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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Air cooler buying guide: How to find high-performing coolers packed with the best cooling features

Air cooler buying guide: How to find high-performing coolers packed with the best cooling features

If you’re wondering how to find the right air cooler for your space, we’ve got you covered. Understand how to find the perfect cooler for your needs with our guide.

Buying a cooler is easier than ever before with our comprehensive guide.Premium
Buying a cooler is easier than ever before with our comprehensive guide.

Air coolers are considered the go-to solution for battling heat in many regions of India, especially for users who want an affordable product that’s also energy-efficient. Owing to modern features, advanced technology, and impressive cooling, air coolers today could be considered formidable alternatives to traditional air conditioning systems. The market is currently flooded with endless choices of air coolers, making your purchase tough. Fortunately, we have created this comprehensive buying guide in which we will discuss how to settle on the best air cooler for your needs so that you can beat the heat at home, especially with temperatures soaring every day.

Before you make your air cooler purchase, it’s important to understand the differences between traditional and modern air coolers, which climate they’re suitable for, and which features you should look out for. If you’re wondering where to start, you’ve come to the right place. By the time you’re done reading our guide, you’ll have equipped yourself with the knowledge to make the right purchase for your cooling needs.

Traditional vs. modern air coolers

The greatest thing about technology is that it’s constantly evolving. However, to the buyer, this can cause confusion in the vast ocean of options across various online portals. So, how do we differentiate? Traditional air coolers are often called swamp coolers and are usually made of metal and depend on the evaporation of water to cool the air.

Traditional air coolers are suggested for users who want effective cooling in dry climates. In humid and coastal regions, these air coolers may not be able to perform as expected. Why, you wonder? Moisture in the air inhibits the cooling process in these regions.

If you live in humid climates, you can consider buying modern air coolers that can change the way you keep your space cool during peak summers. Who should buy a modern air cooler? If you’re on the lookout for advanced features such as adjustable fan speeds, remote control, and air purification capabilities, modern air cooling systems are your best bet against the heat. These new air coolers can also offer improved cooling performance and convenience, making them a worthy choice for a diverse range of environments.

In essence, you ought to purchase a product that can keep you cool while considering factors like your budget, features, and of course, the climatic conditions of your region.

Will air coolers work for everyone?

As is true for all modern appliances, no two devices are the same. At the same, not everyone goes into the market with the same needs. While air coolers can be an excellent solution for many Indian households, they may not be suitable for everyone’s needs. As we stated above, people who inhabit regions that have high humidity, frequent rainfall, or are situated across the coast may prefer to steer clear of coolers for a simple reason - they may struggle to effectively cool the air.

At the same time, if you have any respiratory problems, air coolers can make your symptoms worse by adding moisture to the air. So, you may be better off not buying a cooler in case you have any of the concerns we just discussed.

Where do air coolers work the best? If you live in places with dry climates where humidity levels are low, air coolers can turn your personal space into a haven of cool air with efficient and cost-effective cooling. Many modern coolers do not require complex installation and can operate without high energy consumption, making them a great long-term investment for your cooling needs.

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Types of air coolers: Which one should you buy?

The best thing about modern cooling systems is the variety that is readily available in the market. Each purchase in the contemporary world means a quest to fulfil your personalised goals. One-size-fits-all mentality might not work for air coolers and it’s very important to make sure that you make the right choice in terms of your purchase. Check out the different types of air coolers below.

  • Personal air coolers: Such coolers are perfect individuals who wish to cool small spaces or specific areas. This could mean your bedside table, your desk, or similar small spaces that you inhabit regularly..
  • Tower air coolers: With tower air coolers, you get significant cooling capacity and airflow. These are suited for medium-sized rooms or offices and provide better cooling than personal coolers.
  • Window desert air coolers: Such coolers are ideal for larger spaces such as living rooms or workshops that require more power to stay pleasant in the summer heat. With window desert air coolers, buyers can expect quick and efficient cooling even in the largest spaces.

Even with different types of air coolers factored in, you must consider the size of the area you wish to cool. Also look for specific features you require, such as portability, water tank capacity and more - all discussed below.

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What are the factors to consider while buying an air cooler?

Is your purchase feeling like an easier task with each sentence you read in our comprehensive buying guide? There’s more to consider while purchasing a new air cooler so that you not only get the most out of your purchase but to also make sure that your cooling needs are met effectively. A few factors to consider are mentioned below.

