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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best smartwatch: Top 10 options from budget-friendly to premium

Best smartwatch: Top 10 options from budget-friendly to premium

Best smartwatch: Style your wrists with the latest technology in the smartwatch world. Choose from the 10 best smartwatches available online and get a step closer to living a technology-driven lifestyle. Check out our comprehensive list for in-depth analysis of all smartwatch models.

Best smartwatch: Premium features with an affordable price tag.Premium
Best smartwatch: Premium features with an affordable price tag.

Smartwatches have rapidly transformed from novel gadgets to indispensable lifestyle accessories, reflecting the tech-centric nature of contemporary life. These devices have evolved significantly, integrating seamlessly into our daily routines. As the world grows more connected and health-conscious, smartwatches stand at the forefront of this technological revolution, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality.

The evolution of smartwatches has been remarkable. Initially designed as a convenient way to glance at notifications, they have burgeoned into powerful tools for fitness tracking, health monitoring, and staying connected. Today's smartwatches boast advanced features like comprehensive health tracking, seamless app integration, and enhanced communication capabilities, making them more than just timekeepers.

This article aims to navigate readers through the vast sea of options in the smartwatch market, focusing on the top 10 picks for the year. The selection is based on an array of criteria, including cutting-edge technology, user experience, aesthetic appeal, and value for money. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect smartwatch.

Readers can anticipate a variety of features in these top smartwatches. From exceptional battery life to user-friendly software, compatibility with various devices, and advanced fitness tracking capabilities. Each watch in this list brings something unique to the table, setting them apart from traditional timepieces.

These smartwatches cater to a wide audience. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast keen on tracking your health metrics, a technology lover looking for the latest features, or someone who appreciates a stylish accessory, there’s something for everyone in this selection.

As you move further into this list, let it guide you towards a smartwatch that not only fulfils your practical needs but also enhances your personal style. The perfect blend of technology and fashion awaits, promising to be more than just an accessory, but a reflection of your lifestyle.

1. Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen, 2023) [GPS 40mm]

The Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen, 2023) strikes an impressive balance between affordability and performance. Its Starlight Aluminium Case and Sport Loop, combined with the Retina display, create a sleek and stylish look. Fitness and sleep tracking are highly accurate, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious users. The addition of crash detection and a heart rate monitor enhances its safety features. Although it lacks some of the advanced health metrics found in higher-end models, the SE is a robust option for those seeking Apple's quality at a more accessible price point.

Specifications of Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen, 2023) [GPS 40mm]:

Case Material: Starlight Aluminium

Band: Starlight Sport Loop

Display: Retina

Features: Fitness and Sleep Tracker, Crash Detection, Heart Rate Monitor

Compatibility: iOS

Connectivity: GPS

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Affordable price for Apple qualityNo cellular option
Stylish design and Retina displayLimited to iOS compatibility

2. Apple Watch Ultra 2 [GPS + Cellular 49mm]

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a testament to Apple's commitment to innovation and functionality. Encased in rugged titanium with a Blue Alpine Loop, it's designed for durability and style. The precision GPS and action button are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Its extra-long battery life and bright Retina display make it a reliable companion for extended adventures. The fitness tracker is versatile, catering to various activities. While its premium price point might be a consideration, the Ultra 2 is an excellent investment for those seeking top-notch performance and resilience.

Specifications of Apple Watch Ultra 2 [GPS + Cellular 49mm]:

Case Material: Rugged Titanium

Band: Blue Alpine Loop

Display: Bright Retina

Features: Fitness Tracker, Precision GPS, Action Button, Extra-Long Battery Life

Connectivity: GPS + Cellular

Compatibility: iOS

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Durable and stylish titanium casePremium price
Precision GPS for outdoor activitiesHeavier than standard models

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3. Apple Watch Series 9 [GPS + Cellular 45mm]

The Apple Watch Series 9 is a powerful blend of technology and style. Its (PRODUCT)RED Aluminium Case and Sport Band are not only visually striking, but also contribute to a noble cause. This model stands out with its advanced health features like Blood Oxygen and ECG apps, along with the Always-On Retina Display. It's water-resistant, making it suitable for various activities. However, its high price point and iOS-only compatibility might limit its appeal. Overall, the Series 9 is an excellent choice for those seeking a sophisticated blend of health monitoring and connectivity.

Specifications of Apple Watch Series 9 [GPS + Cellular 45mm]:

Case Material: (PRODUCT)RED Aluminium

Band: (PRODUCT)RED Sport Band

Display: Always-On Retina

Features: Fitness Tracker, Blood Oxygen, ECG Apps, Water Resistant

Connectivity: GPS + Cellular

Compatibility: iOS

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Advanced health features (Blood Oxygen, ECG)Premium price
Stylish and socially conscious designLimited to iOS compatibility

4. NoiseFit Halo

The NoiseFit Halo smartwatch is a stylish and functional choice for those seeking a blend of aesthetics and technology. Its 1.43-inch AMOLED display is bright and clear, enhancing the user experience. The smartwatch excels in its Bluetooth calling feature and the impressive 100 sports modes, catering to a wide range of activities. With its premium metallic build and smart gesture control, the NoiseFit Halo stands out in its segment. However, its battery life and limited compatibility might be points to consider for some users.

