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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Best wired earphones: Top 10 affordable options for low latency and exceptional sound quality

Best wired earphones: Top 10 affordable options for low latency and exceptional sound quality

Discover the best wired earphones with exceptional sound quality, low latency and comfortable, durable designs. Elevate your audio experience with our top picks for music, gaming and more.

Best wired earphones: Explore the top options with large drivers without spending too much.Premium
Best wired earphones: Explore the top options with large drivers without spending too much.

The perfect pair of wired earphones can make all the difference in your music experience. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a gamer or someone who simply appreciates high-quality sound, the right pair of earphones can elevate your audio experience to a new height. In this guide, we will explore the best wired earphones available on the market. We carefully selected these options to deliver exceptional sound quality, comfort and durability without spending too much.

When it comes to wired earphones, one of the key factors to consider is sound quality. The earphones on our list have been chosen for their ability to reproduce crisp highs, rich mids, and deep, powerful bass, ensuring that every note and beat is delivered with stunning clarity and detail. Additionally, these earphones are equipped with advanced drivers and technology to minimize latency, making them ideal for gaming and watching videos without any audio lag.

Comfort is another important aspect to consider when choosing wired earphones. The earphones featured here are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort. Whether you're commuting, working out, or simply relaxing at home, these earphones will stay in place and provide hours of listening pleasure.

1. JBL C100SI Wired In-Ear Headphones with Mic

1. JBL C100SI Wired In Ear Headphones with Mic, JBL Pure Bass Sound, One Button Multi-function Remote, Premium Metallic Finish, Angled Buds for Comfort fit (Black)

JBL C100SI wired earphones are one of the best-selling earphones from the brand because of the features users get for the price. The earphones are lightweight and comfortable to use for longer sessions. Its large drivers are sufficient to create loud and clear audio. For bass lovers, it has the Pure Bass feature to generate powerful highs for all types of music. The inline remote offers you better control over the music and it also includes the primary microphone for calls. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Specifications of JBL C100SI Wired In-Ear Headphones with Mic

Brand: JBL

Model Name: C100SI

Colour: Black

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Cable Length: 1.2 meters

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
JBL Signature SoundUsers found durability issues
Lightweight and comfortable design 

2. Realme Buds 2

2. realme Buds 2 Wired in Ear Earphones with Mic (Black)

Realme Buds 2 is the second iteration of the wired earphones series from the brand with large 11.2mm bass boost drivers for deep bass. The angled eartips offers better comfort and a secure seal in ears isolating the environmental noise. It comes with a tangle free nylon braided cable and the convinient cable organiser to store them when not in use. Inline remote provides easy control over the music and volume on your smartphone without reaching to it again. Compatibility with smartphone, tablets and computer makes it a versatile choice for every use case.


Specifications of Realme Buds 2


Brand: realme

Model Name: Buds 2

Colour: Black

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Impedance: 32Ω

Rated Power: 3mW

Sound Pressure Level: 106dB

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Stylish and elegant designMic quality is average
Powerful bass 

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3. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic, 3.5mm Audio Jack, 10mm Drivers, Phone/Tablet Compatible(Green)

ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro wired earphones with a microphone boast a modern design and large 10mm drivers. These pair of in-ear headphones are waterproof to withstand a few splashes or even rain. The angle ear tips make it comfortable for all ear sizes and the snug fit creates a passive noise-cancelling effect. Its 1.2-meter long cable makes it comfortable to use with any device including your PC or tablet. These affordable wired earphones give you a better value for your money.


Specifications of ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro


Model Name: ZEB-BRO

Colour: Green

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Impedance: 16 Ω

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Snug fit for comfortCable quality is not average
Passive noise cancellation 

4. Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones with Mic, Powerful HD Sound with High Bass, Tangle Free Cable, Comfort in-Ear Fit, 3.5mm Jack (Space Grey)

Experience powerful HD sound and deep bass with the Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones. These earphones are designed for comfort with an ergo-fit design that sits perfectly in your ears. The tangle-free cable and 3.5mm jack make them widely compatible with most devices. The metal connector on the 3.5 mm jack makes it durable. With single-button operations, you can easily answer calls and control music playback. Enjoy high bass audio quality for a premium listening experience.

