NEW DELHI : The government's fiscal deficit touched 52% of the budget estimate for the full year in the first two months of 2019-20.

In absolute terms, the fiscal deficit or gap between expenditure and revenue, was 3,66,157 crore, as per the data released by the Controller General of Accounts (CGA).

The fiscal deficit was 55.3% of 2018-19 budget estimate in the year-ago period.

In the Interim Budget passed in February, the government had estimated the fiscal deficit at 7.03 lakh crore for 2019-20.

The government aims to restrict the fiscal deficit at 3.4% of the GDP during the current fiscal, same as the last financial year.

The CGA data showed that revenue receipts of the government during April-May, 2019-20 was 7.3% of the Budget Estimate (BE). In the year-ago period also, the revenue receipts were at similar level.

However, the capital expenditure was only 14.2 % of the BE as compared to 21.3% in the year-ago period.

Total expenditure during April-May period stood at 5.12 lakh crore or 18.4 % of BE. It was 19.4% of BE in the corresponding period of the last fiscal.