There’s a new holiday in town, and it’s called Galentine’s Day. A millennial take on the tradition of Valentine’s Day, this new occasion is for “ladies celebrating ladies" or female friendships, and is catching on fast. Such is the rage over it that even Indian celebrities are seen ditching Valentine’s Day in favour of Galentine’s Day. The concept originated 10 years ago in popular American sitcom Parks and Recreation, in which the central character decides to shower her female friends with extravagant gifts, including individual 5,000-word essays on why they’re awesome.

In recent years, the idea has become quite the pop culture phenomenon. Restaurants and cafes are organizing Galentine’s brunches where they serve food ranging from “avo-cuddle toasts" to “fries before guys", gift shops are pulling out all stops to sell Galentine’s gift items, such as greeting cards, decorations, accessories and even uterus-shaped confetti.

For years now, singletons have taken to social media to protest Valentine’s Day, which they argue is discriminatory towards those who aren’t involved in romantic relationships, by choice or otherwise. With Galentine’s Day to celebrate, it seems single women no longer have reason to complain. One doesn’t need to have a partner to join such festivities. The creator of Parks And Recreation, Michael Schur, has said he does not endorse the commercialization of the concept, but is happy that it has caught on. The word, of course, comes from “gal", and so it’s an all-female affair. Single guys may want their own equivalent, but, unfortunately for them, a Guyentine’s Day just doesn’t sound cool enough.

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