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Business News/ Technology / Gadgets/  8 Havells room heater to tackle winter: September 2023's top picks

8 Havells room heater to tackle winter: September 2023's top picks

Havells room heaters are the optimal choice for surviving winters indoors. Check out the top picks in September 2023 for your next purchase.

Havells room heaters are your ultimate companion against chilly wintersPremium
Havells room heaters are your ultimate companion against chilly winters

Winter in India often brings chilly temperatures that can make daily life uncomfortable. During this season, room heaters become indispensable appliances to keep homes warm and cosy. Room heaters provide the much-needed warmth, allowing people to go about their daily routines comfortably, especially during early mornings and cold evenings. As the demand for room heaters surges, it's essential to explore the latest options available in the market to find the perfect solution for your winter needs.

Room heaters come in various types, each with its unique advantages. Convection heaters, radiant heaters, and fan heaters are some of the popular choices, catering to different heating preferences. Havells, a renowned brand in the home appliance industry, offers a wide range of room heaters known for their efficiency and performance. With Havells, you can expect not only warmth but also quality and durability, making it a trusted choice for combating winter's chill.

In this article, we look into some of the top Havells room heaters and what they offer in September 2023. Whether you're looking for a portable heater for your bedroom, a versatile option for your living room, or an energy-efficient solution to keep your workspace warm, we've got you covered. Discover the latest innovations, heating technologies, and safety features in Havells room heaters to make an informed choice for a comfortable and cosy winter ahead.

1. Havells Cista Room Heater

The Havells Cista room heater offers a cosy solution for chilly winters, ensuring a warm and comfortable living space. With a power output of 2000 Watts, this convection heater efficiently heats up your room. Its cool-touch body design ensures safety, preventing accidental burns. This Havells room heater is a reliable choice for those seeking effective heating without unnecessary frills.


Power Source: Corded Electric

Heating Method: Convection

Item Weight: 3500 Grams

Heat Output: 2000 Watts

Heat Settings: Two (1000W & 2000W)

Peak Air Velocity: 3.0 m/s

Power Input: 220-240V

Frequency (Hertz): AC 50 Hz

Warranty: One year

Efficient heatingNo additional features
Cool-touch body 

2. Havells Solace 1500 Watt

The Havells Solace room heater offers efficient heating with its 1500 Watts PTC Ceramic Heating element. Its compact size and integrated carry handle make it highly portable and ideal for various spaces. The cool-touch body and overheating safety feature ensure user safety on this Havells room heater. The heater boasts an oscillation function for even heat distribution and a tip-over switch for added security. With two power settings (1000W/1500W) and an adjustable thermostat control, you can easily customize the warmth to your preference. The cleanable dust filter helps maintain air quality.


Power Source: Corded Electric

Heating Method: Convection

Item Weight: 2600 Grams

Heat Output: 1500 Watts

Compact and portableLimited heat output
Multiple safety features 

3. Havells OFR - 9Fin 2400-Watt

The Havells OFR 9-Fin room heater is designed for effective heating during cold seasons. With a 2400-Watt PTC heater and fan, it delivers quick warmth to your surroundings. The heater features thermostatic heat control for maintaining your desired temperature and comes with safety elements like overheat protection and a tilt-over switch. Its cord storage and rear safety cover enhance safety measures. The castor wheels on this Havells room heater ensure easy mobility, allowing you to move it effortlessly. While it provides excellent heating performance, the power consumption is 2000 watts.


Power Source: Electric

Heating Method: Convection

Item Weight: 14402 Grams

Heat Output: 2400 Watts

Effective heatingHigh power consumption
Easy mobility with castor wheels 

4. Havells Bero Quartz Heater

The Havells Bero Quartz Heater is a reliable companion for winter chills. Its two quartz heating tubes deliver quick warmth with two power settings - 400W and 800W. The heater is designed with safety in mind, featuring a front grill, safety tip-over switch, and a rust-free stainless steel reflector. Its compact form, carry handle, and portability make it easy to place in any room. With a product warranty of 2 years, it assures durability and performance.


Brand: Havells

Special Feature: Portable

Colour: Black

Form Factor: Tower

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Power Source: Corded Electric

Heating Method: Convection

Quick heatingSuitable for small to medium sized rooms
Safety features 

5. Havells OFR 11 Wave Fins Heater with Fan

Are you looking for a heating solution that packs a punch? The Havells OFR 11 Wave Fins Heater might be just what you need. With a substantial power output of 2900 Watts, this Havells room heater ensures rapid and efficient heating in your space. It boasts large surface wave fins for faster and more effective warmth, using HD32 grade oil for better efficiency and longevity. Safety is a priority with features like overheat protection and a tilt-over switch. The caster wheels make it easy to move around, and cord storage keeps things tidy. With multiple power settings, including a PTC heater + fan mode, it's a versatile choice.


Power Source: Corded Electric

Heating Method: Convection

Item Weight: 13 Kilograms

Heat Output: 2900 Watts

High powerHeavier compared to other options
Large surface wave fins for efficient heating 

6. Havells 1000 Watt Carbon Heater

The Havells 1000 Watt carbon heater is a reliable heating solution designed for both efficiency and safety. With dual heat settings (500W/1000W), it offers flexibility in heating output to suit your comfort needs. This Havells room heater features two carbon heating tubes that efficiently produce warmth while the front grill ensures safety during operation. The tip-over switch adds an extra layer of safety, automatically turning off the heater if it accidentally falls over. The oscillation function provides multi-directional heating, and the rust-free reflector maintains a clean look even with prolonged use.


