Quick Edit | Huawei offloaded

US authorities should show evidence of espionage by Huawei or else it would look as if US is afraid of losing a technological edge in telecom to China

With Google suspending business ties with Huawei, cutting the Chinese telecom major off its technology, the US-China trade war has taken a turn that directly affects consumers. As Huawei loses access to updates on the Android operating system, anyone using a Huawei smartphone will be miffed. That Google Play and Play Protect would continue to function on existing phones isn’t much consolation. It just means your Huawei smartphone hasn’t been turned into a brick. But future versions of Huawei smartphones would have to do without proprietary apps such as Gmail, Google Chrome and YouTube. There will be roundabout ways to access them, but that’s unlikely to be considered sufficiently cool by millennials.

There could yet be another effect of Google’s action, taken at the behest of US authorities. Ordinary folks would wonder what’s gone so wrong between China and America that people in India are being pushed into cyber deprivation. America has accused Huawei of espionage. If this is so, US authorities should show us the evidence. Else, it would look as if it is afraid of losing a technological edge in telecom to China. That would be a reputational win for Huawei.