old German-Israeli Shani Luk was found and identified. Shani who was kidnapped from a music festival and tortured and paraded around Gaza by Hamas terrorists, experienced unfathomable horrors. Our thoughts and prayer are with Shani’s friends and family during this unimaginable nightmare. May her memory be a blessing.

30 Oct 2023, 04:56:42 PM IST

Israel-Gaza War LIVE Updates: Recap- day 24

-The Israeli tanks approaching the outskirts of Gaza City have now retreated, according to the head of the Hamas government office in Gaza. The tanks had reached Salah al-Din Street, a distance of about 3km (1.86 miles) from the Gaza fence.

-The Palestinian Red Crescent says intense Israeli air raids are taking place in Gaza’s Tal al-Hawa area, where the al-Quds Hospital is located. Despite Israeli orders to evacuate the facility, the hospital administration says it is impossible to do so as most of the patients are elderly and have disabilities.

-Gaza authorities say 8,306 Palestinians killed by Israel, including 3,457 children

-The UN Security Council is scheduled to meet today and discuss Israel’s massive operation in Gaza as well as the dire humanitarian situation on the ground.

-According to an internal US State Department document, tens of thousands of people in Gaza, including pregnant women and babies, are drinking salty and contaminated water, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

30 Oct 2023, 04:47:21 PM IST

Indian cops begin enquiry in Hamas leader addressing pro-Palestine rally in Kerala 

The police in Kerala has begun an inquiry into the the presence of top Hamas leader Khaled Mashal at a pro-Palestine rally in Kerala' Mallapuram on Sunday. 

The virtual address by the Hamas fighter earned the scorn of BJP leaders, who demanded an investigation into the matter. 

The gathering was organised by Mallapuram District Committee of Solidarity Youth Movement, the Youth Wing of Islamic Organisation, and Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

30 Oct 2023, 04:31:50 PM IST

Israel was ‘gradually moving ahead according to plan’ in the Gaza Strip

The Israel Defense Forces after issuing several warning to Palestinians in North Gaza, unleashed tanks moving forward for full-fledged ground incursion. Reuters reported chief military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the forces killed dozens of Gaza militants overnight but refused to confirm the location of the ground forces.

He also said that forces were deployed in the north of Israel and ready for any scenario. He claimed that aircraft had killed several militants in Jenin in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

30 Oct 2023, 04:27:03 PM IST

Lebanon-based Hezbollah launches surface-to-air missile: Report

The war between Netanyahu's Israel and Hamas fighters from Gaza has only intensified further in the past 36 hours, killing at least 8,000 in Gaza. As Israel's tanks now head for North Gaza, Lebanon-based Hezbollah has started launching surface-to-air missile to shoot down an Israeli drone. 

Since after war broke out between Israel and Palestine's Gaza, skirmishes between Israel and Hezbollah have remained restrained in scope and geography, mostly targeting isolated areas close to the border. But experts say both sides now seem to be widening their target areas.

30 Oct 2023, 03:54:53 PM IST

Russia blames ‘external interference’ for anti-Israel riot

The Russian government blames “external interference" for an anti-Israel riot at Dagestan’s Makhachkala airport, according to a statement by Kremlin.

Kremlin said ill-wishers used information and the awful images of Gaza to provoke and stir up people.

Sixty people have been detained after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters stormed an airport in Russia’s predominantly Muslim Dagestan region.

30 Oct 2023, 03:15:35 PM IST

Gaza death toll increases to 8,000

As Israel pounds Gaza via the airstrikes and ground incursion, the loss of civilian life in Gaza Strip, surged to a whopping 8,000

30 Oct 2023, 02:32:06 PM IST

Israel's military forces in Gaza 'gradually moving ahead with plan'

Israel was "gradually moving ahead according to plan" in the Gaza Strip, chief military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said during a regular press briefing on Monday. (Reuters)

30 Oct 2023, 02:30:46 PM IST

Israel: Defense Minister Gallant says ground war in Gaza linked to freeing hostages

On Sunday, Israel's Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant met with the families of Israelis who were kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist organization to Gaza, as well as families of other missing persons.

Minister Gallant held an open discussion with the family members, answered their questions and discussed the measures being taken to return the hostages and locate missing persons.

"I have two goals," Gallant told them, "returning those who were kidnapped and winning this war. All the rest is less important right now." (ANI)

30 Oct 2023, 02:12:26 PM IST

What is two-state solution to end Israel-Hamas war? Explained

Several Arab and European leaders stressed that a stable and secure outcome to the Israel-Palestine conflict must be built on a two-state solution. This came during the first session of what was billed by Egypt as the Cairo Peace Summit which aims to find ways to prevent the war between Israel and Hamas.

Arab presidents, royalty, and top officials from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Brazil were on hand. The US and Israel weren’t present, according to Bloomberg reports.

