If Asus’ dual-screen device is meant for early adopters, the Yoga S940 from Lenovo is meant for the traditional Ultrabook buyer. The laptop has an edge-to-edge screen, it’s slim, light and delivers good performance coupled with decent battery life.

The Yoga S940 also marks a switch in Lenovo’s strategy for this brand of laptops. The Yoga brand used to mean 2-in-1 devices that could work as both laptops and tablets. However, the Yoga S940’s display doesn’t fit that monicker because it’s meant to serve as a traditional ultrabook.

The Yoga S940 looks like a single sheet of metal and it barely adds any weight to your bag. Even with the charger carried alongside, the laptop is extremely easy to carry and perfectly suited for those who work on-the-go.

It’s available with Intel i5-8265U and Intel i7-8565U processors, with 8 and 16GB RAM variants, and the performance is great.

Windows 10 runs fast and smooth here, without any hiccups, exactly what you would expect from a premium ultrabook. Its battery lasts between 8-10 hours on single charge.

Lenovo’s Vantage and Glance make for the other added features here. Together, the two make the webcam more useful, by allowing filters, intelligent eye tracking, fast battery charging and more. They’re certainly useful, but not necessarily must haves. In sum, the Lenovo Yoga S940 is perfect for those who work on-the-go. It has a great display, a decent keyboard and touchpad, and dependable battery life.