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Indian astronomers have added another feather to their cap as they have recently made two discoveries. One, a team of astronomers have found an exoplanet which is 1.4x the size of Jupiter and another, a rare class of radio stars hotter than the Sun.

A team of Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), located in Ahmedabad, discovered an exoplanet 1.4 times the size of Jupiter, which is orbiting an aging star that is 1.5 times that of the sun and is located at 725 light-years away.

Besides, another team from Pune Centre for Radio Astrophysics found a rare class of radio stars that are hotter than the sun, with unusually strong magnetic fields and stronger winds.

The new exoplanet, known as TOI 1789b, was discovered by Professor Abhijit Chakraborty and his team using the PARAS optical fiber-fed spectrograph. The exoplanet was found to have 70% of the mass and 1.4 times the size of Jupiter.


TOI 1789b orbits its Sun in just 3.2 days. Due to its closeness to its host star, the planet is intensely hot, with a surface temperature of up to 2000 K.

The second discovery, made by the Pune-based team from NCRA led by Barnali Das, found eight rare radio stars that are hotter than the Sun.


These stars tend to emit intense radio pulses due to their emission behaviour, resembling a lighthouse on a pitch-dark island. They are 'Main-sequence Radio Pulse' (MRPs) emitters that possess powerful magnetic fields.

Surprisingly, only 15 MRPs have been detected in space so far, 11 of which were discovered by the astronomers in Pune.

The study’s success suggests that MRPs may not be rare, but simply difficult to detect, as radio pulses are only visible at particular times, and usually noticeable only at low radio frequencies.

Moreover, the Indian astronomers have also spotted an active galaxy that gives out 10 times more X-ray emissions than usual.

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