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Fri Sep 29 2023 15:59:14
  1. Tata Steel share price
  2. 129 1.78%
  1. NTPC share price
  2. 245.65 3.3%
  1. Power Grid Corporation Of India share price
  2. 199.85 -0.45%
  1. State Bank Of India share price
  2. 598.7 1.48%
  1. Wipro share price
  2. 406.25 0.11%
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Mint Primer

231 Episodes
This podcast version of the popular Mint Primer breaks down the Big News into quick easy consumable Questions & Answers. Each morning, host Alisha Sachdev features the finest explanations of the major... See More

Why sovereign gold bonds are glittering away

The latest tranche of sovereign gold bonds (SGBs) saw investors subscribing to a record number of un... See More

Borrowing plans: Why the market remained calm

The central government on Tuesday announced that it will borrow ₹6.55 trillion during the second hal... See More

1.5 Trillion in taxes? The gamblee with online gaming?

In todays primer we take a look in the world of Gambling firms and the stance of the DGGI levying ta... See More

Analyzing key factors behind housing project completions

in today's primer we take a look at how recent data indicates a notable reduction in delays associat... See More

Life beyond oil: Can distance tax ease the switch?

Taxes on oil make up a chunk of government revenue. Surging interest in electric vehicles, however, ... See More

IT import curbs: Licence Raj or Make in India?

In a surprise move, the government last week reintroduced licensing and ended free imports of IT har... See More

The new data protection bill: Five takeaways

After five years and multiple iterations, the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill was table... See More

What flipped the decline of India's Forex reserves?

India’s foreign exchange reserves, which peaked at $642 billion in October 2021, declined for most p... See More

Off the block: Luxury car sales roar in India

Luxury car sales were at record levels in the first half of 2023. Should the trend continue, the ind... See More

How style & affordability intersect with car safety feat. Martin Uhlarik, Tata Motors

Mint's Alisha Sachdev discusses how car design and safety criss-cross and interact when it comes to ... See More

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