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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best thermal printers: Top 7 options to upgrade your business

Best thermal printers: Top 7 options to upgrade your business

Best thermal printers: Discover the top thermal printers for your business needs. Enhance efficiency and quality with top picks.

Best thermal printers: Print with precision and speed with top optionsPremium
Best thermal printers: Print with precision and speed with top options

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency and quality is most important. Thermal printers offer a reliable solution for printing needs, providing crisp, clear prints at high speeds. Whether you're printing receipts, labels or tickets, choosing the best thermal printer can make a significant difference in your operations.

This buying guide aims to help you navigate the diverse market of thermal printers to find the best fit for your business. We've carefully selected top models based on their features, performance and value for money.

Our guide covers a range of thermal printers, from compact desktop models to rugged industrial units, ensuring there's an option suitable for every business environment. We'll explore key features such as printing speed, resolution, connectivity options, and durability, helping you make an informed decision.

Whether you're a small retail store, a busy warehouse, or an office in need of reliable printing solutions, this guide will provide valuable insights to help you choose the best thermal printer for your business.

1. Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer

The Everycom EC-58 is a direct thermal printer designed for desktop use. It comes with USB and Bluetooth connectivity for ease of use. It supports printing with a high-speed printing capability of 90mm/sec. This printer is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices. The printer comes with free billing and accounting software for one year. Even if this printer is not compatible with macOS.

Specifications of Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer:

Brand: Everycom

Functions: Receipt Printing

Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS

Speed: 90mm/sec

Features: High-speed printing, barcode printing support

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
High-speed printingNot compatible with MacBooks and Apple desktops
Supports barcode printing 
USB and Bluetooth connectivity 

2. iDPRT SP410 Thermal Label Printer

The iDPRT SP410 Thermal Label Printer is a versatile printer designed for various labelling needs. It offers compatibility with a wide range of labels, including warehouse, shipping, food nutrition and labels. The printer is compatible with major transportation and sales platforms. It features automatic label detection for precise and smooth printing, supporting label widths from 2 inches to 4.65 inches. The printer is easy to install, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems, and comes with essential accessories for quick setup.

Specifications of iDPRT SP410 Thermal Label Printer

Brand: iDPRT

Functions: Print

Connectivity: USB

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Speed: 72 PPM

Features: Strong compatibility, automatic label detection

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Strong compatibility with various labelsNone
Automatic label detection for precise printing 

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3. SHREYANS 58mm Mini Portable Inkless Thermal Printer

The SHREYANS 58mm portable thermal printer is a compact and high-speed billing printer that can connect to Android or iOS devices as well as PCs. It is compatible with various billing apps and software, making it versatile for different industries. Using ink-free thermal printing technology, it can print up to 50 km of bills without the need for ink refills. The printer is portable, powered by a 2000mAh Lion battery for longer use and can fit a 20-meter paper roll.

Specifications of SHREYANS 58mm Mini Portable Inkless Thermal Printer


Functions: Print

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB

Compatibility: Android, iOS, PC

Speed: 32 pages per second

Features: Portable, ink-free technology

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Compact and portableLimited paper width
Ink-free technology 
High-speed printing 

4. HOIN™ Kiosk Receipt/POS Bill Printing Support 58mm BIS Certified USB Thermal Printer

The HOIN thermal printer is a 58mm thermal printer that is compatible with the Windows system and has a print life cycle of 50 Km. However, it does not work with mobile devices, only with computers or laptops. To ensure full-page printouts, users are advised to set the left and right margins to 0.2 in their Internet Explorer settings. The printer comes with a decent print speed and a long print range.

Specifications of HOIN Kiosk Receipt/POS Bill Printing Support 58mm BIS Certified USB Thermal Printer

Brand: HOIN

Functions: Receipt/POS Bill Printing

Connectivity: USB

Compatibility: Windows

Print Life Cycle: 50 Km

Print speed: 8 PPM

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
BIS certifiedNot compatible with mobile devices
Works with Windows 

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5. Star Micronics futurePRNT TSP143IIILAN GY US Direct Thermal Printer

The Star Micronics Thermal Printer is a high-speed, LAN-connected printer capable of printing 43 receipts per minute. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, making setup simple. The printer features a Drop-In and Print design for fast paper loading and a patented De-Curl function for flat receipts. Certified with Lightspeed, it also saves space with its small footprint and embedded power supply, ideal for counters with limited space.

Specifications of Star Micronics futurePRNT TSP143IIILAN GY US Direct Thermal Printer

Brand: Star Micronics

Functions: Receipt Print

Connectivity: LAN

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows

Speed: 250mm/s

Features: High-speed printing, LAN connection, "Drop-In and Print" design

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
High-speed printingLAN connection only
Compatible with multiple platforms 
Compact design saves space 

6. Everycom EC-901 80mm | 3 Inches USB+LAN Interface Thermal POS Receipt Printer

The Everycom EC-901 Thermal Printer is a fast and efficient printer suitable for POS systems. With a printing speed of up to 160mm per second, it can quickly print out receipts. The printer features drop-in paper loading for quick and easy media changing, and its integrated power supply reduces space requirements for a cleaner workstation. It also includes a built-in buzzer for easy notification. The printer can be connected to the PC using the provided LAN port or the USB port.

