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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best high-capacity coolers: 7 picks to ensure uninterrupted cooling

Best high-capacity coolers: 7 picks to ensure uninterrupted cooling

High capacity coolers can eliminate the need for constant refilling of the tank. Choose from the 7 best options for your home and gear up for the upcoming summer months.

High-capacity coolers are a budget-friendly option to battle the raging summer heatPremium
High-capacity coolers are a budget-friendly option to battle the raging summer heat

Coolers have long served as a cornerstone of relief during the intense summer heat for many in India, providing a much-needed respite from the scorching temperatures. Not only do these appliances offer a reprieve from the heat, but they do so in a manner that is both economically feasible and simpler to upkeep than their more technologically advanced counterpart, air conditioners. Despite their widespread use and effectiveness, one notable inconvenience faced by users is the task of replenishing the water supply within the cooler, a situation that often arises at the most inconvenient times, such as the middle of the night. 

Fortunately, this issue can be addressed by choosing coolers with a larger water capacity. These high-capacity coolers not only reduce the frequency of refills but also ensure sustained cooling over extended periods, making them particularly suitable for larger spaces. By opting for one of these models, users can enjoy uninterrupted cooling, thereby enhancing comfort during the hot months without the hassle of constant maintenance. We have done the searching for you, and present the best high-capacity cooler options for your home. 

We have included brands with the mark of trust while making sure that we cater to every price range. Check out the top options to ensure a cool and windy indoor setting this summer season.

1. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 88L


The Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 88L is engineered for superior cooling performance, boasting an 88L capacity that ensures uninterrupted cooling even on the hottest days. Its high-density honeycomb pads enhance water retention and air flow, making it highly efficient. With a robust air delivery of 4200 CMH and an air throw of 45 ft, it effectively cools large rooms. The cooler features an Everlast Pump and autofill capability, minimizing maintenance and manual intervention. Its 4-way air deflection system distributes cool air evenly. However, the lack of a remote control and trolley might limit convenience for some users.

Specifications of Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 88L

Capacity: 88 Litres

Air Delivery: 4200 CMH

Air Throw: 45 ft

Power: 190W

Features: Everlast Pump, Auto Fill, 4-Way Air Deflection, High-Density Honeycomb Pads

Design: Rust-free ABS and thermoplastic body

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Large 88L capacity for extended coolingNo remote control for convenience
High air delivery and throw for large roomsLacks trolley for easy mobility

2. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 55L

The Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 55L merges efficiency with convenience, offering an optimum solution to beat the summer heat. This model features a substantial 55L water tank, ensuring long-lasting cooling without frequent refills. With an air delivery of 4250 CMH and an air throw distance of 50 ft, it's capable of cooling spaces up to 550 sq. ft., making it ideal for medium to large rooms. The inclusion of high-density honeycomb pads improves water retention and cooling efficiency. While its inverter compatibility ensures uninterrupted cooling during power cuts, the absence of a remote control and trolley might detract from its user-friendliness for some.

Specifications of Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 55L

Capacity: 55 Litres

Air Delivery: 4250 CMH

Air Throw: 50 ft

Power: 190W

Features: Everlast Pump, Auto Fill, 4-Way Air Deflection, High-Density Honeycomb Pads

Design: Rust-free body, suitable for up to 550 sq. ft. area

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Large area coverage suitable for up to 550 sq. ft.No remote control included
Inverter compatibility ensures cooling during power cutsLacks mobility without a trolley

3. Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler - 55 Litres

Havells Celia I 55L Desert Air Cooler stands out for its low noise operation and advanced cooling features. Equipped with a 55L tank, it ensures prolonged cooling without the need for constant refills. The unique fan design provides powerful air delivery of 3500 m3/hr across large areas, while the fully collapsible louvres prevent dust and insects from entering, maintaining clean airflow. The convenience of a full-function remote and an ice chamber for instant chilled air enhances user experience. Despite its impressive features, the manual controls might not appeal to those seeking digital operation.