Specifications of Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones

Brand: Ambrane

Model Name: Stringz 38

Colour: Space Grey

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Cable Length: 1.2mm

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Powerful HD sound with high bassNone
Comfortable in-ear fit 

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5. pTron Boom Ultima V2 Dual Driver, in Ear Gaming Wired Earphones with Mic, Volume Control, Passive Noise Cancelling Boom 3 with 3.5mm Audio Jack & 1.2M Tangle-Free Cable (Black)


The pTron Boom Ultima V2 is a gaming earphones with dual drivers for powerful and crisp sound quality. These 8 mm drivers provide roaring highs and deep highs so you won’t miss any footsteps when playing online shooters. Its inline microphone is perfect for in game voice chats and it also includes volume control so no need to reach out to the phone every time you need to change the volume or to skip tracks. The transparent design looks beautiful, the gold plated 3.5mm jack reduce the possibility of corrosion and it is also sweat resistant so one can use them while gym workouts.


Specifications of pTron Boom Ultima V2 Dual Driver


Brand: pTron

Model Name: Boom Ultima V2

Colour: Black

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Microphone Sensitivity: -42dB±3dB

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Powerful audio with deep bassWired connectivity may limit mobility
Secure in-ear fitNot very comfortable

6. Skullcandy Jib Wired in-Earphone with Mic (Black) (S2DUYK-343)

Skullcandy is a well known name when comes with audio accessories and the Jib wired earphones is the latest addition to the product catalogue. You get a durable and lightweight design made from high quality materials for longer usage. The inline microphone includes the controls for volume and music, it can also trigger the voice assistant on smartphone to control even more features while on the go. Its compatible with all the devies with headphone jack without the need to install any proprietary app.

Specifications of Skullcandy Jib Wired in-Earphone

Brand: Skullcandy

Model Name: S2DUYK-343

Colour: Black

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Special Feature: Transformative audio experience

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Durable designWired connectivity
High-quality audioLimited color options

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7. Yinyoo KZ EDX PRO Wired in Ear Earphones, Headphones Wired with Mic 1DD, HiFi Deep Bass Sound Ear Buds with 1DD New 10mm Dynamic Driver in Ear Headset with Detachable Cable (Cyan with Mic)

Yinyoo KZ EDX PRO are in ear monitors with 10 mm dynamic drivers for Hi-Fi sound if the device supports it. It is a perfect companion for professional music players to listen to lossless music. These earphones do not only looks beautiful with its transparent design but are also upgradable. You can easily change the cable if it breaks or if you do not want the inline microphone and remote.

Specifications of Yinyoo KZ EDX PRO Wired in Ear Earphones

Driver Unit: 10mm dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver

Design: Resin inlaid metal for a modern look

Cable: Oxygen-free copper silver-plated cord with low impedance

Compatibility: Standard 0.75mm 2Pins gold-plated pins for most upgrade cables

Comfort: Ergonomic design with lightweight cavity

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
New 10mm dynamic driver for deep bassNot recommended for prolonged use
Stylish resin inlaid metal design 

8. Ambrane Wired in Ear Earphones with in-line Mic for Clear Calling, 14mm Dynamic Drivers for BoostedBass, 3.5mm Jack, Multi-Functional Controller (Stringz 38 Lite, Green)

The Ambrane Stringz 38 Lite Wired Earphones deliver impressive bass quality with 14mm dynamic drivers, ensuring a rich audio experience for music and web series. Designed for comfort, they feature soft silicone eartips and an in-ear fit. The in-line microphone ensures clear conversations, and the long 1.2m cable offers convenience and tangle-free use. With a smart controller, you can effortlessly manage volume, calls, and music playback.

Specifications of Ambrane Stringz 38 Lite

Brand: Ambrane

Model Name: Stringz 38 Lite

Colour: Green

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Connector Type: 3.5mm Jack

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
High bass quality for immersive experienceNot comfortable for prolonged use
Comfortable fit for extended listening 

9. Portronics Conch Gama in-Ear Wired Earphone, 1.2m Tangle Free Cable, in-Line Mic, Noise Isolation 3.5mm Aux Port and High Bass(Black)


The Portronics Conch Gama Wired Earphones offer a tangle-free cable and in-line microphone for hassle-free use. They feature noise isolation and high bass for an immersive listening experience. The earphones have a comfortable and ergonomic design with soft silicon earbuds for a secure fit. They also include a magnetic latch to keep them secure when not in use. These earphones are compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles.


