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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best home gym equipment: Ultimate setup for full body workouts at the comfort of your home

Best home gym equipment: Ultimate setup for full body workouts at the comfort of your home

Looking to create the ultimate home gym? Explore our top picks and expert tips for the best home gym equipment setup to maximize your full-body workouts!

best home for gym equipmentsPremium
best home for gym equipments

Do you dream of having your own gym right at home? Just imagine you wake up, stroll into your living room, and there it is – your very own workout spot. No more hassle of going to crowd gyms or waiting for machines. With the right home gym equipment, you can turn any corner of your house into a fitness paradise.

Think about it: adjustable dumbbells, stretchy bands, maybe even a yoga mat. These simple tools can transform your space into a place where you can work on your muscles and feel amazing doing it.

But it's not just about the gear; it's about how you feel. Having your own gym means you can exercise whenever you want, however you want. It's like having a personal coach right at your fingertips, cheering you on every step of the way.

So, let's dive in and discover how to create the ultimate home gym setup for full-body workouts. Get ready to sweat, smile, and feel stronger than ever – all from the comfort of your own home.



This home gym equipment set from HASHTAG FITNESS is everything you need for a complete workout at home. With a total weight of 30kg, including 5kg x 4 dumbbells and 2.5kg x 4 weights, it's perfect for strength training. The package also includes a sturdy 5ft straight bar with a user weight capacity of 100kg, a 3ft curl bar, 2 dumbbell rods, hand grippers, gloves, a wooden skipping rope, and 4 spring locks for safety. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this set is designed for basic home gym exercise, ensuring you get the most out of your workout routine.

Specifications of HASHTAG FITNESS Home Gym Set:

  • Item Weight: 30 Kilograms
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: pvc
  • Handle Type: Fixed Handle

Pros Cons 
Easy assembly and storageMay not suit larger body sizes

2. National Bodyline NB800 Heavy Duty Multipurpose

The National Bodyline NB800 Heavy Duty Multipurpose Home Gym Bench is your go-to home gym equipment for a versatile home gym equipment setup. With its fully adjustable design, you can target every muscle group with ease, whether you're bench pressing or doing dumbbell exercises. Constructed with heavy-duty steel, this bench ensures stability and safety with a 150kg weight capacity. Enjoy your workouts in comfort with high-density foam padding that reduces muscle fatigue. Assembly is a breeze - just a few minutes, and you're ready to go. Plus, with our 1-year frame warranty and 30-day pad warranty, you can work out worry-free.

Specifications of National Bodyline NB800 Heavy Duty Multipurpose:

  • Brand: National Bodyline
  • Item Weight: 150 Kilograms
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 117D x 44W x 46H Centimeters



Heavy-duty build for stability.

Limited customization options.

3. Kakss Best Home Gym Training

This set by Kakss offers a versatile range of home gym equipment options, from 10 kg to 200 kg, for all fitness levels. Crafted with exclusive neoprene-coated weight plates, it ensures durability and comfort during workouts. The package includes a 3 ft curl rod (25MM), a 5 ft plain rod (25MM), and 2 dumbbell rods (25MM), providing diverse home gym equipment options. With 4 kettlebells and a free skipping rope, it offers comprehensive training possibilities. Proudly made in India, this set caters to various workout needs, making it the ideal choice for those seeking effective and convenient home gym equipment.

Specifications of Kakss Best Home Gym Training:

  • Brand: Kakss
  • Colour‎: Multicolor
  • Included Components: ‎COMBO
  • Material Type: ‎Neoprene
  • Size: 60 KG



Versatile for full-body workouts

Requires initial investment

4. HASHTAG FITNESS 20in1 gym bench

The HASHTAG FITNESS 20in1 gym bench is the ultimate home gym equipment for your workout needs. With adjustable barbell rack and incline/flat options, it's perfect for any exercise routine. This all-in-one gym equipment features a high pulley lat tower and low pulley station, giving you a full-body workout experience. Easily switch between flat, incline, and decline bench press, leg curl, leg extension, lat pull down, and more. With a 250kg weight capacity and rubber base for safety, it's ideal for intense workouts. Assemble it easily with the provided spanner and guide. Get fit without taking up much space with this space-saving exercise equipment.