Specifications of Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler - 55 Litres

Capacity: 55 Litres

Air Flow Capacity: 3500 m3/hr

Features: Low noise cooling, Ice chamber, Full Function Remote, Collapsible Louvres

Power: 220W

Design: 66x51x111.5 cm dimensions, Easy service

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Low noise operation for peaceful environmentsManual controls may not suit all
Remote functionality for ease of use 

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4. Symphony Touch 55 Personal Air Cooler


The Symphony Touch 55 emerges as a standout personal air cooler, designed to cater to rooms up to 30 square meters, offering a blend of efficient cooling and air purification. With its 4-side aspen pads and powerful double blowers, it guarantees an evenly distributed and effective cooling experience. The innovative i-Pure technology with specialized filters purifies the air, making it healthier to breathe. Its 55-litre tank ensures extended cooling periods without the need for frequent refills, and the closable louvres keep dust and mosquitoes at bay when not in use. However, the reliance on manual knobs for operation might detract from its appeal to those preferring digital controls.

Specifications of Symphony Touch 55 Personal Air Cooler

Coverage: Up to 30 square meters

Cooling Technology: 4-Side Aspen Pads, Double Blowers

Water Tank: 55 Liters

Power Consumption: 185 Watts

Features: i-Pure Technology, Closable Louvers, Inverter Compatibility

Design: Ergonomic Dial Knobs

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Air purification with i-Pure technologyManual operation may not appeal to all
Extended cooling with a large water tank 

5. Bajaj DC 55 DLX Desert Air Cooler

The Bajaj DC 55 DLX is a desert air cooler with a 54-litre capacity, designed for substantial cooling needs. It employs Hexacool Technology, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency with minimal water consumption. The turbofan technology facilitates efficient air circulation, complemented by an ice chamber for an enhanced cooling experience. Its capacity makes it ideal for spaces up to 600 sq ft, supported by powerful air throw capabilities. The cooler is equipped with 3 side honeycomb pads for optimal cooling. Despite its impressive performance, the cooler's larger footprint may require considerable space, and the absence of digital controls could be seen as a drawback for tech-savvy users.

Specifications of Bajaj DC 55 DLX Desert Air Cooler

Capacity: 54 Litres

Technology: Hexacool, Turbo Fan

Coverage: Up to 600 sq ft

Features: Ice Chamber, 3 Side Honeycomb Pads, Powerful Air Throw

Power: 190 Watts

Design: Large footprint for extensive cooling

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Efficient cooling with Hexacool technologyLarger size may not fit all spaces
Ice chamber for improved cooling experienceLacks digital controls for operation

6. Havells Altima Desert Air Cooler - 70 Liters

The Havells Altima 70L Desert Air Cooler stands as a formidable contender as an air cooling solutions, designed to cater to those seeking a blend of powerful air delivery and innovative features. With a substantial 70-litre reservoir, this cooler is engineered to deliver uninterrupted cooling, making it suitable for extensive use. Its 3500 CMPH air flow capacity ensures that cool air reaches every corner of the room, while the smell-free honeycomb pads enhance the cooling efficiency and air quality. The manual control setup, augmented by auto drain and dust filter features, emphasizes ease of use and maintenance. However, its larger size and manual controls might not appeal to everyone, especially those with limited space or a preference for digital interfaces.

Specifications of Havells Altima Desert Air Cooler - 70 Litres

Capacity: 70 Liters

Air Flow Capacity: 3500 CMPH

Features: Auto Drain, Dust Filter, Smell-Free Honeycomb Pads

ControlsType: Manual

Design: Freestanding, Dark Teal Colour

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Large capacity for extended coolingBulky design may not suit small spaces
Powerful air delivery and efficient coolingManual controls compared to digital

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7. Orient Electric Ultimo 65L Desert Air Cooler


Orient Electric Ultimo 65L Desert Air Cooler is tailored for those demanding efficient cooling coupled with high air delivery. Boasting a 65-litre water tank, this cooler is adept at providing sustained cooling, eliminating the hassle of frequent refills. Its Densenest Honeycomb pads are engineered for 25% more cooling and 45% more water retention, translating to enhanced performance. The inclusion of an ice chamber allows for quick cooling, offering respite from the heat. While its powerful air delivery is a boon, the need for manual adjustments might deter users accustomed to more automated functionalities. The cooler's ability to throw air up to 18.3 meters ensures it is a formidable choice for expansive rooms, promising a refreshing environment.

