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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  Geyser 15 litre geyser price and performance: Pick from top 8 for winter season

Geyser 15 litre geyser price and performance: Pick from top 8 for winter season

A 15-litre geyser can be a solution to all your hot water needs during this winter season. Check out the top 8 options from renowned as well as new brands. Bring home a complete water heating solution with a 15-litre geyser.

15-litre geyser is a good option for most households.Premium
15-litre geyser is a good option for most households.

As the winter season ushers in, the need for a reliable and efficient geyser becomes paramount in every household. The biting cold makes everyday tasks like bathing and washing hands a chilling experience, necessitating the warmth of a geyser. In this quest for cosiness, understanding the geyser's capacity is key.

The capacity of a geyser determines its ability to cater to your family's hot water needs. It's not a one-size-fits-all scenario, and evaluating your household's requirements is crucial. For many modern families, especially nuclear ones, a 15-litre geyser strikes the right balance. This capacity is adequate for daily needs and minimizes energy wastage, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Assessing your family's hot water consumption involves considering factors such as the number of family members, simultaneous hot water usage, and usage patterns. A 15-litre geyser is often optimal for small to medium-sized families with moderate hot water demands.

When selecting a 15-litre geyser, certain features should be on your checklist. Look for energy efficiency ratings, safety features like thermostat control and pressure release valves, and durability features such as rust-resistant materials. Reputed brands like Crompton, Havells, and V-Guard are known for delivering on these aspects.

In this expansive market, there's a myriad of brands, some longstanding and others emerging with innovative offerings. Crompton's Solarium Qube, Havells' Instanio Prime, and V-Guard's Divino are noteworthy contenders in the 15-litre geyser category, blending capacity, performance, and brand trust.

As you navigate the diverse options available, keep an eye on the 15-litre capacity, ensuring your winter mornings are greeted with the soothing warmth you and your family deserve. Check out the best 15-litre geysers that you can bring home to beat the winter chills and stay comfortable during the entire season.

1. DIGISMART 15 L Storage Water Heater

The DIGISMART 15 L Storage Water Heater is a powerhouse for your hot water needs. With a 5-star BEE rating, it promises excellent energy efficiency and cost savings. The blue glass-lined tank, coupled with special coating, ensures resistance against corrosion even in hard water conditions. The advanced capillary thermostat offers precise temperature control, adding to its user-friendly features. The outer body is rust and shockproof, enhancing safety. However, note that product installation is a self-task, and repairs are managed through service centres. Despite this, its 5-year warranty on the inner tank and 1 year on all parts make it a reliable choice.

Specifications of DIGISMART 15 L Storage Water Heater:

Capacity: 15 Litres

Wattage: 2000 Watts

Pressure: 8 Bars

BEE Rating: 5 Star

Inner Tank Material: Blue Glass Lined Tank with Special Coating

Advanced Capillary Thermostat

Outer Body: Rust and Shockproof with ABS Top and Bottom

Warranty: 5 Years on Inner Tank, 1 Year on Parts

Energy-efficient with a 5-star BEE ratingSelf-installation required
Blue glass-lined tank for corrosion resistance 

2. Bajaj Edrea 15 Litre Storage Water Heater

Bajaj Edrea 15 Litre Storage Water Heater stands out with its 5-star rating and multiple safety features. The polymer-coated tank can withstand up to 8 bars of pressure, ensuring suitability for high-rise buildings. The inclusion of child safety mode and a fire retardant cable adds an extra layer of protection. The efficient and long-life heating element, coupled with a 5-year warranty on the inner tank, positions it as a durable choice. The thermostat knob allows easy temperature adjustments, making it user-friendly. The fire retardant cable with a 16A plug further enhances safety.

Specifications of Bajaj Edrea 15 Litre Storage Water Heater:

Capacity: 15 Litres

Wattage: 2000 Watts

Pressure: 8 Bars

Polymer Coated Tank

Child Safety Mode

Heating Element: Efficient and Long Life

Fire Retardant Cable with 16A Plug

Warranty: 5 Years on Inner Tank

5-star rating for energy efficiencyLimited warranty on parts
Child safety mode and fire retardant cable for enhanced safety 

3. Crompton Solarium Qube 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater

Crompton Solarium Qube offers an energy-efficient solution with its 5-star rating and a 15-litre capacity. The corrosion-resistant body ensures longevity, thanks to the magnesium anode designed for hard water conditions. The geyser is equipped with three levels of safety—capillary thermostat, automatic thermal cut-out, and a multi-functional valve, it provides reliable protection. The plastic body adds an extra layer of corrosion resistance. This water heater combines technical specifications with user-friendly features, making it a unique addition to your home.