Specifications of Portronics Conch Gama


Brand: Portronics

Connector Type: Auxiliary

Cable Type: AUX

Compatible Devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Computer, MP3 player

Special Features: Driver Unit: Ø10.0mm, Impedance: 16Ω

Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz

Packaging Dimension: 2.6x9.2x9.2cm

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Superior sound qualitySome users found performance issues
Comfortable and secure fit 

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10. Sony MDR-EX14AP Wired in Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)

The Sony MDR-EX14AP wired earphones with Mic in Black offer a comfortable and secure fit with silicone earbuds, ideal for on-the-go music enthusiasts. These lightweight headphones deliver powerful and balanced sound with 9 mm neodymium drivers and an impressive frequency range of 8 Hz–22 kHz. They are designed for ultimate music mobility and come in a choice of colours to suit your style. Whether you're commuting, working out, or simply relaxing, these headphones provide a high-quality audio experience.


Specifications of Sony MDR-EX14AP wired earphones


Brand: Sony

Model Name: MDR-EX14AP

Colour: Black

Form Factor: In Ear

Connectivity Technology: Wired

Drivers: 9 mm neodymium drivers

Reasons to buyReasons to avoid
Comfortable and secure fitUsers found quality issues
Lightweight and portable 

Top 3 features of best wired earphones

Best wired earphonesDriversConnectivityFeatures
JBL C100SI Wired In-Ear Headphones with Mic9mmWiredPure Bass, Lightweight and comfortable design
Realme Buds 211.2mmWiredBass boost drivers, Tangle-free nylon braided cable
ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro10mmWiredWaterproof, Snug fit for comfort, Passive noise cancellation
Ambrane Stringz 38 Wired Earphones14mmWiredErgo-fit design, Tangle-free cable
pTron Boom Ultima V2 Dual Driver8mmWiredPowerful audio with deep bass, Comfortable and secure in-ear fit
Skullcandy Jib Wired in-Earphone9mmWiredDurable design, High-quality audio
Yinyoo KZ EDX PRO Wired in Ear Earphones10mmWiredNew 10mm dynamic driver for deep bass, Stylish resin inlaid metal design
Ambrane Stringz 38 Lite14mmWiredHigh bass quality for immersive experience, Comfortable fit for extended listening
Portronics Conch Gama10mmWiredSuperior sound quality, Comfortable and secure fit
Sony MDR-EX14AP wired earphones9 mmWiredComfortable and secure fit, Lightweight and portable

Best value for money wired earphones: ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro wired earphones

The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro wired earphones offer exceptional value for money with their modern design and large 10mm drivers. These earphones are not only stylish but also waterproof, making them durable and suitable for various environments. The snug fit and passive noise cancellation feature enhances the listening experience. Additionally, the 1.2-meter cable provides flexibility and ease of use with different devices. Overall, the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Bro wired earphones offer a combination of style, functionality, and durability at an affordable price, making them a great choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Best overall wired earphones: JBL C100SI Wired In-Ear Headphones

The JBL C100SI Wired In-Ear Headphones with Mic stand out as the best overall product in the wired earphones category due to their impressive features and performance. These earphones deliver JBL's signature sound quality with powerful bass, making them ideal for music enthusiasts. The lightweight and comfortable design ensures long-lasting comfort, perfect for extended listening sessions. The inline remote with a microphone offers convenient control over music and calls. Additionally, the earphones are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, further enhancing their versatility and usability.

How to find the best wired earphones?

When looking for wired earphones, consider several factors to find the best option for your needs. Start by determining your budget and preferred features, such as driver size, sound quality, and design. Research different brands and models, reading reviews and comparing specifications. Look for earphones with durable materials and comfortable fit for long-term use. Consider additional features like inline remotes and microphones if needed. Ensure compatibility with your devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Lastly, purchase from reputable retailers to ensure authenticity and warranty coverage, ensuring you get the best-wired earphones for your money.


Question : Q. What is the difference between wired and wireless earphones?

Ans : Wired earphones are connected to the audio source via a cable, while wireless earphones use Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly.

Question : Q. Are wired earphones better than wireless earphones?

Ans : It depends on personal preference and usage. Wired earphones generally offer better audio quality, while wireless earphones provide more freedom of movement.

Question : Q. Can I use wired earphones with my smartphone?

Ans : Yes, most smartphones have a 3.5mm headphone jack that is compatible with wired earphones.

Question : Q. How long are the cables of wired earphones?

Ans : The length of the cable varies but is typically around 1.2 meters to provide flexibility and ease of use.

Question : Q. Do wired earphones require batteries?

Ans : No, wired earphones do not require batteries as they draw power directly from the audio source through the cable.

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