SAN FRANCISCO : Apple Inc. showed off updated Apple Watch models that come in new ceramic and titanium cases and a new always-on screen.

The devices were announced by Apple Watch marketing head Stan Ng during an event at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters. The Watch changes are more muted than last year, when Apple added redesigned cases, larger screens, faster processors, and an EKG sensor with the Series 4 line.

The new models, called the Series 5, will start at $399, in line with the entry price of the previous model. The always-on screen includes new underlying technology for lower power consumption. The Watch has the same 18 hour battery life, Apple said. The new Watch also will add a compass sensor for improved directions in maps and a new compass app. Cellular models will also have built-in global emergency service calling.

Apple dropped the price of its Series 3 from 2017 to $199. That may increase competition with Fitbit Inc., which sells cheaper smartwatches and other health-tracking devices.

Apple also announced new studies on the Apple Watch for hearing health, women’s cycle tracking, and the connection between heart health and movement. It also announced a new health study research app, coming to the U.S. later this year.