Specifications of Orient Electric Ultimo 65L Desert Air Cooler

Capacity: 65 Liters

Air Delivery: 3650 metre cube/hr

Features: Densenest Honeycomb Pads, Ice Chamber, High Air Delivery

Air Throw: Up to 18.3 meters

Inverter Compatibility: Yes

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Enhanced cooling with Densenest Honeycomb padsManual operation may be less convenient
Large tank capacity reduces refill frequency 

Best 3 features for you


Product NameCapacityKey FeaturesCooling Technology
Crompton Ozone Desert 88L88 LitresEverlast Pump, Auto Fill, 4-Way Air DeflectionHigh Density Honeycomb Pads
Crompton Ozone Desert 55L55 LitresSeparate Ice Chambers, Auto FillHigh Density Honeycomb Pads, Oscillating Louvres
Havells Celia I 55L55 LitresLow noise, Full Function RemoteIce Chamber, Collapsible Louvres
Symphony Touch 5555 Litres4-Side Aspen Pads, i-Pure TechnologyPowerful Double Blowers
Bajaj DC 55 DLX 54L54 LitresHexacool Technology, Turbo Fan TechnologyIce Chamber, 3 Side Honeycomb Pads
Havells Altima 70L70 LitresAuto Drain, Dust FilterSmell Free Honeycomb Pads
Orient Electric Ultimo 65L65 LitresDensest Honeycomb Pads, Ice ChamberHigh Air Delivery, Long Air Throw

Best value for money

The Symphony Touch 55 stands out as the best value for money, balancing cost with a wide array of features. Its 55-litre capacity, coupled with 4-side aspen pads and powerful double blowers, delivers efficient cooling. The addition of i-Pure technology for air purification further enhances its value, making it a comprehensive cooling solution.

Best overall product

The Havells Altima 70L emerges as the best overall product, offering a perfect blend of high capacity, powerful air delivery, and innovative features like auto drain and dust filter. Its 70-litre capacity ensures uninterrupted cooling, ideal for larger rooms, making it a standout choice for comprehensive cooling needs.

How to find the best high-capacity cooler?

Selecting the best high-capacity cooler involves evaluating water tank capacity, cooling technology, and additional features like air purification and ease of maintenance. A larger capacity reduces the frequency of refills, while advanced cooling pads and air delivery systems ensure efficient cooling. Consider coolers with added functionalities like ice chambers for enhanced cooling and features that simplify upkeep. Comparing these aspects helps pinpoint a cooler that meets your needs, offering both performance and convenience.


Question : Can high-capacity coolers cool large rooms efficiently?

Ans : Yes, coolers with higher capacities are designed to cool larger rooms effectively, thanks to their powerful air delivery and extensive cooling technologies.

Question : How often do high-capacity coolers need refilling?

Ans : This varies based on usage, but their larger water tanks mean less frequent refills compared to smaller models, often lasting through the night.

Question : Are high-capacity coolers energy-efficient?

Ans : Many models are designed to be energy-efficient, with some capable of running on inverter power, ensuring cooling without high electricity bills.

Question : Do high-capacity coolers come with remote control?

Ans : Some models offer remote control for convenience, allowing you to adjust settings without physically reaching the cooler.

Question : Can I use ice in high-capacity coolers for enhanced cooling?

Ans : Yes, many high-capacity coolers feature ice chambers specifically for this purpose, offering an instant drop in temperature for increased comfort.

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