Initially, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi rejected the option of displacing Palestinians from Gaza. Jordan's King Abdullah also assessed that the message Arabs are taking on board is that Palestinian lives matter less than Israeli ones.

The Ministry of External Affairs has reiterated the call for a two-state solution and condemned the horrific terrorist attack on Israel.

"The international community must stand together in combating terrorism in all its forms and manifestations...There was also the issue of Palestine and on that, we have reiterated our position in favor of direct negotiations for establishing a two-state solution," said spokesperson Arindam Bagchi. Read the complete story.

30 Oct 2023, 01:57:29 PM IST

'Stop blaming Iran for Hamas' attacks on Israel,' Iran says to US

Iran's foreign ministry spokesperson Kanaani tells US, “Stop blaming Iran for Hamas' attacks on Israel." (Reuters)

30 Oct 2023, 01:56:54 PM IST

Israeli army says over 600 Gaza targets hit in 24 hours

Israel's military said Monday it had struck more than 600 targets in Gaza in the past 24 hours, one of the heaviest bombardments yet in its war on Hamas.

"We have hit more than 600 targets in the past 24 hours," a military spokesperson told AFP, a rise of 450 targets reported on Sunday. (AFP)

30 Oct 2023, 01:47:21 PM IST

Israel says hit military infrastructure in Syria

Israel's army said Monday it carried out air strikes on military infrastructure inside Syria as fears grow that its war against Hamas could spur a broader regional conflict.

"A short time ago, an IDF fighter jet attacked the launchers" from where overnight attacks originated towards Israeli territory, the military said, indicating it hit "military infrastructure in Syrian territory". (AFP)

30 Oct 2023, 01:32:07 PM IST

UK to hold emergency response meeting on threat of terrorism

Britain will convene a meeting of the government's COBRA emergency response committee on Monday to discuss the domestic security risk from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents have surged in Britain since a deadly rampage by Hamas gunmen in Israel on Oct. 7 sparked retaliatory attacks on Gaza. Massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been held in London and other major UK cities, while Jewish groups have held vigils for hostages who were taken by the militants.

"We have to make sure that British systems are safe and secure from the threat of terrorism as the government always does," higher education minister Robert Halfon told Times Radio. (Reuters)

30 Oct 2023, 01:17:50 PM IST

Musk speaks to Israeli security chief on providing Internet in Gaza

Tesla CEO and 'X' owner Elon Musk spoke to Israeli security agency Shin Bet's head Ronen Bar about providing internet in the war-torn Gaza via Starlink satellite network, Israel-based tech news website, mobile.mako reported.

This development came a day after Musk's announcement of providing internet access created an uproar.

"Starlink will support connectivity to internationally recognized aid organizations in Gaza," Musk posted on X on Saturday. (ANI)

30 Oct 2023, 01:17:06 PM IST

Israel-Gaza War: ‘American side should decide, does it really want to intensify the war?’ warns Iran

Iran’s foreign minister warned that new fronts would open against the US if it keeps up unequivocal support for Israel, escalating a rhetorical back-and-forth that has stoked fears the Israeli conflict with Hamas will spread into a wider regional war.

Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian declined to detail the consequences Iran might have in store. He denied that Iran had instructed groups in Syria and Iraq to target US forces in recent days, and said it was Washington — not Tehran — that was fanning the violence in the days since Hamas militants killed some 1,400 people in an attack on Israel and Israeli forces responded with punishing airstrikes. Read the complete story here.

30 Oct 2023, 01:05:06 PM IST

Israel expands ground assault into Gaza as fears rise over airstrikes near crowded hospitals

Israeli troops and armor pushed deeper into the northern Gaza Strip on Monday, reaching built-up areas as the U.N. and medical staff warned that airstrikes are hitting closer to hospitals, where tens of thousands of Palestinians have sought shelter alongside thousands of wounded.

The increasing ground operations came a day after 33 trucks carrying food, medicine and other supplies entered Gaza from Egypt, the largest convoy of humanitarian aid since the war between Israel and Hamas began. Relief workers said Monday the assistance still fell far short of needs in Gaza, which has been under siege for weeks. (PTI)

30 Oct 2023, 12:43:53 PM IST

Israel-Gaza War Day 24: Gaza receives largest aid shipment as Israel intensifies airstrikes. Top 10 updates

On the 24th day of the Israel-Gaza war, Gaza received its largest aid shipment since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began. Here are the top ten developments. Read the complete story here.

30 Oct 2023, 12:26:36 PM IST

Israel says 'dozens' of militants killed in Gaza raids

The Israeli army said Monday that its forces killed "dozens" of militants in clashes through the night in Gaza as it presses its military response to the October 7 Hamas attacks.

