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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Electric blankets to keep you warm on chilly night? Pick one from top 8 options

Electric blankets to keep you warm on chilly night? Pick one from top 8 options

Electric blankets are a sweet combination of a blanket and a heater. Bring home one this winter season and experience a warm bliss on chilly days. Choose from our hand-picked top 8 options with multiple features and convenient functionality.

Electric blankets ensure you have cosy days during winter.Premium
Electric blankets ensure you have cosy days during winter.

As the winter season sets in, the quest for warmth becomes paramount, especially when snuggled up in bed on a chilly night. There's a unique charm to winter nights, but the biting cold can sometimes seep into the very fabric of our beds, making it feel as though the sheets themselves have taken on an unwelcome dampness. It's during these frosty nights that a reliable electric blanket can be your secret weapon against the winter chill.

When the bed itself feels cold, merely wrapping yourself in a traditional blanket might not suffice. This is where electric blankets come into play, offering more than just warmth; they provide a cocoon of comfort that can transform a chilly bed into a haven of soothing heat. The winter season demands a blanket that not only keeps you warm, but also ensures that every inch of your bed is a sanctuary of cosiness.

Beyond their fundamental role in providing warmth, electric blankets bring with them a range of benefits. These innovative blankets are equipped with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to tailor the warmth to your liking. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for individuals of all ages, from kids to the elderly, ensuring a personalized and comfortable sleep experience during the colder months.

For children, electric blankets can be a game-changer, offering a snug and warm environment that aids in restful sleep. Likewise, the elderly, who may be more susceptible to the cold, can benefit from the targeted warmth provided by these blankets, promoting a sense of well-being and comfort.

Curious about the technology behind these cosy wonders? Electric blankets operate by incorporating electrical heating elements seamlessly into the fabric. These elements are connected to a power source, allowing you to regulate the temperature and create a warm haven on even the coldest of winter nights. In this article, we'll explore the top 8 options in the realm of electric blankets, dissecting their features and benefits to guide you towards the perfect choice for your winter days.

1. EHEYCIGA Heated Blanket Electric Throw

Embrace the warmth of winter nights with the EHEYCIGA Heated Blanket Electric Throw. Crafted with super-soft fleece and sherpa(a kind of fabric), this electric throw ensures unparalleled comfort during chilly weather. Featuring five heating levels, fast heating within 10 minutes, and a 3-hour auto-off function, it's a cosy haven for a quick escape from the chill. Safety is paramount with FCC and ETL certifications, evenly distributed heating wires, and an overheat protection system. Easy to care for, the machine-washable blanket comes with a detachable heating controller. Ideal for all ages, this electric blanket guarantees a snug and peaceful sleep.

Specifications of EHEYCIGA Heated Blanket Electric Throw:

Material: Super-soft fleece and sherpa

Heating Levels: 5 (85-degree Fahrenheit-110 degree Fahrenheit)

Auto-Off: 3 hours

Certifications: FCC, ETL

Machine Washable: Yes

Cosy and fluffy materialLimited colour options
Fast heating with auto-off function 

2. WARMTH WEB Electric Blanket Single Bed

Transform your bed into a warm haven with the WARMTH WEB Electric Blanket for Single Beds. Boasting a merino wool fabric and a reversible design, this electric blanket brings comfort and style to your sleep space. With a 3-stage temperature controller, auto-cut, and 100% shockproof design, it ensures a safe and cosy sleep environment. The blanket comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, emphasizing its durability and quality. Switch off before getting into bed, and enjoy the warmth and assurance of a peaceful night's sleep.

Specifications of WARMTH WEB Electric Blanket Single Bed:

Fabric: Merino Wool

Size: 30 x 60 inches

Temperature Controller: 3 stages (High, Low, Foot, Top)

Shockproof: 100%

Warranty: 2 years

Reversible design with merino woolNo machine wash instructions
3-stage temperature controlLimited colour options

3. MAPEL Electric Under Bed Heating Blanket Double Bed

Experience the luxurious warmth of the MAPEL electric under bed heating blanket for double beds. Certified woollen and shockproof, this blanket features Teflon-coated wiring for protection against overheating. With a 3-heat setting controller and a checked blue design, it provides a cosy and stylish addition to your bed. The dual safety feature ensures 100% safe usage, and the power consumption of 70 Watts with four heat settings allows you to tailor your warmth. Welcome the winter with a comfortably heated surface, enhancing your sleep quality.

