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Business News/ Sports / Cricket News/  Anushka Sharma calls Virat Kohli ‘God’s child’, dedicates Instagram post to India’s semi-final victory

Anushka Sharma calls Virat Kohli ‘God’s child’, dedicates Instagram post to India’s semi-final victory

Anushka Sharma expressed gratitude for Virat Kohli's presence in her life and admiration for his growth and achievements.

Mumbai, Nov 15 (ANI): (Combo Picture) India's Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma blow flying kiss to each other on his record-breaking century during the semi-final match against New Zealand in the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Wednesday. Virat Kohli scores his 50th ODI century, breaking Sachin Tendulkar's record of most ODI centuries. (ANI Photo)

Virat Kohli achieved a monumental milestone in his cricketing career. He became the first batter to score 50 ODI centuries. His wife Anushka Sharma was the one leading the cheer.

The Bollywood actor shared her joy and pride through a touching tribute on social media as India celebrated Kohli's 100 during the India vs New Zealand World Cup semi-final at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium.

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In her late-night Instagram post, Sharma referred to Kohli as "God's child". She expressed her gratitude for his presence in her life. Her message highlighted her deep appreciation for Kohli's honesty and dedication both to his sport and their relationship. She wrote of her admiration for his continual growth and achievements, emphasising the unique journey they share.

"God is the best scriptwriter! Utterly grateful to him for blessing me with your love, and to watch you grow from strength to strength and achieve all that you have and will, being honest to yourself and to the sport always. You are truly God's child," she wrote.

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She shared a photograph of Kohli, celebrating his individual brilliance and the spirit of persistence that defines his career.

Anushka Sharma's Instagram Story after India's semi-final victory

Anushka also acknowledged the collective effort of the Indian cricket team. She shared an image of key team members, accompanying it with the caption, “This. gun. team". Her words captured the essence of team spirit and unity that has propelled India into the World Cup final.

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Mohammed Shami

Her special mention of Mohammed Shami, alongside a solo picture of him, highlighted his exceptional performance in the match. Shami claimed 7 wickets and was named Player of the Match. India’s ace bowler received praise from Sharma, adorned with clapping emojis.

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