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Business News/ Sports / Cricket News/  Rising divorce rate linked to women going for jobs: Ex-Pakistan cricketer Saeed Anwar's claim irks netizens

Rising divorce rate linked to women going for jobs: Ex-Pakistan cricketer Saeed Anwar's claim irks netizens

Former Pakistan cricketer Saeed Anwar sparks controversy with remarks on women entering the workforce, attributing rise in divorces to it. Video garnered 9,579 views on X, drawing criticism from users for his outdated and demeaning mindset towards women.

Former Pak cricketer Saeed Anwar's misogynistic comments spark outragePremium
Former Pak cricketer Saeed Anwar's misogynistic comments spark outrage

A video of former Pakistan cricketer Saeed Anwar, circulating widely on social media, has stirred controversy. In the video, Anwar expressed his views on how increasing participation of women in the workforce is leading to a rise in divorces. He also mentioned that divorces in Pakistan increased by nearly 30 percent in the past three years.

Not just this, he also claimed that New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson and an Australian mayor also expressed similar concerns in front of him.

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In a 1.05-minute video, Anwar said, “I have travelled the world. I am just returning from Australia, Europe. Youngsters are suffering, families are in bad shape. Couples are fighting. The state of affairs is so bad that they have to make their women work for money."

He is also heard saying, “New Zealand’s captain [for the national men’s cricket team] Kane Williamson called me to ask, ‘How will our society get better?’..."

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Without naming, Anwar added, "Australian mayor said to me, ‘Our culture has been destroyed since our women entered the workforce.'"

“Since women have started working in Pakistan, divorce rates have climbed by thirty per cent in the last three years.  ‘To hell with you, I can earn myself. I can run a household on my own.’ This is a whole game plan. You will not understand this game plan unless you find guidance," he said.

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The video has received 9,579 views on X platform. Users criticised the cricketer for his inappropriate remarks.

One user said, “Can't change their mentality. Pathetic, although he was a great player in his era"

Another added, “Kis jamane mai jee rahe ho bro... you are no one to decide for women. They can take own decisions"

“So this man is essentially saying that you should enslave women, unclip their wings, so that they can serve men like pets. And who are these people seeking his advice?," another user added.

“His outdated mindset is a disgrace to progress and equality. It's appalling that in 2024, someone still clings to such archaic beliefs, demeaning women's contributions to society. Women working isn't a "game plan," it's empowerment and economic necessity."

“Instead of asking safe environment for women to work and realise their potential, he's asking women to stay at home. Something's wrong with the ideology."

“What else can u expect..still in 2024..patriarchal systems..will ruin more than half of population..women are just not humans for them..but object and slaves to serve them..n they want world to convert in this psyche..sad affair"

“It is so demeaning to women! Very regressive thinking!"

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Published: 16 May 2024, 09:11 AM IST
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