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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best tower air coolers in India: Top 8 picks for soothing summers at home and office

Best tower air coolers in India: Top 8 picks for soothing summers at home and office

Tower air coolers are compact and ideal for individual use. Explore the leading models and purchasing choices in this comprehensive guide.

Choose from the best tower air coolers with high airflowPremium
Choose from the best tower air coolers with high airflow

The increasing temperature in India can result in various health problems such as dehydration, heat stroke, and more. To combat this situation, it is essential to stay cool and comfortable during the summer season. Tower air coolers offer a practical solution to beat the unbearable heat. These cooling devices occupy minimal space in your homes and offices while providing optimal personal cooling. Their sleek design allows them to seamlessly blend into any room, making them ideal for urban settings where space is limited. Unlike traditional air conditioners, tower air coolers utilize the simple process of water evaporation to effectively lower room temperatures. This not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes the impact on electricity bills.

Despite their compact size, these appliances do not compromise on features. Tower coolers deliver cool and refreshing air with a powerful airflow, ensuring that every corner of the room receives the desired cooling. In this article, we will explore the top eight tower air coolers available on Amazon, analyzing their features, performance, and value. This will assist you in finding the perfect model to keep your home cool during the relentless summer heat.

1. Symphony Diet 12 Litre Cooler

The Symphony Diet 12 Litre Cooler is a compact and efficient cooling solution designed for small to medium-sized rooms. It consumes less power than a full-fledged air cooler which also saves you money on your electricity wallet. It features a powerful air throw and a high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pad that ensures effective cooling. With its ergonomic design and easy mobility, this cooler is perfect for homes and offices.

Specifications of Symphony Diet 12 Litre Cooler

12-litre capacity

Honeycomb cooling pad

Powerful air throw

Compact and portable

Low power consumption

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Compact and portable designSmaller capacity compared to other models
Efficient cooling performance

The Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ Portable Tower Air Cooler is a premium tower air cooler with advanced features such as a touchscreen control panel, mosquito net, and multi-stage air purification. With its 55-litre capacity and powerful cooling performance, this cooler is ideal for large rooms and office spaces. The airflow is sufficient to keep a large room cool for a long time. The anti-bacteria feature gives you cleaner and healthy air.

Specifications of Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ Portable Tower Air Cooler

Brand: Symphony

Mounting Type: Freestanding

Special Feature: Portable, Low Power Consumption, Anti-bacteria

Air Flow Capacity: 1500 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Controls Type: Remote

Reservoir Capacity: 55 litres

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

High-efficiency coolingMay be noisy at high speeds
Low power consumptionRequires regular maintenance

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3. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler

The Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler stands out with its innovative design and advanced technology, offering efficient and effective cooling solutions for small to medium-sized rooms. With its 30-litre tank and 3-side honeycomb pads, this cooler ensures extended cooling periods without frequent refills. The energy-efficient model only consumes 145 watts, making it economical and inverter-compatible for continuous operation during power outages. Additionally, the automatic pop-up touchscreen and remote control enhance user convenience and modern appeal. Built-in SMPS technology safeguards against voltage fluctuations, making this a reliable choice for enduring the summer heat.

Specifications of Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler

Coverage Area: Suitable for rooms up to 14 square meters

Cooling Technology: 3-side honeycomb pads, cool flow dispenser for 3D cooling

Power Consumption: 145 watts, inverter-compatible

Tank Capacity: 30 litres with an empty tank alarm

Blower: High-speed for instant cooling

Controls: Automatic pop-up touchscreen, magnetic remote control

Safety Features: SMPS technology to protect against voltage fluctuations

Warranty: 1 year on manufacturing defects

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Efficient 3D cooling with 3-side honeycomb padsOnly suitable for small rooms (up to 14 square meters)
Low power consumption and inverter-compatibleLimited effectiveness in extremely humid conditions
Large tank capacity with empty tank alarm 

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The iBELL 25-foot Air Cooler is a high-capacity tower cooler with a 25-litre water tank and long air throw for effective cooling in large spaces. It features a durable anti-rust body, low power consumption, and an ergonomic design for easy mobility and maintenance. The ergonomic design is perfect for any part of your house. The anti-rust body makes it durable ensuring a long time usage.

Specifications of iBELL 25-foot Air Cooler

25-litre capacity

Long air throw

Anti-rust body

Low power consumption

Ergonomic design

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

High-capacity coolingLarge footprint
Durable and low maintenanceHigher power consumption

The HIFRESH Cooler with Evaporative Cooling is a budget-friendly tower air cooler with 3-speed settings and low power consumption. It features a large water tank capacity and efficient evaporative cooling technology for effective and energy-efficient cooling. The three speed settings is available so you can customise the amount of air you need while also reducing the power consumption.

Specifications of HIFRESH Cooler with Evaporative Cooling

Large water tank capacity

3-speed settings

Evaporative cooling technology

Low power consumption

Compact and lightweight design

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Budget-friendlyLimited features compared to premium models
Efficient evaporative cooling

The Crompton Optimus Neo Tower Air Cooler is a stylish and efficient tower air cooler with a 35-litre water tank and honeycomb cooling pads for superior cooling performance. It features a sleek design, powerful air delivery, and low noise operation for a comfortable cooling experience. The ergonomic sleek design ensures it looks good no matter which part of the house you put it. 

