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Business News/ News / World/  Seven warning signs of a dog about to attack

Seven warning signs of a dog about to attack

Regardless of the cause of the dog's aggression, a dog's body language can indicate whether or not they are about to bite

File photo of an Alaskan MalamutePremium
File photo of an Alaskan Malamute

Dogs usually display signs of aggression well before biting. These warning signs include growling, snapping, snarling, baring teeth, and lunging.

A well-socialized dog usually doesn't attack, however, if a dog is afraid and believes there is no other option, it can become aggressive.

This can be due to a current perceived threat or even past experience making them uncomfortable.

It can be really distressing for the owner as well as a society if a dog becomes aggressive.

Regardless of the cause of the dog's aggression, a dog's body language can indicate whether or not he is about to bite. Dog bites can be avoided if you know what to look for.

Let's look at some warning signs expert vets have listed that show a dog is about to attack.

- Growling and snapping are probably the most obvious signs that a dog is about to bite.
When you approach a dog, if they growl or snaps at you, you should give them some space.

- A happy dog might wag its tail and involve their entire body. A dog that is about to bite will typically be quite rigid, have a high tail, and move its tail more quickly back and forth. This could mean that a dog bite is about to happen.

- It is a sign that a dog needs you to back off if they raise its hackles.
The hair on the backs of dogs may rise when they are afraid or overstimulated. Some dogs raise only the hair between their shoulders on the back of their neck. Other dogs have it near their tails and at the neck.

- When a dog is about to act out, his body language usually tells you right away. Their ears and tail are raised high, and their entire body may become stiff.

- A dog is trying to tell you that they are uncomfortable with something going on around them by licking its lips, repeatedly yawning, or turning its head to avoid meeting your gaze.

- Lip licking or yawning are less obvious signs of a fearful dog than cowering and tail tucking.

- In dogs, whale eye is a sign of anxiety. This is a term used when you can see the whites of a dog's eye, this indicates worry and stress. Give a dog some space until they feel more at ease if you see them showing the whites of their eyes.




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Updated: 05 Feb 2023, 05:22 PM IST
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