Specifications of HASHTAG FITNESS 20in1 gym bench:

  • Item Weight: 37 Kilograms
  • Material: M/S
  • Product Dimensions: 167.6D x 121.9W x 223H Centimeters
  • Handle Type: Fixed Handle

Pros Cons 
Space-savingAssembly required

5. Kore PVC 40 Kg Home Gym Set

The Kore PVC 40 Kg Home Gym Set features versatile home gym equipment for a complete workout. With 40 kg of PVC weight, including 3 types of weights, it's perfect for muscle building. Comes with 1 plain and 1 curl rod, both 3 feet long, plus 2 dumbbell rods measuring 14 inches each. Easy to secure with 4 locks and clippers provided. Durable and long-lasting, this set offers everything needed for a comprehensive home workout routine. Ideal for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike, it's the ultimate solution for staying fit and healthy from the comfort of home.

Specifications of Kore PVC 40 Kg Home Gym Set:

  • Brand : Kore
  • Colour: ‎Multicolor
  • Material Type: ‎Other;
  • Style: 40 Kg Home Gym
  • Manufacturer‎: Kushal Rubber Industries

Pros Cons 
Durable materialLimited weight range

6. Zorex HGZ-1002 Home Gym Machine

The Zorex HGZ-1002 Home Gym Machine is your ultimate all-in-one home gym equipment for a complete workout. It's designed for men, offering a range of exercises for chest, biceps, shoulders, back, triceps, and legs. With features like chest extension, high pull, low pull, rowing, and more, it covers all muscle groups. The set includes 60 kg PVC weight plates for varied resistance. Sturdy construction with a 2-inch square heavy-duty steel tube frame ensures durability. Easily assemble with the provided manual or YouTube video guide. Max user weight of 120 kg. Customize your workout with additional attachments like triceps rope.

Specifications of Zorex HGZ-1002 Home Gym Machine:

  • Brand: Zorex
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: MS PIPE
  • Product Dimensions: 86.4D x 78.7W x 211H Centimeters
  • Tension Level: Nill

Pros Cons 
Easy to assemble.Limited weight capacity.

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7. BULLAR Home Gym Set

This BULLAR Home Gym Set offers everything you need for a complete home workout. With durable construction, it includes 40kg of cast iron weight plates, 3 and 5 feet weight lifting rods, dumbbell rods, and essential gym accessories. The cast iron adjustable weights ensure longevity, while the metal spinlock collars keep them secure during use. Easily switch between hand weights and a barbell for versatile exercises like curls, presses, and squats. The anti-slip knurling pattern on the dumbbell grips ensures a firm hold, making this set a reliable choice for your home gym equipment needs. Durable home workout gear has never been more accessible.

Specifications of BULLAR Home Gym Set:

  • Brand: BULLAR
  • Material: cast iron
  • Handle Type: Fixed Handle

Pros Cons 
Space-savingLimited weight capacity

8. BULLAR Home Gym Set

The BULLAR Home Gym equipment Set is your all-in-one solution for a complete workout experience. Featuring 40kg PVC Weight Plates, including 2kg, 3kg, and 5kg plates, all proudly made in India. The set includes essential gym rods: a 3ft Curl Rod, a 5ft Straight Gym Bar, and a pair of 14-inch Dumbbell Rods. Additionally, it comes with essential gym accessories like Gym Gloves, a Skipping Rope, a Hand Gripper, and more. Perfect for beginners aiming to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, this versatile Home Gym Combo offers adjustable weights for customized workouts. Transform your space into a high-performance home fitness tools center effortlessly.

