A Twitter user @wothadei on Sunday posted a major security bug on his Vu Android TV. The Twitter user mentioned that the bug displayed names of other Google users in the Google Home app. In another tweet, he demonstrated that he could set up the Google Home app's ambient mode in his Vu Android TV's to show photos of multiple "other linked users" from Google Photos.

Google replied to the user's query by asking him if he was connected to a public or private Wi-Fi network and if he tried resetting his Android TV with built-in Chromecast. Google further asked if he was using an external Chromecast a built-in one.

Google finally suggested the user reach out to his TV's manufacturer for help in resetting his device again.

Another user @aarjithn posted that this issue wasn't restricted to Vu Android TVs and was present in his iFFalcon Android TV. This might suggest the bug might be present in the Android TV platform.

Smart TV manufacturer Vu clarified that it was not an issue of Vu Television but it was a software malfunction of the Google Home App.

“We were recently notified that there was a malfunction of Google Home App in some of the Android TVs. After verifying the incident we have informed our customers that it was not an issue of Vu Television but it was software malfunction of the Google Home App. We take your privacy very seriously. Vu has a long-standing commitment to protecting the privacy of the personal information that our customers entrust to us," a Vu spokesperson said in a statement to Gadgets 360.

Google said it has temporarily disabled Google Photos on Android TV devices while it investigates the bug.

"We take our users’ privacy extremely seriously. While we investigate this bug, we have disabled the ability to remotely cast via the Google Assistant or view photos from Google Photos on Android TV devices," a Google spokesperson said when asked about the security bug.