Specifications of NoiseFit Halo:

Display: 1.43-inch AMOLED

Features: Bluetooth Calling, Smart Gesture Control, 100 Sports Modes

Build: Premium Metallic

Additional: Always on Display

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Premium metallic buildLimited compatibility
100 sports modes for fitness trackingBattery life may not meet expectations

5. Fastrack Limitless Classic

The Fastrack Limitless Classic smartwatch is a game-changer in the budget-friendly segment. It offers a large 1.91-inch Super UltraVU Display with the highest 320x385 pixel resolution, ensuring a clear and vibrant viewing experience. The functional crown and SingleSync BT calling feature enhance its usability. With over 100 sports modes, it's versatile for fitness enthusiasts. The metallic case adds to its premium feel. However, the software experience and limited app ecosystem might not appeal to all users.

Specifications of Fastrack Limitless Classic:

Display: 1.91-inch Super UltraVU, 320x385 Pixels

Features: Functional Crown, SingleSync BT Calling, 100+ Sports Modes

Build: Metal Case

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
High-resolution displayLimited app ecosystem
Over 100 sports modesSoftware experience may vary

6. CrossBeats Armour

CrossBeats Armour is a robust smartwatch designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The 1.43-inch Super AMOLED display is crisp, and its swim proof design makes it ideal for aquatic activities. The Bluetooth calling feature and 125+ sports modes cater to a wide range of fitness needs. The 15-day battery life is impressive, ensuring longevity. Its rugged outdoor military standard certification speaks to its durability. However, its bulky design and specific outdoor focus might not suit all preferences.

Specifications of CrossBeats Armour:

Display: 1.43-inch Super AMOLED

Features: Bluetooth Calling, 125+ Sports Modes, 15 Day Battery Life

Build: Rugged Outdoor, Military Standard Certified

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Durable and rugged designBulky design may not suit everyone
Long battery lifeFocused primarily on outdoor use

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7. Cultsport Ace X

Cultsport Ace X stands out with its impressive 1.96-inch AMOLED display and premium metallic build, appealing to users who prioritize style and functionality. The Always On Display and Bluetooth calling features are notable, enhancing user convenience. Its unique offering of live cricket scores will undoubtedly appeal to sports fans. The health tracking capabilities and functional crown add to its practicality. However, its specific sports features may not appeal to everyone, and its battery performance under heavy use might be a consideration.

Specifications of Cultsport Ace X:

Display: 1.96-inch AMOLED

Features: Bluetooth Calling, Live Cricket Score, Health Tracking, Functional Crown

Build: Premium Metallic

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Large and clear AMOLED displayNiche appeal with cricket scores
Premium designBattery performance under heavy use

8. Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a solid choice for Android users. Its compatibility with Android smartphones and the integration of Wear OS powered by Samsung offers a seamless experience. The watch excels in health monitoring with its Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor and advanced sleep analysis. The rubber band material and typical 40-hour battery life make it a practical option for everyday use. However, its limitation to Android compatibility and lack of distinctive design elements might deter some potential buyers.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic:

Compatibility: Android Smartphones

OS: Wear OS Powered by Samsung

Sensors: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, Optical Heart Rate

Features: Health Monitoring, Advanced Sleep Analysis, Women's Health

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Band Material: Rubber

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Comprehensive health monitoring featuresLimited to Android compatibility
Integration with Wear OSConventional design

9. Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic LTE

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic LTE is a top-tier smartwatch offering LTE connectivity, allowing users to stay connected without their phones. Its contactless secure payments via Samsung Wallet and advanced sleep coaching are cutting-edge features. The personalized heart rate zones and compatibility with Android apps enhance its appeal. However, its reliance on LTE for full functionality and the requirement for an Android ecosystem may not suit all users. The smartwatch is ideal for those deeply embedded in the Samsung and Android ecosystems.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic LTE:

Compatibility: Android Smartphones

Connectivity: LTE

Features: Contactless Payments, Advanced Sleep Coaching, Personalized HR Zones

Additional: Compatibility with Android Apps

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
LTE connectivity for independence from phoneDependent on LTE for full functionality
Advanced health and sleep featuresLimited to Android compatibility

10. CrossBeats Ignite S5

The CrossBeats Ignite S5 is an advanced AI ENC BT Calling Smartwatch that impresses with its 1.96-inch Super AMOLED Anti-Glare Screen. The Always on Display and SnapCharge Calculator are innovative features. The smartwatch offers a wide range of watch faces and an AI Health Feature, catering to a tech-savvy audience. However, its AI features may be overwhelming for some users, and its design may not appeal to those seeking a more traditional watch aesthetic.

