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Fri Dec 01 2023 12:30:55
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Mint Primer

270 Episodes
In this podcast adaptation of the renowned Mint Primer, host Rohan delivers concise, digestible Q&A sessions on headline stories. Every morning, gain valuable insights into major, intricate narratives... See More

Off-budget borrowing: is it behind us now?

Off-budget borrowings by states rose sharply in 2020-21 and 2021-22. Worried (they widen the fiscal ... See More

Racing pulses: why aren’t dal prices dropping?

After vegetables and cereals, it’s the turn of pulses now. Prices of commonly used dals are soaring.... See More

GPS spoofing: how flights are being led astray

A Dubai-bound business jet from Europe flew into Iranian airspace with no clearance in September—due... See More

Goodbye SIM, hello e-SIM: Time to make a switch?

E-SIMs or embedded SIMs will soon replace those fiddly physical SIMs in smartphones and other device... See More

When the tail wags the dog: futures & options

Retail investors have been at it. Futures and options (F&O) average daily turnover (ADT) has surged ... See More

Right to repair: can biz mend its wasteful ways?

The government wants to replace the ‘use-and-throw’ design philosophy of products with a ‘right to r... See More

The way out: why founders get the boot so often

OpenAI chief executive and founding team member Sam Altman was last week fired from the company he h... See More

After the freeze: will we soon get a petrol price cut?

Domestic pump prices of petrol and diesel have remained unchanged since May 2022, the longest freeze... See More

India’s heft in MSCI EM index: what it means

India’s weightage on the MSCI emerging markets (EM) index is tipped to rise to 16.3% from the curren... See More

The rupee: its fall, recovery and the RBI’s role

On 10 November, India’s currency touched an all-time low of ₹83.5 against the dollar. It has now rec... See More

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