The army said "troops killed dozens of terrorists who barricaded themselves in buildings and tunnels and attempted to attack the troops", and that a fighter jet had targeted a building "with over 20 Hamas terrorist operatives inside". (AFP)

30 Oct 2023, 12:07:51 PM IST

Israel army says 'dozens' of militants killed in Gaza overnight

Israel army says 'dozens' of militants killed in Gaza overnight. (AFP)

30 Oct 2023, 12:02:04 PM IST

Police take control of Russia's Dagestan airport after anti-Israeli protests

Russian police have taken over an airport in the predominantly Muslim Dagestan region and arrested 60 people after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters stormed the facility on Sunday when a plane from Israel arrived, the interior ministry said on Monday.

Videos obtained by Reuters from the airport at Makhachkala, the regional capital, showed the protesters, mostly young men, waving Palestinian flags, breaking down glass doors and running through the airport on Sunday evening shouting "Allahu Akbar" or "God is Greatest". (Reuters)

30 Oct 2023, 11:45:32 AM IST

Israeli aircraft struck military infrastructure in Syrian territory| WATCH

30 Oct 2023, 11:44:27 AM IST

Israel continues ground operations in Gaza

30 Oct 2023, 11:41:44 AM IST

Israel-Gaza War: Antony Blinken, James Cleverly discuss humanitarian access to Gaza

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his UK counterpart, James Cleverly, had a phone conversation where they discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict, the need for humanitarian access to Gaza for Palestinian civilians, and the immediate release of hostages.

According to an official statement, both leaders reiterated Israel's right to self-defence and noted ways to collaborate with regional partners to pause the conflict's escalation and secure the hostages' release. Read the complete story here.

30 Oct 2023, 11:27:15 AM IST

Israel-Gaza War Day 24: Gaza receives largest aid shipment as Israel intensifies airstrikes. Top 10 updates

On the 24th day of the Israel-Gaza war, Gaza received its largest aid shipment since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began. Here are the top ten developments. Read the complete story here.

30 Oct 2023, 11:22:04 AM IST

Turkish fund denies supporting Hamas after US sanctions move

Turkish real estate investment fund Trend GYO responded to the U.S. imposition of sanctions on three of its shareholders on the grounds of providing aid to Hamas, saying on Sunday it does not provide financial support to any organisation.

The U.S. on Friday issued a second round of sanctions aimed at the Palestinian militant group Hamas following its attack this month on Israel, including a Hamas official in Iran and members of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (Reuters)

30 Oct 2023, 11:16:31 AM IST

PM Netanyahu says ‘do or die’ as Israel-Gaza war enters ‘long and difficult’ second stage

The Israeli military has opened a second stage in the war against Hamas by sending ground forces into Gaza and expanding attacks from the ground, sea, and air, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night while warning that the assault would intensify ahead of a broad ground invasion into the territory. Read the complete story here.

30 Oct 2023, 11:01:08 AM IST

Sixty people detained after unrest at Russia's Dagestan airport - RIA

Sixty people were detained after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters stormed an airport in Russia's predominantly Muslim Dagestan region on Sunday, the RIA news agency reported on Monday.

RIA said the identity of 150 of what it called the most active protesters had been identified. It said nine police officers had received injuries in the incident, two of whom were being treated in hospital. (Reuters)

30 Oct 2023, 10:56:01 AM IST

Preventing aid getting to Gaza could be 'a crime': ICC prosecutor

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor warned Sunday that blocking humanitarian aid from entering Gaza could constitute a crime.

"Impeding relief supplies as provided by the Geneva Conventions may constitute a crime within the court jurisdiction," Karim Khan told reporters in Cairo. (AFP)

30 Oct 2023, 10:24:24 AM IST

Syria state TV says Israeli air strikes targeted two army posts in Daraa

Syrian state TV said on Monday that Israeli air strikes targeted two army posts in Daraa.

The raids led to "some material losses", according to Syrian media. (Reuters)

30 Oct 2023, 10:23:05 AM IST

Jewish group honours Indian-American doctor for standing against antisemitism

An influential Jewish group has felicitated Indian-American physician Dr Bharat Barai for his relentless effort to strengthen ties between India, the US and Israel and his stand against antisemitism.

“We stand with you, our Jewish brothers and sisters," said Dr Bharat Barai, an ardent advocate of the India-Israel relationship who has made six trips to Israel, adding that the collaborative relationship between the Hindu and the Jewish communities has benefited both. (PTI)

30 Oct 2023, 10:02:35 AM IST

US has ‘absolutely no intention’ of sending troops to Israel or Gaza: Kamala Harris

United States Vice President Kamala Harris stressed that Washington has "absolutely no intention" of sending troops to Israel or Gaza amid the ongoing conflict, CNN reported on Sunday.