Specifications of MAPEL Electric Under Bed Heating Blanket Double Bed:

Wiring: Teflon-coated

Design: Checked blue

Heat Settings: 4

Teflon-coated wiring for protectionNo machine wash instructions
Dual safety feature for peace of mind 

4. Odessey Products Electric Blanket Double Bed

Indulge in the perfect night's sleep with the Odessey's electric blanket for double beds. Designed for ultimate comfort, this blanket offers customizable warmth with automatic heat control settings. Its polyester synthetic material ensures luxurious warmth, while the adjustable heat settings and preheat function cater to your preferences. Save energy and money with its efficient design, and experience a worry-free night with built-in safety features. Versatile for all seasons, this electric blanket is your go-to solution for a cosy and restful sleep experience.

Specifications of Odessey Products Electric Blanket Double Bed:

Material: Polyester synthetic

Heat Settings: Adjustable

Safety Features: Built-in

Customizable warmth with heat controlNo machine wash instructions
Polyester synthetic material for comfort 

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5. Electric Bed Warmer - Electric Blanket - Single Bed Size

Combat the coldest winter nights with this electric bed warmer for single bed. Specifically designed for warmth, this electric blanket ensures a cosy and warm sleeping environment. Powered for customizable comfort, it features simple controls to adjust heat levels according to your preference. Lightweight and breathable, it offers versatile usage for beds and proves ideal for combating cold weather. Elevate your sleep experience and embrace the warmth of this printed electric blanket during chilly nights.

Specifications of Electric Bed Warmer - Single Bed Size:

Material: Polyester

Size: Single Bed (152L x 76W Centimeters)

Special Feature: Lightweight, Breathable

Recommended Uses: Winter Blanket

Specifically designed for winterNo machine wash instructions
User-friendly design with simple controls 

6. Beurer HD 75 Electric Blanket

Experience a cuddly heat blanket with the Beurer HD 75 Electric Blanket. Crafted from fleece material, it offers six temperature levels for a personalized warmth experience. Machine washable and Oeko-Tex 100 certified, this blanket combines excellent quality with user-friendly features. The Beurer Safety System ensures extra safety, automatically switching off after 3 hours. With a size of 180 x 130 cm, this lightweight blanket is perfect for snuggling and creating cosy moments on chilly nights.

Specifications of Beurer HD 75 Electric Blanket:

Material: Fleece

Temperature Levels: 6

Size: 180 x 130 cm

Certification: Oeko-Tex 100

Six temperature levels for customizationLimited colour options
Machine washable for easy care 

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7. Beurer TS15 Ecologic+ Heated Underblanket

Beat the chill with the Beurer TS15 Ecologic+ heated underblanket. Offering the perfect fit with tie attachments for a non-slip fit, this electric underblanket features four temperature settings controlled by an easy-slide controller. Equipped with the Beurer Safety System, it ensures safe usage by automatically switching off to prevent overheating. Machine washable at 30-degree Celsius, this soft and breathable blanket provides warmth and comfort throughout the night.

Specifications of Beurer TS15 Ecologic+ Heated Underblanket:

Temperature Settings: 4

Size: 152x72cm

Safety System: Beurer Safety System (BSS)

Perfect fit with tie attachmentsLimited colour options
Four temperature settings for control 

8. Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer

Indulge in luxurious warmth with the Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer. Designed for double beds, this electric under blanket comes with three heat settings and dual safety features, including overheat protection with a 12-hour auto cut-off. Proudly made in India with CE, RoHS, and ISO 9001:2015 certification, it offers a skin-brown colour to enhance your sleep space. With adjustable heat settings, lightweight polyester material, and a 1-year warranty, this electric blanket ensures a cosy and safe night's sleep.

