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Mint Techcetra

201 Episodes
The Mint Techcetra podcast is your navigator into the mesmerizing maze that is technology today. From decoding technologies, policies, enterprises, and legal decisions to sci-fi and pop culture, this ... See More

Where Tech Takes Us: From AI Detours to 5G's Future

What if your AI assistant suddenly started hallucinating while you were on a drive? Could it take yo... See More

Digitisation and Cyber Threats Landscape

2023 was undoubtedly a breakthrough year for generative artificial intelligence technology, marking ... See More

Sora Unleashed, Are Filmmakers in Peril? Satoshi Nakamoto, The Banksy of Bitcoin & Air Canada's Chatbot Blunder | Weekly Tech Storm

OpenAI's latest launch that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text prompts - has take... See More

On UPI Scams: You too are responsible for your money!

In this episode of Mint Techcetra, hosts Shouvik, Leslie and Deepti discuss OTP scams, and the reaso... See More

Would you like an AI Boyfriend or Girlfriend this Valentine's Day?

On this quirky episode of Mint Techcetra hosts - Shouvik, Leslie, and Deepti - invite an innocent Ge... See More

New Technologies like Neuralink & How They Help Rewire Our Brains & Economies

In this freewheeling episode of Techcetra, hosts - Shouvik, Leslie and Deepti - discuss recent resea... See More

Behind the Lens: Myopia's Connection to Digital Screens

Excessive exposure to screens and other environmental factors may impact our eyesight, making myopia... See More

AI Built-in Smartphones: Life-altering Advantages & Trade-offs

Is the new Rabbit R1 truly the future of smartphone devices? What is an AI phone in the context of S... See More

A Glocal Approach: Versuni Fosters Employment in India

For 130 years, Philips has been an essential part of our lives. Its main focus has been on improving... See More

CES 2024: The Coolest, The Inevitable & The Weird in the World of Tech!

For years, the Consumer Electronics Show has been the one-stop shop for all things cool when it come... See More

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