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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best small coolers: Be comfortable this summer with the top 7 choices for consistent and efficient cooling

Best small coolers: Be comfortable this summer with the top 7 choices for consistent and efficient cooling

Discover the best small coolers that combine portability and effective cooling for personal spaces, camping, or hitting the road!

Stay refreshed on-the-go with these top picks for small coolers. Premium
Stay refreshed on-the-go with these top picks for small coolers.

Searching for the best small coolers can be challenging as you need to find the right one that ticks all the boxes. During scorching summers, a dependable cooling solution can make a significant impact. Window coolers provide a convenient and effective method to maintain a cool and comfortable space. These compact units are specifically designed to fit into most standard windows, making them an excellent choice for rooms with limited space.

Window coolers operate by drawing in warm air from the room, passing it over cooling coils filled with refrigerant, and then releasing the cooled air back into the room. They are generally more energy-efficient compared to central air conditioning systems, making them a cost-effective option for cooling individual rooms or small apartments.

When selecting a window cooler, it is important to consider factors such as cooling capacity, energy efficiency rating, noise level, and additional features like remote control or programmable timers. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the finest window coolers available in the market, highlighting their key features, advantages, and disadvantages. Whether you need to cool a bedroom, home office, or living room, these top recommendations are guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the entire summer season.

The Symphony Hicool i 31L Personal Air Cooler is designed for homes, featuring a remote and touch control panel for easy operation. It boasts i-Pure Technology, which uses specialized filters to purify air from pollutants and allergens. With a 31-litre water tank and low power consumption of 185 Watts, it provides efficient cooling for rooms up to 220 square feet. The honeycomb cooling pad and dura pump ensure even distribution of air and water, while the Cool Flow Dispenser enhances the cooling experience. It's a power-saving and convenient cooling solution for scorching summers.

Specifications of Symphony Hicool i 31L Personal Air Cooler

Brand: Symphony

Airflow: 17 CMPH

Tank capacity: 31 liters

Wattage: 185 Watts

Features: Remote control, touch panel, i-Pure Technology, honeycomb cooling pad, Cool Flow Dispenser, low power consumption

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Efficient coolingLimited coverage area
Low power consumptionLimited features 
i-Pure technology for air purification 

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2. Havells Fresco-i 24L Personal Air Cooler

The Havells Fresco-i 24L Personal Air Cooler is specifically crafted for residential purposes, showcasing a robust air delivery mechanism and high-density honeycomb pads to ensure effective cooling. It incorporates cutting-edge functionalities such as auto drain for effortless water drainage and humidity control. Additionally, the cooler is equipped with a dust filter net that effectively sieves out dust particles and prevents insects from infiltrating, thereby ensuring a supply of clean and refreshing air. With the inclusion of a comprehensive remote control and overload protection, this durable cooler offers convenient and dependable cooling, creating a pleasant living atmosphere.

Specifications of HAVAI Bullet XL Tower Air Cooler

Brand: Havells 

Airflow: 1500 CMPH

Tank capacity: 24 liters

Wattage: 190 Watts

Features: Two side premium honeycomb pads, high-speed electric motor, thermal overload protection, anti-bacterial cover, mosquito nets, freestanding tower design

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Powerful airflowSmaller tank capacity

High density honeycomb pads 


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3. Crompton Marvel Neo Personal Air Cooler

The Crompton Marvel Neo Personal Air Cooler is a 23-litre capacity cooler with features like an Everlast Pump, 4-way Air Deflection, and High-Density Honeycomb pads, all in a white colour. It is suitable for rooms up to 150 sq. ft. The cooler provides superior and prolonged cooling for hours with its High-Density Honeycomb pad and 1300 m3/hr Air Delivery. It is designed with an Everlast pump to cope with high-level TDS and jams, ensuring durability and smooth operation. The cooler consumes only 165 watts and can be run on inverter power.

Specifications of Crompton Marvel Neo Personal Air Cooler

Brand: Crompton

Airflow: 1300 m3/hr

Tank capacity: 23 litres

Wattage: 165 Watts

Features: Everlast Pump, 4-way Air Deflection, High-Density Honeycomb pads

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Superior & prolonged coolingManual control, no remote
Everlast Pump for durabilityNo trolley

The Ekvira High-Speed Cooler Fan is a compact and portable cooling solution ideal for home, kitchen, or office use. It features a high-powered motor for enhanced air circulation, offering 25% faster air circulation than traditional fans. The fan's slim design and 120 degree wide oscillation ensure air is distributed evenly across the room. With customizable airflow settings and a built-in handle, it's easy to move and adjust to your preferences. The fan is safe for kids and pets, with no spinning blades and an exterior safety grill for protection.

Specifications of Ekvira High-Speed Cooler Fan

Brand: Ekvira

Airflow: High-powered air delivery with 120degree wide oscillation

Tank capacity: Don’t require water

Wattage: 60 Watt Hours

Features: High-quality standards, compact and portable design, customizable airflow settings, safe for kids and pets, includes USB mobile charger

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Compact and portable designDoes not include a water tank for cooling
High-powered air delivery with oscillation 

The HIFRESH Air Cooler is a 107CM tower cooler designed for home use, offering 3 speeds and 4 modes for customized cooling. With a 4L water tank, 12-hour timer, LED touch screen, and remote control, it provides convenient cooling for rooms and offices. The cooler features adjustable speed, a removable washable filter, an oscillating fan, and low power consumption at 80W. It includes 4 ice packs for added cooling efficiency and operates at a noise level of 50 dB. Enjoy a comfortable summer with this versatile and efficient air cooler.

