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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  50 litre geyser to never run out of hot water: Top 10 picks for September 2023

50 litre geyser to never run out of hot water: Top 10 picks for September 2023

A 50-litre geyser is essential for large families and extensive requirement for hot water around the year. Check the top 10 picks for 50-litre geysers from renowned and bring home one for yourself.

A 50 litre geyser is excellent for always having warm water at your disposal.Premium
A 50 litre geyser is excellent for always having warm water at your disposal.

As the Indian subcontinent braces for the chilly embrace of winter, the significance of geysers becomes unmistakably clear. While the northern regions, in particular, endure the harshest cold spells, the need for a reliable source of hot water extends across the country. Hot water becomes a necessity during this season, serving diverse purposes, from bathing comfortably to culinary needs. In homes, businesses, and even healthcare facilities, the 50-litre geyser emerges as a vital solution to combat the biting cold and ensure uninterrupted access to hot water.

The demand for high-capacity geysers has surged, yet finding the right one can be a daunting challenge. The need for consistent heating performance, energy efficiency, and durability has intensified. Homeowners seek a 50-litre geyser that can cater to the demands of larger households and provide a seamless hot water supply, even during peak usage times.

To help you make an informed choice and keep winter at bay, we have meticulously curated a list of top-performing 50-litre geysers for September 2023. These selections combine cutting-edge technology and reliable performance to ensure you never run out of hot water during the colder months.

1. ACTIVA Storage 50 LTR. Geyser

The ACTIVA Storage 50 litre geyser offers a reliable hot water solution with its advanced features. With multiple temperature controllers, it allows for personalized heating levels. The extra-thick heating element ensures rapid water heating, and the sacrificial magnesium anode extends the water heater's lifespan by guarding against corrosion. The seven-tank processed sheet metal body and ABS components protect against rust and corrosion. It boasts a 7-in-1 multi-function safety system. However, product installation is the customer's responsibility, and repairs are limited to service centres.


Capacity: 50 litres

Power: 2000 watts

Advanced Capillary Thermostat

Extra Thick Heating Element

Sacrificial Magnesium Anode Rod

Seven Tank Processed Sheet Metal Body

ABS Top and Bottom

7 Safety Features

Warranty: 5 years

Multiple temperature control optionsCustomer-installed product with self-repair or service center option
Rapid water heating with a powerful heating elementLimited repair options
7-in-1 multi-function safety system for added protection 

2. Havells Monza 50-Litre Geyser

The Havells Monza 50-Litre geyser is a reliable choice for households needing ample hot water. With its 50-litre capacity and 2000-watt power, it's suitable for various needs. The device comes with current leakage protection and a high precision thermostat for safety and temperature control. However, installation availability is limited to select cities, and it may not be ideal for areas with low water pressure.


Type: Storage

Capacity: 50 Litres

Wattage: 2000 Watts

Free installation (select cities)

Current leakage protection

Multi-functional safety valve

High precision thermostat control

Preset thermal output

Multiple safety features, including current leakage protectionMay not be ideal for locations with low water pressure
Precise thermostat control for temperature regulation 

3. AO Smith HAS-50 Horizontal 50 Litre Geyser

The AO Smith HAS-50 Horizontal Water Heater Geyser offers a 50-litre capacity and electric power source, making it suitable for various household hot water needs. Its glass line material ensures durability, while the indoor installation style is convenient. This is ideal for people who have a constant need of hot or warm water in the house.


Capacity: 50 litre

Material: Glassline

Power source: Electric

High capacityHorizontal fitting required
Efficient performance 

4. Venus Magma Plus 50Gv 50 Litre Geyser

The Venus Magma Plus 50Gv 50 Litre geyser operating at 2000 watts. With a 5-year guarantee on the inner tank and 2 years on the heating element and product, it ensures lasting performance. Its 5-star BEE rating signifies excellent energy efficiency, and the package includes installation components for added convenience. The scale guard technology and capillary thermostat enhance its functionality.


Type: Storage

Capacity: 50 litres

Wattage: 2000 watts

Pressure: 8 bars

Guarantee: 5 years on inner tank, 2 years on heating element & product

Bee rating: 5 stars

Inner tank: Porcelain enamel glass-lined tank

Heating element: Glass-lined double ceramic heating elements

Energy-efficient with a 5-star ratingInstallation availability may vary by location
Capillary thermostat for precise temperature control 

5. RACOLD PLATINUM ECO 50 Litre Geyser

The Racold Platinum Eco 50 litre geyser offers rapid heating, delivering hot water 33% faster than conventional models. Its spacious capacity design optimizes space utilization while ensuring a larger storage capacity. The titanium enamel coating on the inner tank makes it resistant to high water pressure, preventing corrosion and compression. With efficient insulation, it conserves energy and reduces electricity bills. The water heater provides triple protection against high temperature and pressure with its thermostat, cut-out, and safety valve.