Specifications of Crompton Solarium Qube 15-L:

Capacity: 15 Litres

Wattage: 2000 Watts

Star Rating: 5

Pressure: 8 Bars

3 Level Safety: Capillary Thermostat, Thermal Cut-out, Multi-functional Valve

Body: Corrosion-resistant Plastic

Magnesium Anode for Hard Water

Energy-efficient with a 5-star ratingPlastic body might be less durable compared to metal
Three levels of safety for enhanced protection 

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4. Havells Instanio Prime 15 Litre Storage Water Heater

The Havells Instanio Prime 15 Litre Storage Water Heater blends efficiency with innovation. The colour-changing LEDs indicate water temperature, offering a modern touch. Its ultra-thick steel plates provide excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The incoloy glass-coated heating element ensures superior performance. Suitable for high-rise buildings, the multi-function valve prevents pressure from exceeding 8 bars. With optimized energy-saving features, it delivers 20% more hot water output. This Havells product combines style, functionality, and efficiency for a reliable heating solution.

Specifications of Havells Instanio Prime 15 Litre:

Capacity: 15 Litres

Colour-changing LEDs for Temperature Indication

Incoloy Glass-coated Heating Element

Suitable for High-rise Buildings

Multi-function Valve for Pressure Control

20% More Hot Water Output

Stylish design with color-changing LEDsHigher price point
Ultra-thick steel plates for corrosion resistance 

5. V-Guard Divino 5 Star Rated 15 Litre Storage Water Heater

The V-Guard Divino offers a 15-litre storage capacity with a BEE 5-star rating, ensuring high energy efficiency. Designed with an advanced 4-level safety system, it includes features like a thermostat, thermal cut-out mechanism, and a 5-in-1 multi-function safety valve. The tank is made of high-grade mild steel with a vitreous enamel coating for protection against corrosion. The Anti-corrosive and suitable for hard water usage, this geyser is a reliable choice for those seeking energy efficiency and safety in their water heating solution.

Specifications of V-Guard Divino 15 Litre:

Capacity: 15 Litres

BEE 5 Star Rated

4-level Safety System

Anti-corrosive & Suitable for Hard Water

5-in-1 Multi-function Safety Valve

Withstands Up to 8 Bar Pressure

High energy efficiency with a 5-star ratingManual control, no digital controls
Suitable for hard water conditions 

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6. Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Vertical Storage Water Heater

The Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Vertical Storage Water Heater is a reliable choice for households. It features a glass-lined inner tank with Titanium Armour technology, preventing erosion and ensuring a long tank life. The swirl flow technology enhances energy efficiency, providing 20% more hot water. With PUF insulation, it traps heat inside the tank, keeping water hot for an extended period. This geyser is suitable for high-rise buildings and comes with child safety protection, making it a secure and efficient water heating solution.

Specifications of Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L:

Capacity: 15 Litres

Glass-lined Inner Tank with Titanium Armour

Swirl Flow Technology for 20% More Hot Water

PUF Insulation for Energy Efficiency

Suitable for High-rise Buildings

Child Safety Protection

Glass-lined tank with Titanium Armour for durabilityWarranty can be better
Child safety protection for enhanced safety 

7. Orient Enamour Classic Neo | 15L Storage Water Heater

The Orient Enamour Classic Neo with a 15L storage capacity offers durability with its Ultra-Diamond Glassline tank, providing a 40% longer lifespan. It features a rust-resistant and splash-proof pre-coated metal body, ensuring extended durability. The Whirlflow technology yields 20% more hot water by minimizing the direct mixing of hot and cold water. With thick PUF insulation, this water heater retains heat for 10% longer. The Multifunction valve enhances safety, and the ergonomic temperature control knob allows users to set the temperature as per their requirements.

Specifications of Orient Enamour Classic Neo 15L:

Capacity: 15 Litres

Ultra-Diamond Glassline Tank

Whirlflow Technology for 20% More Hot Water

Thick PUF Insulation for Longer Heat Retention

Multifunction Valve for Enhanced Safety

7-Year Tank Warranty

Ultra-Diamond Glassline tank for increased lifespanNo digital controls
7-year tank warranty for assurance 

8. Orient Enamour Classic Pro | 15L Storage Water Heater

The Orient Enamour Classic Pro is designed with a stylish pre-coated metal body, offering both sophistication and safety. With an IPX2 protected shock-proof and splash-proof body, this water heater ensures ultra-safe usage. The Multifunction valve and Moulded 3-pin plug further enhance safety features. This water heater comes with Nickel-coated heavy Copper heating element for corrosion resistance and durability. The Whirlflow technology provides 20% more hot water, and the PUF insulation retains heat for 10% longer, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water.

