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Business News/ Sports / Cricket News/  England vs Australia, Ashes 2023 Highlights: Australia wins first test match, lead 1-0

England vs Australia, Ashes 2023 Highlights: Australia wins first test match, lead 1-0

Ashes 2023, England v Australia live scores: Australia need 174 runs on the final day of the Test at Edgbaston. With only 3 wickets lost and Usman Khwaja still at the crease, Australia will fancy their chances of winning this match.

England's captain Ben Stokes celebrates with England's Stuart Broad (2R) after taking the wicket of Australia's Usman Khawaja (AFP)Premium
England's captain Ben Stokes celebrates with England's Stuart Broad (2R) after taking the wicket of Australia's Usman Khawaja (AFP)

Ashes 2023 Live Score, England vs Australia: Australia will rely heavily on Usman Khwaja to seal the 1st match of Ashes 2023. Khwaja and Scott Boland will look to get through the 1st session on Day 5 without losing a wicket. While the Kangaroos have lost their two main batters in the middle order in the form of Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne, there's still plenty of batting to come. 

The next five batters for Australia include Travis Head, Cameron Green, Alex Carey, Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon. Both Travis Head and Alex Carey scored a half-century in the first innings leading Australia to a score of 386. 

Australia need just 174 runs to seal a nail-biting Test match at Edgbaston. Meanwhile, Usman Khwaja will be looking for a repeat of his first innings performance. Khwaja scored 141 in an innings that included 14 fours and 3 sixes to get Australia back into the game.

20 Jun 2023, 11:59:14 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Test match report 

Australia defeated England by 2 wickets to take a 1-0 lead in Ashes 2023 as skipper Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon fought well on Day 5. The last day of the first Test was delayed by rain and the umpires had to announce early lunch. As the match resumed after delay, Usman Khawaja started his struggle with Australia losing wickets from one end.

After Ben Stokes dismissed Usman Khawaja, it seems like the game is over for Australia, but the skipper Pat Cummins ensured that the team rise from the ashes and took his team to victory with spinner Nathan Lyon. Read the full report here 

20 Jun 2023, 11:54:05 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Australia win first Test by 2 wickets 

Australian skipper Pat Cummins and spinner Nathan Lyon ensures that Australia wins first Test of Ashes 2023 by 2 wickets 

20 Jun 2023, 11:25:55 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Australia needs 14 runs to win

Australia is inching closer to victory as they need 14 runs 54 runs to win

20 Jun 2023, 11:11:28 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Australia needs 27 runs in 72 balls

Australia really wants to take it at least draw now as Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon play dangerous English bowlers on the ground 

20 Jun 2023, 10:51:14 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Alex Carey OUT 

The Day 5 of the Ashes 2023 is getting interesting as Joe Root dismisses Alex Carey and skipper Pat Cummins is fighting on crease with Nathan Lyon

20 Jun 2023, 10:24:44 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Ben Stokes hits Jackpot, Khawaja OUT

Usman Khawaja (65) was dismissed by Ben Stokes and Australia is in real trouble now as they need 71 more runs to win

20 Jun 2023, 09:48:50 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Cameron Green OUT

Ollie Robinson gave another breakthrough to Australia as he dismissed Cameron Green (28)

20 Jun 2023, 09:29:43 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Partnership in making

Usman Khawaja (58) Cameron Green (26) are building a partnership as 92 runs are required from 36 overs. 

20 Jun 2023, 08:53:22 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Australia needs 100 runs to win

Australians are slowly getting close and are now 100 runs away from the victory. 

