Amidst all the big announcements by big tech at the CES there are some nifty little gadgets vying for attention like smart toothbrushes. Every year, dental companies showcase new toothbrushes leveraging some form of technology to help users improve their oral health. In 2017 Kolibree showed off AI (artificial intelligence) enabled Ara toothbrush, which could provide users feedback on their brushing technique. In 2016, Grush came up with a gaming toothbrush which would make brushing fun for children. It had a motion controller which used regular brushing movements to control characters in games tailormade for the purpose.

At CES 2020, Proctor & Gamble showcased a new electric toothbrush called Oral-B iO, which has smart pressure sensor that protects users from brushing too hard and damaging the gums by informing them when the amount of pressure applied is right. It uses 3D tracking and AI to give users feedback on their brushing performance based on data collected from thousands of brushing sessions. The brush has a small display where users can choose one of the 7 brushing modes. The Oral-B iO is expected to hit stores in August 2020.

Taking on the rival, Colgate showed off Plaqless Pro, a toothbrush that can detect biofilm build up in the mouth. It can detect the area which has biofilm deposit and can tell user to brush longer there by switching on the blue light indicator on the tooth brush. When the area is clean, the light turns to white telling user to move on. User can get comprehensive map of their mouth with details on area they brushed or missed through the Colgate Connect app on their smartphone. The winner of Best of Innovation Awards, Colgate Plaquless Pro will be available sometime in 2020.

Some of the products like Y Brush strive to change brushing with an entirely new take on toothbrush design. A Kickstarter project, Y Brush can clean a user’s entire mouth in just 10 seconds. It has got a brush tray with nylon bristles for each tooth that can be worn on top of the teeth. Once the brush is in position, user has to hit the power button and the bristles will clean all the teeth and the gums simultaneously ruling out the need to take the brush to every nook and corner manually. Y Brush will cost $120.