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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best tower fans with elegance to overcome summer in style: Check top 6 picks

Best tower fans with elegance to overcome summer in style: Check top 6 picks

Tower fans can be the next addition to your modern home due to its high efficiency and aesthetic looks. Check out the top 6 tower fan picks from trusted brands and gear up for the summer season.

Tower fans offer a blend of modernity and functionality. Premium
Tower fans offer a blend of modernity and functionality.

With the summer season fast approaching, gearing up to combat the escalating temperatures becomes crucial. Traditional fans have extended unmatched support in every home, offering a reprieve from the discomforting heat. However, ceiling and pedestal fans, despite their utility, increasingly clash with the modern home's design ethos. 

The quest for alternatives that blend seamlessly into contemporary interiors without sacrificing functionality has led to the rise of tower fans. These slender, stylish units are a testament to innovation in home cooling solutions. Tower fans stand out for their minimal footprint, making them ideal for tight spaces. 

Unlike their ceiling-mounted counterparts, these fans offer the convenience of portability, allowing for easy relocation to wherever cooling is needed most. Moreover, with features like remote control operation and superior air distribution, they ensure comfort is always within reach. Tower fans not only excel in cooling efficiency but also enhance the room's aesthetic, making them a smart choice for those looking to keep cool in style. 

This guide will guide you through the top 6 tower fans that promise to be the perfect blend of elegance and performance, ensuring your summer days are both cool and chic.

1. Tesora Aero Stream Tower Bladeless Fan


The Tesora Aero Stream Tower Bladeless Fan comes with an innovative bladeless design, offering a sleek, safe, and quiet solution for cooling needs. This 40-inch fan boasts a wide array of features, including 120-degree oscillation, 12 speed settings, and a 12-hour timer, all accessible via digital touch and remote control. Its bladeless technology not only ensures safety for families with children and pets but also contributes to a noise-free environment. The fan's customizable airflow and easy operation, combined with its portability, make it a versatile addition to any room. However, its reliance on a steady stand base to prevent tipping may limit its placement options.

Specifications of Tesora Aero Stream Tower Bladeless Fan

Technology: Bladeless Design

Oscillation: 120-degree Wide Adjustable

Speed Settings: 12 Wind Speeds & 2 Modes

Features: LED Display, Touch Control, Remote Operation

Air Delivery Rate: 1300CFM

Additional: Quiet Operation, Portable Design

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Innovative bladeless technology for safetyBase design may restrict placement options
Wide oscillation and customizable airflow 

2. V-Guard Veemagik Neo Tower Fan

The V-Guard Veemagik Neo Tower Fan combines powerful performance and durability in a sleek package. Equipped with a high-speed 1300 RPM motor and delivering an impressive 2401 CFM airflow, it's designed to enhance comfort efficiently. The tower fan's construction from ABS blades and superior-grade engineered polymers ensures a long-lasting life. Its safety features, including an in-built overheat and overload thermal protector, provide peace of mind. Lightweight and portable, it's easy to move, offering customizable cooling with a three-speed selection. However, the absence of a remote control may limit convenience for some users.

Specifications of V-Guard Veemagik Neo Tower Fan

Motor Speed: 1300 RPM

Air Flow: 2401 CFM

Construction: ABS Blades, Engineered Polymers

Safety: Overheat and Overload Protector

Features: 3 Speed Selection, Lightweight & Portable

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Powerful airflow and high-speed motorNo remote control for convenience
Durable construction and safety features 

3. USHA Mist Air Prime Tower Fan

The USHA Mist Air Prime Tower Fan is a compact and efficient cooling solution, featuring a 100% copper motor for extended durability. With 35 watts of power, it's energy-efficient, and the sleek design makes it an attractive addition to any room. The fan offers three-speed settings and a two-hour manual timer, allowing for customized cooling. The ultra-thin body fits seamlessly into small spaces, while the jerk-free oscillation ensures wide air distribution. However, the lack of remote control might be a drawback for users seeking convenience.

Specifications of USHA Mist Air Prime Tower Fan

Motor: 100% Copper

Power Consumption: 35 Watts

Features: 3 Speed Settings, 2 Hour Manual Timer, Ultra-thin Design

Oscillation: Jerk-free and Uniform Wide

Warranty: 1 Year

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Compact and efficient designLacks remote control
Energy-efficient with copper motor 

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4. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan


Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan is noted for its lightweight, portable design, and sturdy indigenous construction. With a 150W power output, it provides an efficient cooling experience through its tough blower with three-speed control. The ergonomic control panel simplifies usage, but the lack of a remote might affect its ease of use for some. It's a solid choice for those valuing a blend of performance and simplicity, though its acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material ensures durability.