Specifications of BULLAR Home Gym Set:

  • Item Weight: 45000 Grams
  • Brand: BULLAR
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: PVC, pvc
  • Handle Type: Fixed Handle

Pros Cons 
Compact and Space-SavingMay Lack Advanced Features

9. LEEWAY Rubber Weight Plates Set

The LEEWAY Rubber Weight Plates Set offers a complete home gym equipment solution, perfect for your strength training needs. With a total weight of 70 Kg, this budget-friendly home gym gear includes a variety of gym essentials. You'll receive rubber weight plates ranging from 2 Kg to 10 Kg, ensuring versatility in your workouts. The set also features a 5 Ft Straight Rod, 3 Ft Curl Rod, and 14-inch Dumbbell Rods for comprehensive lifting options. Plus, enjoy added accessories like gloves, foam grippers, and a skipping rope for indoor workouts. Built with heavy-duty materials, including 14 & 16-gauge tubular steel, it's designed to last through intense use.

Specifications of LEEWAY Rubber Weight Plates Set:

  • Brand: LEEWAY
  • Colour: multicolour
  • Material: Rubber
  • Handle Type: Fixed Handle
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 400 Pounds




Heavier than expected

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Top 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
HASHTAG FITNESS Home Gym SetFitness Home Gym SetPackage Contains Gloves and Skipping Rope
Design for Basic home Gym Exercise
National Bodyline NB800 Heavy Duty MultipurposeFully adjustable designHeavy duty steel construction
Comfortable and ergonomic design
Kakss Best Home Gym Training4pc Weight Plates4 KG Neoprene Coated Kettlebell
5ft Straight Weight Rod
HASHTAG FITNESS 20in1 gym bench(Incline / Flat)High pulley lat tower60kg user capacity
Multifunctional gym gear
Kore PVC 40 Kg Home Gym Set4 Locks and clippersHighly durable
A perfect muscle builder
Zorex HGZ-1002 Home Gym MachineMultiple Exercise FunctionsHeavy-duty construction
2 Inch square heavy-duty steel tube frame
BULLAR Home Gym SetLifetime durabilityVersatile exercisesBrand support
BULLAR Home Gym SetGym rodsGym fitness accessoriesHome gym set
LEEWAY Rubber Weight Plates SetRubber Weight PlatesBarbell set
Plate inner diameter

Best overall products

The HASHTAG FITNESS Home Gym Set stands out as the best overall product from the list. It is a comprehensive solution for fitness enthusiasts looking to create a versatile workout space at home. This all-in-one set includes a range of equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a skipping rope, offering a variety of exercise options to target different muscle groups. Its compact design makes it ideal for home use, providing the convenience of a full gym experience without the need for bulky equipment. 

Best value for money

For those seeking quality without breaking the bank, look no further than the LEEWAY Rubber Weight Plates Set. With a total weight of 70kg and a range of gym essentials included, this budget-friendly set offers versatility and durability. Crafted with heavy-duty materials, it ensures longevity through intense workouts. Plus, with added accessories like gloves and a skipping rope, you'll have everything you need for indoor fitness sessions.

How to choose Home Gym Equipment for Fitness?

When selecting home gym equipment, consider your fitness goals, available space, and budget. Opt for versatile sets like adjustable dumbbells or multipurpose benches to maximize workout possibilities. Ensure durability and safety with heavy-duty materials and ergonomic designs. Look for added features like foam padding for comfort during long sessions. Lastly, consider brands with warranty options for peace of mind.


Question : What equipment should I prioritize for a basic home gym setup?

Ans : Focus on versatile options like adjustable dumbbells, a sturdy bench, and resistance bands for a comprehensive workout routine.

Question : How much space do I need for a home gym?

Ans : You can start with a small corner or spare room, ensuring enough space for movement and equipment storage.

Question : Are home gym sets suitable for beginners?

Ans : Yes, many sets cater to beginners with adjustable weights and basic accessories, providing a convenient starting point for fitness journeys.

Question : How do I maintain home gym equipment for longevity?

Ans : Regular cleaning, proper storage, and following manufacturer guidelines for maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

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