20 Jun 2023, 08:32:38 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Usman Khawaja hits 50

Australia needs 120 runs to win the first Test match of Ashes 2023 and Usman Khawaja (50) is on the crease with Cameron Green (9)

20 Jun 2023, 08:04:50 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Travis Head OUT

Moeen Ali has dismissed the dangerous Travis Head (16) and now Australia is looking in real trouble

20 Jun 2023, 07:45:28 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Australian players playing cautiously

With 154 runs still remaining in the chase, Usman Khawaja (38) and Travis Head (1) are treading cautiously at the Edgbaston stadium

20 Jun 2023, 07:22:35 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Scott Boland OUT

Stuart Broad has dismissed Scott Boland (20) and Australia scored 121/4 after 37 overs 

20 Jun 2023, 07:13:43 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Australia at 116/3

Usman Khawaja (37) and Scott Boland (19) are taking forward the chase with Australia scoring 116/3

20 Jun 2023, 06:50:40 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Match resumes

Usman Khawaja and Scott Boland are on the crease as the Day 5 of Ashes 2023 resumes after rain delay

20 Jun 2023, 06:31:53 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Change in playing conditions 

The overs are reduced to 67 and the sessions are also changed. Post-lunch session from 2:15pm - 4:30 PM (9:00 PM IST), and the final session from 4:50 PM - 7:00 PM (9:20 PM-11:30 PM IST)

20 Jun 2023, 06:24:38 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Match to resume at 6.45pm IST

The sun is shining the grounds of Edgbaston stadium and the Ashes 2023 match is set to resume from 6:45 PM (IST)

20 Jun 2023, 05:48:11 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Pitch inspection at 5:50 pm

The official inspection is scheduled to occur at 1:20pm local time. Currently, there is intermittent drizzling in the area, which is unfavorable. However, the covers that were previously removed are not being put back on at this time.

20 Jun 2023, 05:15:42 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Rain stops

The rain has stopped at the Edgbaston stadium and the ground staff is removing covers amid a cheer from the crowd 

20 Jun 2023, 04:51:38 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Early Lunch

The authorities at the Edgbaston stadium have decided that lunch will be taken early as the Day 5 of the match is delayed by the rain

20 Jun 2023, 04:31:10 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Previous high chases at the Edgbaston

The highest chase at the grounds of Edgbaston came in 2022 when England chased 378 against India. In 2008, South Africa chased 281 runs at Edgbaston with skipper Graeme Smith scoring a undefeated 154. 

20 Jun 2023, 04:03:29 PM IST

Ashes 2023: What is the weather forecast?

According to the local weather department, the skies are expected to be clear between 1pm and 6pm (5.30pm and 10.30pm IST).

20 Jun 2023, 03:45:37 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Rain delay

The Day 5 of the first Test match of Ashes 2023 was supposed to resume at 3:30 PM (IST), but the game is delayed by the rains 

20 Jun 2023, 03:23:10 PM IST

Ashes 2023: Kevin Pietersen makes brutal assessment on England's pace attack

"There's a reason why the bowlers targeted in there (short deliveries) because we do feel, well everybody feels he (Travis Head) has an issue. And I don't mean to be disrespectful at all to the single bowling lineup but they're (England pacers) not to be feared. And I'll say that from a pace-wise perspective where you've got guys bowling at 80 miles an hour, 83 miles an hour. You don't have Mitchell Johnson running in at 95 or Shoaib Akhtar, or even Woody (Mark Wood). Woody will run in and he will test you?" HT quoted Pietersen saying during an interaction on Sky Sports.

20 Jun 2023, 02:55:33 PM IST

Ashes 2023 Live: Naseer Hussain praises Stuart Broad ahead of Day 5

Former England Cricketer Naseer Hussain has lavished huge praise for veteran pacer Stuart Broad claiming he ‘gives it his everything’. In his column for the Daily Mail, Hussain wrote, "With him (Stuart Broad), he strains every sinew, gives every ounce of effort and he's just going to give it everything until he hangs up his boots.

His sense of theatre, his sense of occasion, his sense of when to lift his game, and his sense of how to get great players out is second to none."

