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Business News/ Podcast/    Rediscovering Gandhi


This podcast is a limited series from Livemint celebrating the 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. In this weekly series (of 5 episodes), Mint's Associate Editor Shalini Umachandran discusses t... See More

6: Bonus Episode - The more human Gandhi

So far we've only heard of Gandhi, the icon. But, what about Gandhi, the person? In this bonus episo... See More

5: Was Gandhi ever inspired by Art?

We hardly think about art when we mention Gandhi. However, not only did he inspire art, but he was a... See More

4: Did money matter to Gandhi?

Gandhi's face on Indian currency notes has always been considered ironical, owing to the general per... See More

3: Gandhi and Khadi: Sartorial or Political?

In this episode, Shalini Umachandran explores the sartorial choices of Gandhi and examines if he rea... See More

2: What did Food mean to him?

From veganism to food journalling, Gandhi was ahead of his times when it came to experimenting with ... See More

1: Journey to Satyagraha

Gandhi had a complicated relationship with the railways - some of the transformational moments of hi... See More

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