Specifications of Crompton Crompton Optimus Neo Tower Air Cooler

35-litre capacity

Honeycomb cooling pads

Stylish and sleek design

Powerful air delivery

Low noise operation

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Stylish and efficient designHigher price point
Superior cooling performanceLimited availability

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8. Symphony Surround i-Bladeless Cooler

The Symphony Surround i-Bladeless Cooler is a futuristic tower air cooler with innovative bladeless technology and a touchscreen control panel. It features multi-stage air purification, high air delivery, and a sleek design for efficient and safe cooling. The multistage air purification is best to eradicate the smoke and harmful pollutants int he air and giving you a healthy environment,. 

Specifications of Symphony Surround i-Bladeless Cooler

Bladeless cooling technology

Touchscreen control panel

Multi-stage air purification

High air delivery

Sleek and futuristic design

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Innovative bladeless coolingHigher price point
Effective air purificationLimited availability

The Symphony STORM 70 XL air cooler is a powerful and efficient cooling solution for large rooms up to 127 cubic meters. It features a large 70-litre reservoir capacity and 37 CMPH air flow capacity, ensuring effective cooling even in hot weather. With its 3-side high-efficiency honeycomb pads and cool flow dispenser, it provides superior cooling performance. The air cooler is powered by i-pure technology with multistage air purification filters, including an anti-bacterial filter, ensuring fresh and filtered cool air.

Specifications of Symphony STORM 70 XL

Mounting Type: Freestanding

Special Feature: Anti-bacterial Filter

Air Flow Capacity: 37 CMPH

Reservoir Capacity: 70 litres

Controls Type: Knob

Floor Area: 538

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Large 70-liter reservoir capacityManual controls may be less convenient for some
Powerful air flow capacityMay be heavy to move

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Top 3 features of the best tower air coolers for you:


Best tower air coolerCapacityCooling TechnologyFeatures
Symphony Diet 12T12 litresHoneycomb Padi-Pure Technology, Powerful Blower
Symphony Diet 3D - 55i+55 litres3-sides Honeycomb Padsi-Pure Technology, Automatic Pop-up Touchscreen
Symphony Diet 3D 30i30 litres3-sides Honeycomb Pads, 3D coolingSMPS technology
iBELL 25-foot Air Cooler25 litresStandardManual
hifresh JDAC90R4 litresAC's 3-in-1 Function, 2024 Upgraded Efficient Motor3-Speed Settings, LED Screen, Dual Control
Crompton Optimus Neo 3535 litresHigh Density Honeycomb padEverlast Pump, 4-way Air Deflection
Symphony Diet 3D - 20i20 liters3-sides Honeycomb Padsi-Pure Technology, Powerful Blower
Symphony Surround i-Bladeless Cooler25 litresBladelessTouchscreen
Symphony Storm 70 XL70 litres3-side High-efficiency Honeycomb Padsi-Pure Technology, Powerful Blower

Best value for money tower air cooler:

Symphony Diet 3D 30i

The Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler offers exceptional value for money. It features 3D cooling, low power consumption, and compatibility with inverters for continuous operation. The cooler's 30-litre tank, user-friendly touchscreen, and safety technology with SMPS make it an economical yet powerful choice for efficiently cooling small spaces. With these features, it stands as an ideal solution for anyone seeking a cost-effective cooling option.

Best overall tower air cooler:

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

The Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler stands out as the best overall product in the tower air cooler category. With a 12-litre tank capacity, it covers rooms up to 12 square meters, making it ideal for personal use. The cooler features honeycomb pads for efficient cooling, i-Pure technology for clean air, and a powerful blower for instant cooling. It consumes only 170 watts, ensuring energy efficiency. The cooler is sleek, compact, and easy to operate, with ergonomic dial knobs for control. Overall, the Symphony Diet 12T offers a perfect blend of performance, features, and value for money.

How to find the best tower air cooler?

Looking for the top tower air cooler? It is imperative to take into account elements such as tank size, cooling mechanism, energy usage, and extra functions. Opt for units with large tanks, effective cooling methods like honeycomb pads or cool flow dispensers, and low energy consumption for economical use. Additionally, think about features like strong blowers, remote controls, and air purification technologies. Checking out user feedback and price comparisons can assist you in discovering a model that provides the perfect mix of efficiency, features, and affordability.


Question : What is the price range of tower air coolers?

Ans : The price of tower air coolers in India varies from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 25000 depending on the capacity, features, and brand.

Question : Do tower air coolers require installation?

Ans : Tower air coolers are portable and do not require any installation. Simply fill the water tank, plug in the cooler, and enjoy the cooling breeze.

Question : Are tower air coolers effective for large rooms?

Ans : Tower air coolers with higher capacity and powerful air delivery are suitable for cooling large rooms and commercial spaces effectively.

Question : What are the key features to consider when buying a tower air cooler?

Ans : When buying a tower air cooler, consider the capacity, cooling technology, control panel, air purification, energy efficiency, and additional features such as remote control and timer settings.

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