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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  AI integration is making the smartphone smarter: Read this before buying an AI smartphone

AI integration is making the smartphone smarter: Read this before buying an AI smartphone

AI is transforming our smartphone, making them take stunning photos, predict your needs, and more. But with this power comes concerns about privacy. This article explores the exciting world of AI-powered smartphones.

AI is transforming smartphones with intelligent features and advanced capabilitiesPremium
AI is transforming smartphones with intelligent features and advanced capabilities

From chatbots to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming our world. It can mimic human intelligence and even performs creative tasks like writing a full-fledged article or creating an image using a simple prompt. But with great power comes big questions. While AI might make our lives easier and phones more helpful, there are concerns about privacy and how this powerful technology might be used. This article will dive into the exciting world of AI-powered smartphones, exploring the amazing things it can do and sparking a conversation about the questions we should be asking.

Why we need AI on smartphones?

Artificial Intelligence can shrink a lengthy task like organising our notes in seconds, which not only saves our time but also gives us a chance to focus on more important things in our lives. And organising notes is just a small example, it can handle very complex tasks like editing an image or creating one using a simple prompt. We don't want to be on our laptop all the time to access these critical AI features.

This is one of the biggest reason we require AI on our smartphones so we can access these features on the go. And anyone who is a professional and working in a creative field would love to have these features handy all the time. This is just the beginning, AI can do much more than we can imagine right now and transform how we interact with our smartphones, handheld devices and even the wearables.

How AI makes smartphone experience better?

Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung has implemented the AI features inside the user interface of its latest flagship, Galaxy S24. These features are available as a feature in different apps like notes, gallery, recorder and more. You can trigger these AI features just like any other feature available on your smartphone. It not only helps by quickly doing the job but also leaves less chance for inaccuracies or mistakes.

AI also makes our smartphone camera experience way better. You don't need to be a professional photographer to capture a stunning picture. You can let the AI dial in all the settings and all that is left to do is hit the shutter button. Even after capturing the picture, much more can be done than just changing the contrast or saturation of the image. You can remove objects from the picture completely or move them around the image, while the AI will do all the patching and fixing by itself.

The AI also helps in transcribing and translating in real time during calls, messages, and even when you want to talk to anyone if you don't know the language. These features work in real time that means you don't have to wait for the phone to listen and understand the request, everything happens instantly.

More manufacturers like Oppo and Vivo are also offering AI features on their smartphone models. The industry leader, Apple, is offering these generative AI features as a software update in latest iOS 18 to its selected smartphones. More details on this later in this article.

Are these AI features free to use?

We all know that most AI tools are only free to an extent, especially the generative AI which requires high computational power to perform each tasks. We need large server farms with tremendous processing power to handle thousands of requests per minute. This requires a large amount of money for the power and maintenance of these servers.

We are not clear about other manufacturers, but Samsung confirmed that the AI features on its S series smartphones will be free until the end of 2025. There are reports where Samsung Community managers refused by saying, “Samsung has advised us that at this time, there are no plans to charge for these services" source. That only time will tell, but for now we can say that these features are free to use without any daily or monthly limit.

Is AI a privacy nightmare in our pockets?

As we discussed earlier, most AI tasks requires computing power and cannot be processed on the device itself. The data uploads to the cloud and then gets processed, and then you get the result on your smartphone. This happens on all the smartphones that use generative AI like the Pixel 8's Video Boost feature or Samsung Galaxy S24's generative photo editing.

While Apple assured us that most of the AI tasks can be done on the device but when it's needed, the data will be shared to the cloud servers. Apple further assured that the data uploading to the servers will be end-to-end encrypted and nothing will be shared to the third party AI companies like OpenAI without users permission.

But since AI models needs to be trained with data to become more efficient and provide accurate results, it's not easy to say that our data is safe. We recommend reading all the terms and conditions of any AI tool that you are using or will use in future.

AI features on Apple iPhones

Apple announced the release of its latest OS for all the device including iPhone, iPad, mac and more at WWDC 2024 event. The highlight of the event was the new AI features coming to the latest iOS 18. These features will be available on iPhone 15 series with the iOS 18 update.

Apple ensured that most of the AI requests will be processed on the device itself. But for the generative requests, the cloud servers will be involved and the request and the data will be end-to-end encrypted. Apple also added ChatGPT feature to iOS 18 which can also help, but user will have full control over which request will be sent to GPT for processing.

More gadgets with AI features

Artificial Intelligence is slowly making its way to others gadgets like laptops, tablets, and even earphones. Laptops are getting smarter with AI-powered performance boosts and generative AI features like Copilot. Tablets like iPads and are becoming more intuitive with AI-driven apps and stylus recognition. Even TWS earphones are catching on, TWS earphones from Nothing comes with ChatGPT integration.

Should you buy an AI smartphone for yourself?

There's no clear yes or no. Buy an AI device if you find AI exciting and helpful. But if you're worried about privacy and data security, you might want to skip it. AI is becoming more common, and even mid-range smartphones will soon boast AI features.

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Published: 12 Jun 2024, 04:48 PM IST
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