Specifications of HIFRESH Air Cooler


Airflow: 390 Cubic Metres per Minute

Tank capacity: 4 litres

Wattage: 80 Watts

Features: Adjustable Speed, Removable Washable Filter, Oscillating Fan, Timer, Low Power Consumption

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Customizable cooling modesLimited water tank capacity
Low power consumptionNoise level may be a concern

The Bajaj PX97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler is designed for personal use in rooms up to 200 square feet. It features a 36-litre water tank capacity and delivers an airflow of 1177 cubic feet per minute, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment. The cooler is equipped with DuraMarine Pump technology, which protects the pump from moisture and increases its lifespan. It also features anti-bacterial Hexacool technology pads that provide fresher and cleaner air. The cooler has a 3-speed control for adjustable airflow and comes with caster wheels for easy mobility.

Specifications of Bajaj PX97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler

Brand: Bajaj

Airflow: 1177 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Tank Capacity: 36 Litres

Wattage: 100 Watts

Features: Adjustable Speed, Portable

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Powerful air throwLarge size for a personal cooler
DuraMarine Pump technologyMay be noisy at higher speeds

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The Symphony HiFlo 40 Personal Air Cooler is designed for home use, featuring a powerful blower, honeycomb pads, i-Pure Technology, and low power consumption. It is suitable for rooms up to 16 square meters, providing even cooling with its cool flow dispenser. The i-Pure Technology ensures clean air, while the powerful blower offers rapid cooling. With a durable pump and honeycomb cooling pads, it promotes efficient water and air distribution. This cooler consumes only about 150 Watts of energy and works with inverters. It has a 40-litre water tank with a water level indicator and user-friendly dial knobs for easy operation.

Specifications of Symphony HiFlo 40 Personal Air Cooler:

Brand: Symphony

Airflow: Sufficient for 18 square meter area

Tank capacity: 40 liters

Wattage: 150 Watts

Features: Powerful blower, honeycomb pads, i-Pure Technology, low power consumption, cool flow dispenser, durable pump

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Powerful coolingRequires frequent water refills
Low power consumptionLimited coverage area

Top 3 features of the best small coolers

Best small coolersAirflowTank capacityWattage
Symphony Hicool i 31L Personal Air Cooler17 CMPH31 liters185 Watts

Havells Fresco-i 24L Personal Air Cooler

1500 CMPH24 liters190 Watts
Crompton Marvel Neo Personal Air Cooler1300 m3/hr40 litres165 Watts
Ekvira High-Speed Cooler FanHigh-powered air delivery with 120degree wide oscillationDon’t require water60 Watt Hours
HIFRESH Air Cooler390 Cubic Metres per Minute4 litres80 Watts
Bajaj PX97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler1177 Cubic Feet Per Minute36 Litres100 Watts
Symphony HiFlo 40 Personal Air CoolerSufficient for 18 square meter area40 litres150 Watts

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Best value for money small cooler

HIFRESH Air Cooler

The HIFRESH Air Cooler offers a great balance of features and affordability. With adjustable speed settings, a removable washable filter, and a 4-litre tank capacity, it provides efficient cooling in a compact size. The oscillating fan ensures even air distribution, while the timer and low power consumption add to its value. It's ideal for small spaces and offers a cost-effective cooling solution.

Best overall small cooler

Symphony Hicool i 31L Personal Air Cooler

The Symphony Hicool i 31L Personal Air Cooler stands out as the best overall product due to its powerful airflow of 17 CMPH, large 31-litre tank capacity, and 185 Watts wattage. It comes with a remote control and touch panel for easy operation and features i-Pure Technology, a honeycomb cooling pad, a Cool Flow Dispenser, and low power consumption. These features ensure efficient and effective cooling, making it suitable for various room sizes.

How to find the best small cooler?

When searching for the optimal compact cooler, take into account elements such as airflow, tank capacity, and wattage. Prioritize models with superior airflow to enhance cooling effectiveness. The tank capacity dictates the cooler's duration before requiring a refill; hence, select accordingly based on your requirements. Wattage reflects power consumption, therefore choose energy-efficient models. Furthermore, evaluate features like remote control, touch panel, cooling pad quality, and portability. Reviewing feedback and comparing specifications can assist in identifying a small cooler that aligns with your cooling necessities and budget.


Question : Q: Can I use tap water in my small cooler?

Ans : A: It's recommended to use distilled or purified water to prevent mineral buildup and ensure optimal performance.

Question : Q: How often should I clean my small cooler?

Ans : A: Clean the water tank and cooling pads regularly, preferably every two weeks, to maintain efficient operation and prevent mold growth.

Question : Q: Can I use my small cooler outdoors?

Ans : A: Most small coolers are designed for indoor use. Using them outdoors may reduce their effectiveness, especially in open areas.

Question : Q: Do small coolers require a lot of maintenance?

Ans : A: Regular cleaning and occasional filter replacement are usually sufficient to maintain optimal performance.

Question : Q: Are small coolers energy-efficient?

Ans : A: Many small coolers are designed to be energy-efficient, but actual efficiency varies depending on the model and usage.

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