Specifications of CrossBeats Newly launched Ignite S5:

Display: 1.96-inch Super AMOLED Anti-Glare

Features: AI ENC BT Calling, SnapCharge Calculator, AI Health Feature

Additional: 500+ Watch Faces

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Advanced AI features and functionalitiesAI features may be complex for some
Large anti-glare AMOLED displayDesign may not suit traditional preferences

Best 3 features for you


Product NameDisplay Size & TypeKey Health FeaturesConnectivity & Additional Features
1. Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen, 2023)40mm Retina DisplayFitness & Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate MonitorGPS, Crash Detection
2. Apple Watch Ultra 249mm Bright Retina DisplayFitness Tracker, Precision GPSGPS + Cellular, Extra-Long Battery Life
3. Apple Watch Series 945mm Always-On Retina DisplayFitness Tracker, Blood Oxygen & ECG AppsGPS + Cellular, Water Resistant
4. NoiseFit Halo1.43-inch AMOLED DisplayBluetooth Calling, 100 Sports ModesSmart Gesture Control
5. Fastrack New Limitless Classic1.91-inch Super UltraVU DisplaySingleSync BT Calling, 100+ Sports ModesMetal Case, Functional Crown
6. CrossBeats Armour1.43-inch Super AMOLED DisplayBluetooth Calling, 125+ Sports Modes15 Day Battery Life, Military Standard
7. Cultsport Ace X1.96-inch AMOLED DisplayBluetooth Calling, Health TrackingLive Cricket Score, Functional Crown
8. Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic4.6 cm Display, Compatible with AndroidHealth Monitoring, Advanced Sleep AnalysisWear OS by Samsung, Rubber Band
9. Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic LTE43mm Display, Compatible with AndroidLTE, Advanced Sleep CoachingContactless Payments, Personalized HR Zones
10. CrossBeats Ignite S51.96-inch Super AMOLED Anti-Glare ScreenAI ENC BT Calling, AI Health FeatureSnapCharge™ Calculator, 500+ Watch Faces

Best value for money

The NoiseFit Halo offers an exceptional blend of style, functionality, and affordability. Its 1.43-inch AMOLED display provides a crisp viewing experience, while the inclusion of 100 sports modes caters to a wide range of fitness activities. The premium metallic build, combined with smart gesture control and Bluetooth calling, makes it a highly attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly yet feature-rich smartwatch.

Best overall product

The Apple Watch Series 9 stands out as the best overall product. Its 45mm Always-On Retina Display offers superior clarity and convenience. The inclusion of health-centric features like Blood Oxygen and ECG apps, combined with fitness tracking, makes it a top choice for health-conscious users. Additionally, its GPS + Cellular connectivity and water-resistant design provide versatility and reliability, making it an excellent investment for a wide range of users.

How to find the best smartwatch?

Finding the best smartwatch involves considering several key factors to match your specific needs and lifestyle. Start by determining your primary use for the smartwatch, whether it's for fitness tracking, health monitoring, connectivity, or simply as a fashion accessory. Check compatibility with your smartphone, as some smartwatches work better with certain operating systems. Display quality and size are important for ease of use and readability. Prioritize battery life based on your daily usage; longer battery life is crucial for those who don’t want the hassle of frequent charging. Evaluate the health and fitness features, like heart rate monitoring, GPS, and workout modes, if you're fitness-oriented. Don't overlook the design and build quality – a smartwatch should be comfortable and suit your style. Lastly, consider the price point and ensure it offers good value for the features provided. By assessing these aspects, you can find a smartwatch that best fits your requirements and lifestyle.


Question : Can smartwatches function without a smartphone?

Ans : Some smartwatches can function independently with features like LTE connectivity, allowing calls and messages without a smartphone. However, for full functionality, most require a smartphone connection.

Question : Are smartwatches waterproof?

Ans : Many smartwatches are water-resistant, suitable for activities like swimming or showering. However, it's essential to check the specific water resistance rating of each model.

Question : How accurate are the health monitoring features in smartwatches?

Ans : Most smartwatches offer reasonably accurate health monitoring features like heart rate tracking. For critical health monitoring, it's advised to use them as supplementary devices alongside professional medical equipment.

Question : Can I change the straps of my smartwatch?

Ans : Yes, many smartwatches come with interchangeable straps, allowing users to customize their look.

Question : Do smartwatches need a SIM card for connectivity?

Ans : Only smartwatches with cellular capabilities require a SIM card for standalone calls and data. Others connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone for connectivity.

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