20 Jun 2023, 02:33:49 PM IST

England vs Australia Live: Damien Fleming predicts win for Australia

Former Australian cricketer Damien Fleming has predicted a win for Australia on Day 5 of the first Ashes test match. In a conversation with the Sen podcast, Fleming said, “I am going Aussies. Usman is going to get us home. I want Boland to get to 30 or 25, that's like a hundred for a night-watchman. I want him to raise his bat."

20 Jun 2023, 01:22:07 PM IST

Ashes 2023 Live: Stuard Broad says Aussies have a ‘lot of danger to come’

In an interaction with Sky Sports, England pacer Stuard Broad said, "It's all set up to be a fantastic day. We're obviously delighted to have Warner, Marnus and Smith back in the pavilion because they're world-class players. But we know the Aussies have got a lot of danger to come so we've got to be right on the money," 
"I don't think any batter is going to come in and say it's a fantastic pitch to bat on. It's turgid and hard to time the ball on. And no bowler's going to say it's not carrying or moving particularly. It's a hard working pitch, you've got to create pressure and hit the pitch as hard as you can," Broad added

20 Jun 2023, 12:44:04 PM IST

Ashes 2023 Live: Stage is set, says Cricket Australia ahead of eventful Day 5

20 Jun 2023, 12:18:55 PM IST

England vs Australia Live: Where to watch the Ashes 2023 in India?

Ashes is available in India exclusively via the Sony Sports network. To watch the Ashes on your TV tune in to Sony Sports 5 and Sony Sports 5 HD. The Ashes 2023 series can be live-streamed on the Sony LIV app. Live action for Day 5 of the first test of the Ashes series resumes at 3:30 pm on June 20.

20 Jun 2023, 11:15:10 AM IST

Ashes 2023 Live: Kevin Peterson says England's pace  attack is ‘not feared’

Former England all-rounder Kevin Pietersen feels the current set of pacers is something 'not to be feared'. Comparing the English bowlers with former stars Mitchell Johnson and Shoaib Akhtar, he says the former had more fire in terms of pace. Adding more, he said that if anyone could create a similar impact, it would be Mark Wood, who is not part of the Edgbaston Test. 

Click here to read the full report

20 Jun 2023, 10:41:20 AM IST

Ashes 2023, England v Australia live: What is Brumbrella, the new term coined during first test match

During the first Ashes test match, a new term was coined to describe the absurd field Ben Stokes and Ollie Robinson set to end the 321-ball resistance of Usman Khawaja called Brumbrella. 

As per details, the word Brumbrella signifies a large pitch cover to protect the ground, but Ben Stokes's absurd field to end Khawaja's innings made all the difference.

Click here to read the full report on Brumbrella

20 Jun 2023, 10:22:24 AM IST

England vs Australia live score: Ollie Robinson doesn't mind using  bad  words for Usman Khwaja

England pacer Ollie Robinson used an unconventional strategy in the first innings to get the wicket of Usman Khawaja. After knocking Khwaja's off-stump, Robinson also used some objectionable words as the Aussie batter walked back to the pavilion.

According to ESPN, When Ollie Robinson was asked if using such language against Usman Khawaja was part of the game's theatre, he said it was simply part of “the passion of the Ashes." Robinson also added that historically Australian players have also done the same against the players of England.

Click here to read more about the Ollie Robinson controversy

20 Jun 2023, 09:56:34 AM IST

Ashes 2023 Live Score: Man plays trumpet on Day 4 of the test match

In a popular video on Twitter, a man is seen playing dressed in yellow clothes with a matching hat can be seen playing the trumpet during Day 4 of the test match. Barmy Army captioned the video saying, ‘Is there any better place to be?’

20 Jun 2023, 09:49:08 AM IST

Ashes 2023 Live Score, England vs Australia: Day 4 Recap

Australia need 174 runs on Day 5 to win the test match. The Kangaroos have lost 3 wickets for 107 runs in their second innings. Hero of the first innings Usman Khwaja is still on the crease playing on a score of 34 while night watchman Scott Boland is batting on 13.

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