Specifications of Everycom EC-901 80mm | 3 Inches USB+LAN Interface Thermal POS Receipt Printer

Brand: Everycom

Functions: Printing receipts

Connectivity: USB, LAN

Compatibility: PC

Printing Speed: Up to 160mm per second

Paper Width: 58 & 80 MM

Features: Fast printout, drop-in paper loading

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Fast printing speedNone
Easy paper loading 
Variable paper width options 

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7. SHREYANS P58D Label Printer

The SHREYANS P58D Label Printer is a versatile and user-friendly device that allows easy printing of custom designs on labels or thermal paper. It is portable and pocket-sized, making it convenient to carry around. The printer is powered by a long-lasting battery and can accommodate 500 labels at once, reducing the need for frequent reloading. With the free 'Shreyans Label' designing an app, users can create attractive labels with various features. Overall, the SHREYANS P58D Label Printer is a great choice for businesses looking for a compact and efficient label printing solution.

Specifications of SHREYANS P58D Label Printer


Functions: Thermal Label & Receipt Printing

Connectivity: Android, iOS, Computer

Compatibility: Thermal Paper, Labels

Speed: 32 PPM

Features: Custom Design Printing, Portable, Long Battery Life

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Portable and pocket-sizedNone
Custom design printing 

Top 3 features for you

Product NameFunctionsSpeedFeatures
Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal PrinterReceipt Printing90mm/secHigh-speed printing, barcode printing support
iDPRT SP410 Thermal Label PrinterPrint72 PPMStrong compatibility, automatic label detection
SHREYANS 58mm Mini Portable Inkless Thermal PrinterPrint32 pages/secPortable, ink-free technology
HOIN Kiosk Receipt/POS Bill Printing Support 58mm BIS Certified USB Thermal PrinterReceipt/POS Bill Printing8 PPMWork with windows, portable
Star Micronics futurePRNT TSP143IIILAN GY US Direct Thermal PrinterReceipt Print250mm/sHigh-speed printing, LAN connection, "Drop-In and Print" design
Everycom EC-901 80mm3 Inches USB+LAN Interface Thermal POS Receipt PrinterPrinting receiptsUp to 160mm/s
SHREYANS P58D Label PrinterThermal Label & Receipt Printing32 PPMCustom Design Printing, Portable, Long Battery Life

Best value for money

The iDPRT SP410 Thermal Label Printer offers strong compatibility and automatic label detection, making it a reliable choice for various operating systems at an affordable price. Its efficient performance and user-friendly features make it a cost-effective option for businesses seeking reliable label printing solutions. The printer's compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems ensures versatility, while its automatic label detection feature simplifies the printing process. Overall, the iDPRT SP410 provides excellent value for money, combining affordability with functionality to meet the printing needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

Best overall product

The Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer stands out as the best overall product due to its high-speed printing and barcode printing support, making it versatile and efficient for receipt printing needs. Its compact design and compatibility with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices ensure ease of use and flexibility. Additionally, the printer's high-speed printing capabilities of up to 90mm/sec enable quick and efficient printing of receipts and labels. Overall, the Everycom EC-58 offers a combination of performance, features, and compatibility that make it the top choice for a wide range of printing applications.

How to find the best thermal printer?

To find the best thermal printer, consider the functions needed (e.g., receipt printing, label printing), speed requirements, compatibility with your operating system, and additional features like connectivity options and print quality. Reading reviews and comparing specifications can help in making an informed decision. Look for printers that offer a balance of performance, features, and affordability, ensuring that you get the most value for your money. Additionally, consider the printer's compatibility with your existing hardware and software to avoid compatibility issues. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can find a thermal printer that meets your specific needs and budget.


Question : Can thermal printers print colour?

Ans : No, thermal printers typically print in black and white, using heat to produce images or text on thermal paper.

Question : Are thermal printers suitable for printing photos?

Ans : Thermal printers are not ideal for printing photos, as they are designed more for text and simple graphics.

Question : How long do thermal printer labels last?

Ans : Thermal printer labels can last for several years if stored properly, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Question : Can thermal printers print on regular paper?

Ans : Thermal printers require special thermal paper to function, as the heat from the print head activates the chemicals in the paper to produce the image.

Question : Are thermal printers more cost-effective than inkjet printers?

Ans : Thermal printers can be more cost-effective in the long run, as they do not require ink cartridges, but this depends on your printing needs and the type of printer.

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