Specifications of Expressions Polar Electric Bed Warmer:

Material: Polyester

Size: Double Bed (150cms x 160cms)

Heat Settings: 3

Safety Features: Dual Safety Feature, Overheat Protection

Dual safety features for peace of mindLimited colour options
Adjustable heat settings for comfort 

3 best features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
EHEYCIGA Heated Blanket Electric ThrowSoft & Warm Sherpa Material5 Heating Levels & 3 Hours Auto OffMachine Washable, FCC and ETL Certified
WARMTH WEB Electric Blanket Single BedAuto Cut, Thermostat FittedMerino Wool Fabric, Reversible3 Stage Temperature Controller, 2 Years Warranty
MAPEL Electric Under Bed Heating BlanketTeflon Coated Wiring for Overheat ProtectionTwo Temperature Controllers, Four Heat SettingsCertified Woollen, Lightweight, Checked Blue
Odessey Products Electric Blanket DoubleAutomatic Heat Control SettingsPolyester Synthetic Material for Luxurious WarmthEnergy-Efficient Design, Suitable for All Seasons
Electric Bed Warmer - Single Bed SizePowered Electric Blanket for Customizable WarmthVersatile Usage, Ideal for BedsUser-Friendly Design, Simple Controls for Heat Adjustment
Beurer HD 75 Electric BlanketSix Temperature Levels for Personalized WarmthOeko-Tex 100 Certified Fleece MaterialBeurer Safety System, Auto Shut-Off after 3 Hours
Beurer TS15 Ecologic+ Heated UnderblanketPerfect Fit with Tie AttachmentsFour Temperature Settings, Easy-Slide ControlBeurer Safety System, Auto Switch-Off to Prevent Overheating
Expressions Polar Electric Bed WarmerThree Heat Settings for Adjustable WarmthDual Safety Features, Overheat ProtectionCE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, 1-Year Warranty

Best value for money

The Electric Bed Warmer stands out as a budget-friendly gem, offering optimal warmth with adjustable heat settings and a lightweight, breathable design. Its stylish printed pattern adds a touch of flair, making it a cost-effective choice for cosy nights without compromising comfort. This affordable option ensures you receive exceptional value for your money, providing not only efficient warmth but also a visually pleasing addition to your bedding ensemble.

Best overall product

Topping the list as the best overall product is the Beurer HD 75 Electric Blanket, a pinnacle of customization, quality, and safety. Boasting six temperature levels, Oeko-Tex 100 certification, and the Beurer Safety System, it ensures a cosy experience. The fleece material and machine-washable feature enhance convenience, making it the ultimate choice for those prioritizing top-notch performance and comfort. Embrace the perfect blend of features, from adjustable warmth to safety mechanisms, in this premium electric blanket.

How to find the right electric blanket?

To find the right electric blanket, consider factors such as size, material, and features. Determine the size that fits your bed and personal preferences. Look for materials like fleece, merino wool, or checked fabric based on your comfort needs. Assess features such as adjustable temperature levels, safety mechanisms, and ease of maintenance, including machine-washable options. Read user reviews to understand real experiences. Additionally, check for certifications like Oeko-Tex for quality assurance. Compare prices to ensure it aligns with your budget. Finding the perfect electric blanket involves balancing your specific requirements with product features and overall value.


Question : Are electric blankets safe for prolonged use?

Ans : Yes, electric blankets are safe for prolonged use. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines, including turning off the blanket when not in use and avoiding folding while in operation.

Question : Can I use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress?

Ans : Yes, electric blankets are generally safe to use with memory foam mattresses. Ensure that the blanket is placed over the mattress and under other bedding layers.

Question : Are electric blankets energy-efficient?

Ans : Yes, electric blankets are designed to be energy-efficient. Look for blankets with features like adjustable heat settings and automatic shut-off for better energy management.

Question : Can I wash an electric blanket in a washing machine?

Ans : Some electric blankets are machine washable, but it's crucial to detach the heating controller before washing. Always refer to the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Question : What is the average lifespan of an electric blanket?

Ans : The average lifespan of an electric blanket varies, but with proper care and usage, it can last for several years. Regularly inspect the blanket for any signs of wear and follow maintenance guidelines.

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