Heating Element: 3 kW

Star Rating: 4 Star

Titanium Plus: Inner tank with titanium enamel coating

PUF Insulation: High-density and thick insulation for energy efficiency

Rapid water heatingInlet and outlet pipes not included 
Corrosion-resistant titanium enamel coating 

6. Hindware Atlantic Evano 50 Litre Geyser

Are you seeking a reliable and efficient water heater for your home? The Hindware Atlantic Evano 50L Horizontal Storage Heater offers a compelling option. With a glass-lined tank, it boasts superior corrosion protection and exceptional durability. The inclusion of a copper heating element ensures long-lasting performance and efficient heating, promising a steady supply of hot water. Moreover, it can withstand high pressures, making it suitable for high-rise buildings. Safety is paramount, with protection against water splashes and pressure build-up. Plus, the analogue indicator provides convenient temperature monitoring.


Model: Hindware Atlantic Evano 50L

Capacity: 50 litres

Wattage: 2000 KW

Material: Plastic, Metal

Working Pressure: Class-1 (0.80 MPa)

Corrosion-resistant glass-lined tankNo digital temperature display
Suitable for high-pressure environments 

7. Venus 50 litre Geyser

Imagine returning home after a long day, yearning for a soothing hot shower to wash away the fatigue. The 50 litre geyser is your perfect companion for such moments. This reliable appliance boasts a powerful 2000-watt heating element, ensuring that your hot water is ready in just 45 minutes. Its 8-bar pressure rating, combined with a porcelain enamel glass-lined tank, guarantees durability and longevity. The standout feature is the real-time temperature display, providing you with precise control over your hot water. Venus offers you peace of mind with an impressive 7-year guarantee on the inner tank.


Brand: Venus

Capacity: 50 litres

Wattage: 2000 Watts

Material: Metal

8-bar pressure rating

Porcelain Enamel Glass Lined Tank

Rapid water heatingLimited colour options
Real-time temperature display 

8. Thermoking Metal Series 50 Litre Geyser

The Thermoking Metal Series 50 Litre Geyser is a top-notch appliance for your hot water needs. With a 5-star BEE rating and LED time display, it's energy-efficient and user-friendly. The blue diamond enamel coating not only adds durability but also ensures purity in water flow. The single weld line on the inner tank and magnesium anode for water purification enhance its longevity. Its classic design ABS body with a temperature control knob complements your bathroom decor. Moreover, it provides double safety protections and extreme pressure compatibility for worry-free usage.


Brand: Thermoking

Capacity: 50 litres

Material: Metal

Energy-saving 5-star BEE rating

Blue diamond enamel coating

Durable and corrosion-resistantLimited colour options
Water purification features 

9. Venus Magma Plus 50gh 50-Litre Geyser

The Venus Magma Plus 50GH is a 50 litre geyser designed to meet your hot water needs efficiently. With a powerful 2000-watt heating element, it ensures quick heating and a steady supply of hot water. The porcelain enamel glass-lined tank provides durability and corrosion resistance. It features a capillary thermostat for precise temperature control, reducing energy wastage. Venus offers free installation in select cities, making it convenient for customers. This water heater comes with a 5-year guarantee on the inner tank, along with a 2-year warranty on the heating element and product. With its scale guard technology and ISI certification, it promises a longer lifespan and reliable performance.


Capacity: 50 litres

Power Source: Electric

Material: Ceramic

Quick and efficient heatingHorizontal aligment
Precise temperature control 


The WHITE HOUSE 50 Litre geyser is an affordable and efficient solution to your hot water needs. With a generous 50 litre capacity, it ensures an ample supply of hot water for various household tasks. The stainless steel tank not only adds to its durability but also provides resistance against corrosion. The copper heating rod is known for its quick heating capabilities, ensuring you have hot water in no time. One standout feature is the anti-scaling mechanism, which helps in prolonging the life of the geyser and maintaining its efficiency.


