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Business News/ Podcast/    India’s Reforms Story


It’s been 30 years since India opened up its economy, freeing it of the licence permit raj, improving access to capital, and introducing a New Industrial Policy. But what went on behind the scenes, an... See More

Ruchir Sharma: ‘Only in a crisis does India reform’

Has the Indian economy truly graduated from being business-friendly to being market-friendly? As we ... See More

Surjit Bhalla: ‘Reforms provide welfare benefits to the bottom 50%’

What shape will Modi’s government reforms eventually take and what results they are gonna finally yi... See More

Bibek Debroy: ‘Modi is implementing reforms pending from 1993’

We cannot afford to deny that there are signs of a deep malaise in the Indian economy. To understand... See More

Vijay Kelkar: ‘If you want to be an economic superpower, you can't be protectionist’

What makes Vajpayee’s reforms different from the successor government? Weren’t the economic reforms ... See More

N.K. Singh: ‘When Vajpayee became PM, telecom was in a colossal mess’

When Vajpayee became Prime Minister in 1998, the telecom sector was in complete disarray. What fuele... See More

Rakesh Mohan: ‘The 1991 moment was 18 months in the making'

Only a few people realize how irrational the Indian economic control system was before 1991. What th... See More

Montek Singh Ahluwalia: ‘1991 reforms aimed at more than just the BOP crisis’

India ran into an unsustainable deficit in the balance of payments in the year 1991. To start the se... See More

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