Power Source: Electric

Heating Method: Carbon Heating Tubes

Item Weight: 2200 Grams

Heat Output: 1000 Watts

Dual heat settings with 500W and 1000WLimited power for large spaces
Oscillation function ensures even heating 

7. Havells OFR 13 Wave Fins with Fan

Imagine a chilly winter evening, and you're looking for a reliable heating solution. Enter the Havells 2000-Watt convection oil filled radiator, your trusty companion for cold days. This Havells room heater boasts large surface wave fins that facilitate faster heating, thanks to HD320 grade oil, ensuring long-lasting efficiency. With three power settings (800W, 1200W, 2000W), it adapts to your heating needs. Safety features include overheat protection, a tilt-over switch, and a thermostat for precise heat control. Four caster wheels make mobility a breeze, and cord storage keeps things tidy. Say hello to warmth and comfort!


Power Source: Corded Electric

Heating Method: Convection

Item Weight: Not specified

Heat Output: 2000 Watts

Warranty: 2 Years

Three power settings cater to different heating requirementsBeing a larger unit, it may require more floor space
Large surface wave fins and high-grade oil  

8. Havells Digital OFR 13 Wave Fin

When winter arrives, it's time to cosy up, and Havells Digital OFR 13 helps you do just that with style and convenience. This 2500-Watt Oil Filled Radiator is a powerhouse of warmth, featuring HD320 grade oil for efficiency and long-lasting heating. What sets it apart is its smart functionality. With a digital display and a remote control, you can effortlessly adjust settings like heat intensity (1000W/1500W/2500W), activate child lock, and more from the comfort of your couch. The large surface wave fin ensures speedy heating, while castor wheels guarantee easy mobility. Say goodbye to winter discomfort!


Power Source: Electric

Heating Method: Convection

Item Weight: 14500 Grams

Heat Output: 2500 Watts

Remote control and digital display offer easy operationAt 14.5 kg, it's relatively heavy
HD320 grade oil ensures long-lasting warmth 

Best 3 features of Havells room heater for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Havells Cista Room HeaterOverheat protectionTwo heat settingsRust-free stainless steel reflector
Havells Solace 1500 WattCool-touch bodyCleanable dust filterAdjustable thermostat control
Havells OFR - 9Fin 2400-WattThermostatic heat controlTilt-over switchHD32 grade oil for efficiency
Havells Bero Quartz HeaterTwo quartz heating tubesPower settings (400W/800W)Safety tip-over switch
Havells OFR 11 Wave Fins with FanLarge surface wave finsThree power settingsHD32 grade oil for efficiency
Havells 1000 Watt Carbon HeaterDual heat setting (5W/1W)Two carbon heating tubesOscillation function
Havells OFR 13 Wave Fins with FanRemote control & digital displayThree heat settingsHD320 grade oil for efficiency
Havells Digital OFR 13 Wave FinHD320 grade oil for efficiencyRemote control & digital displayThree heat settings

Best value for money

For those seeking a room heater that combines efficiency and affordability, the Havells Solace 1500 Watt stands out. With a cool-touch body, cleanable dust filter, and adjustable thermostat control, it offers safety and customization at an attractive price point. Its 1500 Watts heat output ensures effective heating for medium-sized rooms, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Best overall product

The Havells OFR 13 Wave Fins with Fan emerges as the best overall room heater. Its large surface wave fins and HD320 grade oil guarantee efficient and long-lasting heating. What sets it apart is the remote control and digital display, allowing users to effortlessly adjust settings and activate the child lock. With three heat settings and a fan for quick dispersion, it provides versatility and comfort during the winter months. Safety features like a tilt-over switch further enhance its appeal, making it a top choice for both convenience and performance.

How to find the right Havells room heater?

Finding the right Havells room heater involves considering your specific needs. First, determine the room size you intend to heat, as this will influence the heater's wattage requirement. For small rooms, a compact heater like the Havells 1000 Watt Carbon Heater may suffice, while larger spaces may benefit from the Havells OFR 13 Wave Fins with Fan with its remote control and fan feature. Next, consider safety features such as overheat protection, tip-over switches, and child locks, especially if you have children or pets at home. Finally, assess your budget and choose a heater that offers the best value for your money. Havells offers a range of room heaters, ensuring you'll find one that meets your heating needs and budget constraints.


Question : Are Havells room heaters energy-efficient?

Ans : Havells room heaters are designed to be energy-efficient. Look for models with adjustable heat settings to control energy consumption based on your comfort needs.

Question : Can I use Havells room heaters in my child's room?

Ans : Yes, many Havells room heaters come with safety features like tip-over switches and child locks, making them safe for use in children's rooms.

Question : Do Havells room heaters work silently?

Ans : Most Havells room heaters operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment in your room.

Question : Can I use Havells room heaters in the bathroom?

Ans : Havells offers specific models suitable for bathroom use. Ensure you select a heater designed for such environments.

Question : Are Havells room heaters easy to clean and maintain?

Ans : Yes, many Havells room heaters come with cleanable dust filters and easy-to-maintain features for hassle-free usage.

Disclaimer: At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority.


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