  • Cooling capacity: You must make sure that the air cooler’s cooling capacity accounts for the size of the room or the area you intend to cool, so that you’re not left to struggle in the heat even with a new appliance. Typically, you should aim for a cooling capacity of around 16 to 24 CMH (Cubic Meters per Hour) per square meter of floor area. For a 300 sq ft room, you would need an air cooler with a cooling capacity of approximately 5,000 to 7,500 CMH. When considering airflow, aim for an air flow rate of around 300 to 450 CMH for effective cooling in a room of this size.
  • Portability: Some people like to continuously switch things up. If you’re planning to move the air cooler between rooms frequently, you must opt for a model with built-in casters or handles for quick and convenient movement. This means you take cooling across the house.
  • Water tank size: With larger water tanks, you don’t need to keep refilling frequently. This means that you get continuous cooling, especially in larger spaces.
  • Energy efficiency: Let’s be real - bills tend to pile up. That’s why we must save wherever we can. It’s important to look for energy-efficient cooler models with adjustable fan speeds and timer functions. This way, you’ll get personalised cooling and minimised power consumption.
  • Automatic shutoff: A convenient feature, automatic shutoff turns off the air cooler once the desired temperature is reached or after a set period of operation. This means that the air conditioner does not run unnecessarily and reduces energy consumption.
  • ECM Technology (Electronically Commutated Motor): Some air coolers are equipped with ECM technology. This tech uses advanced motor technology to adjust power consumption based on cooling demands. ECM motors are considered efficient and provide more energy savings than traditional motors.
  • EER Ratio (Energy Efficiency Ratio): The Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measure of an air cooler's cooling capacity relative to its power consumption. This means that a higher EER ratio implies greater energy efficiency, allowing the cooler to provide more cooling per unit of electricity consumed.
  • Noise levels: Are you a light sleeper? You must consider the noise levels of the air cooler, especially if your goal is to use it in bedrooms or quiet spaces.
  • Maintenance requirements: Costs can add up pretty quickly if you make the wrong purchase. That’s why you must pick an air cooler with accessible filters and removable water tanks for easy cleaning and maintenance in the long run. Regular cleaning of the water tank is essential to stop the buildup of algae, mould, and bacteria, which can affect both the cooling performance and air quality of the cooler. In addition, it's prudent to periodically inspect the pump and cooling pads of the air cooler for maintaining optimal performance. Cleaning and/or replacing the cooling pads delivers long-term cooling while extending the lifespan of the air cooler.

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What are some essential features to have in an air cooler?

An air cooler, just like any modern appliance, is designed to cater to your specific needs. With features mentioned below, you can maximise your cooling benefits with an air cooler.

  • Adjustable fan speeds: Being able to change how much cooling you receive in your personal space is of paramount value. That’s why you must buy an air cooler that supports adjustable fan speeds based on your preferences.
  • Remote control: Getting up to turn off your appliance can be a pain in the middle of the night. With a remote control, you can enjoy convenient access to control settings from a distance. This way, you can get rid of the need to manually adjust the cooler
  • Timer function: Automatic shut-off and activation capabilities are now available on air coolers as well. This way, you save on energy costs while experiencing personalised cooling.
  • Air purification: A built-in air purification feature, such as HEPA filters, can be extremely useful in removing airborne particles and improving indoor air quality for your pleasure.

What are some of the reliable air cooler brands in India?

  • Symphony: A brand known for its cutting-edge air coolers, Symphony options are worth considering for your next purchase if you want the most bang out of your buck.
  • Bajaj: A well-known name in the world of air coolers, Bajaj air coolers are famous for their superior cooling performance and modern features.
  • Voltas: An established brand in the space of cooling, Voltas comes with the promise of long-term reliability and after-sales service for your cooler.
  • Havells: Air coolers made by Havells are known for their long-life and the best-in-class features across diverse budgets.
  • Usha: Among the top-known brands for air coolers is Usha, famous for its stylish and feature-packed appliances engineered especially for Indian households.

The list above is not exhaustive and there are numerous other brands like Honeywell, Crompton, Orient Electric, Kenstar, and Maharaja Whiteline. While brand reliability is important when you're making a new purchase, you must make sure that you buy an air cooler that matches your needs.

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Air coolers vs. air conditioners

Air coolers are effective cooling appliances that are also considered environment-friendly. While they may not be as effective as air conditioners in places that experience extreme heat and humidity, they’re still great cooling companions that are also cost-effective.

What differentiates air coolers from air conditioners? Air conditioners use refrigerants to cool the air, which means that you get great cooling regardless of the climate conditions and heat intensity.

Even then, air coolers have several advantages over air conditioners, including lower energy consumption, easier installation, and the ability to add moisture to the air, which can be an added advantage in dry climates. Wondering what are the advantages of purchasing an air cooler? Read below.

What are the benefits of air coolers?

  • Cost-effective: Air coolers cost less than ACs in the long run as they consume less energy and have a lower maintenance cost as well.
  • Environmentally friendly: Air coolers employ natural evaporation processes to cool the air. Owing to this, they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than air conditioners.
  • Easy installation: Another advantage of air coolers is that they are relatively easier to install. You can set up an air cooler quickly unless you want it installed on your window, in which case you might require professional help.
  • Adds moisture to the air: In dry climates, air coolers are useful in increasing indoor humidity levels. This means that in dry climates, users can get relief from dry skin and respiratory irritation.

In essence, choosing the right air cooler depends on multiple factors such as the climate, room size, and specific cooling requirements. In this comprehensive guide, you understood the differences between traditional and modern air coolers, the essential features of air coolers, the benefits of air coolers, the biggest air cooler brands in India, and how air coolers compare to air conditioners.

There, you’re now ready to make the purchase. Go ahead and enjoy exceptional cooling at home with an air cooler of your choice.

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