Specifications of Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Power: 150W

Air Delivery: 42CMM

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Features: 3 Speed Selection, Ergonomic Control Panel

Design: Lightweight & Portable

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
High air throw with swing controlNo remote for ease of use
Durable and lightweight design 

5. Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan

Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan stands out for its powerful 25 feet airthrow and highspeed 4080 m3/hr air delivery. Offering three-speed options and 2-way air deflection, it ensures widespread cooling and better air distribution. The sleek black and white design adds elegance, while user-friendly controls offer ease of operation. However, the noise level at higher speeds might not suit all environments.

Specifications of Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan

Air Throw: 25 Feet

Air Delivery: 4080 m3/hr

Speed Options: 3

Features: 2 Way Air Deflection, High-Speed Air Delivery

Design: Sleek Black and White, User-Friendly Controls

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Powerful air throw and high-speed deliveryPotentially noisy at high speeds
Sleek design and easy-to-use controls 

6. HOLMES HTF3110A-WM Oscillating Tower Fan

The HOLMES HTF3110A-WM Tower Fan is a versatile addition to any room, offering oscillating motion for wide area coverage. With a 35W power consumption, it's an energy-efficient option for those looking to stay cool. The white design fits well with any decor, and its floor fan configuration makes it easy to place anywhere. However, the 110 volts requirement may limit its usability in regions with different voltage standards.

Specifications of HOLMES HTF3110A-WM Oscillating Tower Fan

Power Source: Electric

Wattage: 35 Watts

Special Feature: Oscillating

Design: 31 Inches Blade Length, White Finish

Voltage: 110 Volts

Reasons to BuyReasons to Avoid
Oscillating motion for wide coverageVoltage requirement may limit use
Energy-efficient design 

Best 3 features for you


Product NamePower SourceWattageOther Features
Tesora Aero StreamElectric36WBladeless, 120° Oscillation, 12 Speed Settings
V-Guard Veemagik NeoElectric185W1300 RPM, ABS blades, Overheat Protection
USHA Mist Air PrimeElectric35W100% Copper Motor, 3 Speed Settings, Ultra-thin Design
Bajaj SnowventElectric150W42CMM Air Delivery, 3 Speed Control, Lightweight
Impex Twister PlusElectric140 W25 Feet Air Throw, 2 Way Air Deflection, 4080 m3/hr Air Delivery
HOLMES HTF3110A-WMElectric35WOscillating, White Finish, 31 Inches Blade Length

Best value for money

The USHA Mist Air Prime offers the best value for money with its energy-efficient 35W copper motor and compact, sleek design. It provides customizable cooling with three-speed settings and a two-hour manual timer, making it a cost-effective and versatile option for personal cooling needs.

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Best overall product

The Tesora Aero Stream stands out as the best overall product due to its innovative bladeless design, ensuring safety and quiet operation. With features like 120° oscillation, 12 speed settings, and an LED display for easy control, it offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in cooling.

How to find the best tower fan?

Finding the best tower fan involves considering the power source, wattage for energy efficiency, and additional features that enhance usability and comfort, such as oscillation range, speed settings, and special functionalities like bladeless technology or air purification systems. It's essential to assess the space where the fan will be used to choose a model with the appropriate size and air delivery capacity. Reading reviews and comparing models based on performance, durability, and price will help you select a tower fan that meets your specific needs and preferences.


Question : Can tower fans cool a room?

Ans : Tower fans can effectively circulate air within a room, making it feel cooler, though they don't lower the temperature like air conditioners.

Question : Are tower fans energy-efficient?

Ans : Yes, most tower fans are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to other cooling devices.

Question : Do tower fans work quietly?

Ans : Yes, one of the key advantages of tower fans is their quiet operation, making them suitable for bedrooms and offices.

Question : Can I control a tower fan with a remote?

Ans : Many modern tower fans come with a remote control for convenience, allowing you to adjust settings from a distance.

Question : How do I clean a tower fan?

Ans : Cleaning involves unplugging the fan, wiping the exterior with a soft cloth, and using a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove dust from the vents. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific guidance.

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