After apps, lite games are now the new rage

  • The lite version takes up to 10 times less space, making them apt for phones with lower configurations
  • PubG Mobile even when played on lower graphics settings requires 1.5GB of space. 

NEW DELHI : After lite apps for social media and services, publishers of some popular games, like PubG Mobile and Real Cricket 2018 are bringing out lite versions of these games.

According to a February 2019 report by industry tracker techARC, 28% of smartphones sold in India in 2018 were priced under 10,000, which is a big market that game companies evidently do not want to ignore.

“Lite apps were developed by social media companies to penetrate the user base which still buys entry-level devices. A similar trend is now being seen in the gaming segment, where developers are willing to trade-off elements like real-world graphics to attract entry-level gamers," says Faisal Kawoosa, founder and chief analyst, techARC.

Some of the popular lite games on the Google Play store include Nautilus’ Real Cricket Go, which asks for 35MB of space, while the original Real Cricket 2018 takes up more than 300MB of space.

Tencent Games, the makers of popular multiplayer online game PubG Mobile have launched its lite version in beta. It has a smaller map with just 40 players and has a file size of 35MB, unlike the flagship version, which has bigger maps with 100 players and a file size of 1.6GB.

“While users will love to have heavy apps and games, they are restricted with the RAM and ROM configuration on their phones. After installing the essential apps they are left with very little memory to download any of the big games," says Dinesh Prasad, CEO and founder of BlueSky Inventions, a software services company.

Though some games provide users the option to minimize game details, resolution and frame rate, they still use up more resources than their lite version, points out Kawoosa. For instance, PubG Mobile even when played on lower graphics settings requires 1.5GB of space.

Prasad adds, as developers move towards progressive web apps, there is a lot of interest in HTML games and lite games with low 3D graphics. Ultimately, game developers want people to play their games. Even if the games are free, they can make money through ads. Lite games will help them tap gamers in that segment.