NEW DELHI : For the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), today’s victory yet again, is a testament to its people-based politics.

As counting is underway for the 70-member legislative assembly in Delhi, as per the Election Commission of India, AAP leads with a tally of 58 seats, while BJP is trailing with 12. Congress on the other hand, has failed to make a mark even in a single constituency.

"Amit Shah and his entire team tried their level best to hijack the narrative by talking about Shaheen Bagh and other such issues. These are not issues. What have you done for the people? People want to see those results and their decision is clear in their mandate," senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh said, adding that, "Politics of hate make no difference to the people. Don’t practise hate politics. People want to see issues being resolved and that is what Arvind Kejriwal has done."

While BJP has managed to increase its vote share this time, AAP workers believe that the division of votes between the incumbent party and Congress in certain constituencies benefited BJP.

"AAP has never been in favour of politics of religion -- which is what BJP practices. Shaheen Bagh and Jamia are not issues. So, in some of the constituencies, votes have been split between AAP and Congress and that has in turn benefited BJP. Otherwise it is clear that people have rejected BJP," said AAP worker Hasibul Hasan.

Likewise, party workers also asserted that even though votes had been split in select constituencies, religion had failed to become an issue in the recently concluded polls, refuting any claims that AAP was facing anti-incumbency.

"Towards the end the BJP tried to cash in on a Hindu-Muslim narrative and that doesn't work. We were very clear from the beginning -- water and electricity are key issues as are issues like schools and education. So religious divisions don't form the basis of electoral fight especially in Delhi," said L. Ghulfam, another AAP worker.

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