Capacity: 50 litres

Power Source: Corded Electric

Material: Stainless Steel, Copper

Durable stainless steel tankLimited features compared to higher-end models
Anti-scaling mechanism for longevity 

Best 3 features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
ACTIVA Storage 50 LTR. 5 StarsAdvanced Capillary ThermostatExtra Thick Heating ElementExtra Thick Sacrificial Magnesium Anode
Havells Monza 50-Litre GeyserGlass Lined TankCopper Heating ElementClass-1 Working Pressure
AO Smith HAS-50 Horizontal 50 Litre Geyser33% Faster HeatingLarge CapacityTitanium Plus Coating
Venus Magma Plus 50Gv 50 Litre GeyserGlass Lined TankCopper Heating ElementScale Guard Technology
RACOLD PLATINUM ECO 50 Litre Geyser33% Faster HeatingLarge CapacityTitanium Enamel Coating
Hindware Atlantic Evano 50 Litre GeyserGlass Lined TankCopper Heating ElementClass-1 Working Pressure
Venus 50 litre GeyserGlass Lined TankCopper Heating ElementClass-1 Working Pressure
Thermoking Metal Series 50 Litre GeyserNew 5-Star BEE StandardBlue Diamond Enamel CoatingMagnesium Anode
Venus Magma Plus 50gh 50-Litre GeyserGlass Lined TankCopper Heating ElementScale Guard Technology
WHITE HOUSE 50 LTR BREEZE GEYSERStainless Steel TankCopper Heating RodAnti-Scaling Mechanism

Best value for money

The AO Smith HAS-50 Horizontal 50 Litre Geyser offers an exceptional blend of quality and affordability. With its 33% faster heating capability and large capacity, it ensures hot water is readily available. The titanium plus coating and corrosion resistance make it durable. This geyser provides excellent value for money by offering quick and efficient heating at a reasonable price point.

Best overall product

The Venus Magma Plus 50Gv 50 Litre Geyser stands out as the best overall product. Its glass-lined tank and copper heating element ensure longevity and efficient heating. The scale guard technology reduces scale deposits, enhancing the geyser's durability. With a 5-year guarantee on the inner tank, it offers peace of mind. Moreover, its capacity and 4-star BEE rating make it suitable for most households. Venus Magma Plus strikes a balance between performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

How to find the right 50 litre geyser?

Finding the right 50-litre geyser requires considering several factors. First, assess your hot water needs based on family size and usage frequency. Look for energy-efficient models with higher BEE star ratings, as they save electricity and are environmentally friendly. Check the tank material – stainless steel or glass-lined tanks are durable and resist corrosion.

Consider safety features like a thermostat, pressure release valve, and auto cut-off to prevent overheating. The heating element, preferably copper, should ensure quick heating.

Read customer reviews and compare prices to ensure you're getting a product with a good reputation and within your budget. Brands like AO Smith, Havells, Venus, and Racold often offer reliable options.

Finally, think about installation and maintenance. Some brands provide free installation, which can be a valuable perk. Regular maintenance is crucial to extend the geyser's life and efficiency. Choose a product with accessible service centres in your area for convenience.


Question : How often should I service my 50-litre geyser?

Ans : It's recommended to service your geyser once a year to ensure it functions efficiently and safely.

Question : Can I install a 50-litre geyser in a high-rise building?

Ans : Yes, many 50-litre geysers are designed to withstand high water pressure, making them suitable for high-rise buildings.

Question : Are glass-lined tanks better than stainless steel tanks?

Ans : Both have their advantages, but glass-lined tanks are known for their corrosion resistance and durability.

Question : What's the average lifespan of a 50-litre geyser?

Ans : With proper maintenance, a good-quality 50-litre geyser can last around 8-12 years

Question : Is it necessary to install an expansion tank with a 50-litre geyser?

Ans : In most cases, an expansion tank is not required for a 50-litre geyser, as they are designed to handle the pressure fluctuations in the water supply.

Question : What should I do if my 50-litre geyser is leaking water?

Ans : If you notice water leakage, it's essential to turn off the power supply to the geyser and shut off the water inlet valve immediately. Contact a professional plumber or the geyser's customer service for inspection and repairs. Continuing to use a leaking geyser can lead to further damage and potential safety hazards.

Question : Is it possible to reduce electricity consumption with a 50-litre geyser?

Ans : Yes, you can reduce electricity consumption by using your geyser efficiently. Consider setting the thermostat to an optimal temperature (usually around 120°F or 49°C), insulating hot water pipes, and installing a timer to heat water during off-peak hours. Additionally, choosing an energy-efficient geyser with a higher BEE star rating will help lower your electricity bills while providing hot water.

Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority.

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