"We have absolutely no intention, nor do we have any plans, to send combat troops into Israel or Gaza, period," Harris said in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" that aired on Sunday when asked about the potential for US troops to be drawn into a war in the region. (ANI)

30 Oct 2023, 09:37:39 AM IST

Hamas says 'heavy fighting' in Gaza as Israel steps up ground war

Hamas said it was engaged in "heavy fighting" with Israeli troops inside northern Gaza Sunday, as besieged residents were again warned to flee southward.

After weeks of ferocious airstrikes, Israel has declared a new "stage" in a war that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned would be "long and difficult". (AFP)

30 Oct 2023, 09:26:27 AM IST

Jaishankar says 'We are big victims of terrorism' following India's refusal in UN to condemn Hamas attack

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stressed the need to take a “consistent position" on terrorism and said that India takes a strong position on terrorism because “we are big victims of terrorism," reported ANI. Read the complete story here.


30 Oct 2023, 09:14:36 AM IST

Biden speaks to Al-Sisi, appreciates Egypt's role in delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza

United States President Joe Biden on Sunday spoke with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and appreciated Egypt's leading role in efforts to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of Gaza.

According to a White House statement, the two leaders committed to the significant acceleration and increase of assistance flowing into Gaza beginning today and then continuously.

They also discussed the importance of protecting civilian lives, respect for international humanitarian law, and ensuring that Palestinians in Gaza are not displaced to Egypt or any other nation. (ANI)

30 Oct 2023, 09:02:25 AM IST

Protection of civilians is paramount: UN Chief Guterres amid Israel-Hamas conflict

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday said that the protection of civilians is "paramount" and added that the laws of war establish clear rules to protect the life of humans and respect humanitarian concerns.

Taking to X, Guterres stated, "The protection of civilians is paramount. The Laws of War establish clear rules to protect human life and respect humanitarian concerns. Those laws cannot be contorted for the sake of expedience."

Guterres, who is in Nepal on a four-day visit, offered condolences to the families of the 10 Nepali students killed in Hamas attacks on Israel. He wished for the safe return of Bipin Joshi, a Nepali citizen who is missing. He called for "immediate and unconditional release" of all hostages in Gaza. (ANI)

30 Oct 2023, 08:58:48 AM IST

US President Biden, Israeli PM Netanyahu discuss developments in Gaza

US President Joe Biden on Sunday held a telephonic conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and discussed developments in Gaza.

Biden reiterated that Israel has every right to defend its citizens from terrorism. The two leaders discussed ongoing efforts to locate and secure the release of hostages. Biden underscored the need to immediately and significantly increase the flow of humanitarian assistance to meet the needs of civilians in Gaza.

"President Joseph R Biden, Jr. spoke this morning with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. The leaders discussed developments in Gaza. The President reiterated that Israel has every right and responsibility to defend its citizens from terrorism and underscored the need to do so in a manner consistent with international humanitarian law that prioritizes the protection of civilians," the White House said in a statement. (ANI)

30 Oct 2023, 08:42:48 AM IST

These numbers show the staggering toll of the Israel-Hamas war

Here’s a look in numbers at the toll of the war as of October 29, sourced from the Gaza Health Ministry and Israeli officials as well as international observers and aid groups:

Number of people killed in Israel-1,400

Number of Palestinians killed in Gaza-8,005

Number of Palestinians killed in West Bank-116

Number of Israelis injured-5,431

Number of Palestinians injured in Gaza-20,242

Number of Palestinians injured in the West Bank-2,000

Number of Israelis displaced-250,000

Number of Palestinians displaced in Gaza-1.4 million

Soldiers and civilians being held hostage in Gaza-239

Hostages released-4

Aid trucks let into Gaza-117

Residential Units Destroyed in Gaza--27,781


30 Oct 2023, 08:31:46 AM IST

PM Netanyahu invokes ‘Amalek’ theory to justify Gaza killings. What is Amalek, a nation in the Hebrew Bible?

The Hebrew Bible describes the nation of Amalek as the Israelites' ardent foe. The term "Amalek" can refer to the grandson of Esau who founded the country, his offspring, the Amalekites, or the Amalek territories they inhabited.

According to Exodus, the Israelite tribe was attacked by the Amalekites while they were fleeing Egypt. The descendants of Amalek were cursed by God even though Israel vanquished the Amalekites.

Netizens condemned the Israeli PM's remarks on the Amalek and Gaza killings. One user said, “Surprising to see how so many Americans are shocked with this statement. Guys, it’s not the first time he makes such genocidal remark."

“Creation of Israel was based on the same methodology. “God said so." A good portion of Jews oppose this Zionistic interpretation. Netanyahu is keeping up his promise. Type “names of children" in the search bar to see the identities of 3,000+ murdered tiny souls. They’re gone," another user wrote. Read the complete story here.

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