Specifications of Orient Enamour Classic Pro 15L:

Capacity: 15 Litres

Stylish Pre-coated Metal Body

IPX2 Protected Shock-proof & Splash-proof Body

Whirlflow Technology for 20% More Hot Water

PUF Insulation for Longer Heat Retention

5-Year Tank Warranty

Stylish design with pre-coated metal bodyNo digital control
IPX2 protected for shock-proof and splash-proof usage 

Best 3 features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
DigismartBEE 5-star rated with advanced heat-resistant techBlue Glass Lined Tank for 2x rust resistanceAdvanced capillary thermostat for temperature control
Bajaj EdreaPolymer coated tank with 8 bar pressure resistancePuf insulation for heat retentionChild safety mode and fire retardant cable for safety
Crompton Solarium Qube5-star rating with a pressure capacity of 8 bars3-level safety with capillary thermostat and thermal cut-outMagnesium anode for corrosion resistance
Havells Instanio PrimeColour-changing LEDs indicating water temperatureUltra-thick super cold rolled steel plates for corrosion resistance20% more hot water output with Incoloy glass-coated element
V-Guard DivinoBEE 5-star rated for highly efficient operationAnti-corrosive with advanced vitreous enamel coating66% reduction in leakage with a single weld line tank
Bajaj New Shakti NeoGLASSLINE INNER TANK, TITANIUM ARMOUR TECHNOLOGY & MAGNESIUM ANODESwirl Flow Technology for 20% more hot waterPUF Insulation for trapping heat inside the tank
Orient Enamour Classic NeoUltra-Diamond Glassline tank for 40% longer lifespanPre-coated metal body for rust resistanceWhirlflow technology for 20% more hot water output
Orient Enamour Classic ProPre-coated metal body & stylish designIPX2 protected body for shock-proof & splash-proof usageNickel-coated heavy Copper heating element for corrosion resistance

Best value for money

The V-Guard Divino stands out with its impressive BEE 5-star rating, ensuring outstanding value for money. Packed with advanced safety features and a significant reduction in leakage, this water heater excels in energy efficiency, durability, and safety. It emerges as a cost-effective and reliable choice, meeting the needs of consumers who prioritize both quality and efficiency in their quest for an advanced water heating solution.

Best overall product

The Digismart takes the lead as the ultimate choice, designated the best overall product in water heaters. Boasting a coveted BEE 5-star rating, it exemplifies excellence with advanced heat-resistant technology and a blue glass-lined tank. Beyond its efficient heating capabilities, this water heater incorporates additional features such as a capillary thermostat and comprehensive safety mechanisms. The combination of top-notch energy efficiency, cutting-edge technology, and safety features positions the Digismart as the epitome of a high-quality, reliable water heating solution, meeting and exceeding consumer expectations for optimal performance and peace of mind.

How to find the right 15-litre geyser?

To find the right 15-litre geyser, consider your household's hot water needs, available space, and energy efficiency requirements. Assess features such as tank material, heating element type, and safety mechanisms. Read product reviews to understand real-world performance. Check BEE star ratings for energy efficiency, warranty coverage, and suitability for your water conditions. Compare prices and additional features like corrosion resistance. Choose a reputable brand with good customer support for long-term satisfaction. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety.


Question : Can I install these geysers myself?

Ans : While some geysers allow self-installation, it's advisable to use professional installation services for safety and warranty compliance.

Question : How do I ensure safety while using a geyser?

Ans : Follow the manufacturer's guidelines, install with a certified professional, use recommended accessories, and be aware of safety features like thermal cut-outs and safety valves.

Question : What is the significance of the BEE star rating?

Ans : The BEE star rating indicates the energy efficiency of the geyser. Higher stars denote better energy savings.

Question : Are all 15-litre geysers suitable for high-rise buildings?

Ans : Not necessarily. Check the product specifications for pressure compatibility. Many geysers mentioned here are suitable for high-rise buildings with pressure up to 8 bars.

Question : Do these geysers require regular maintenance?

Ans : Yes, periodic maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. Flushing the tank and checking safety features are common maintenance tasks.

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