California: Google Home is getting smarter as the company is adding the ability for the digital speakers to make calls.

As Engadget reports, Google Home allows users to place calls using built-in VoIP functionality. Now, the function is available through Australian mobile provider Telstra, which also becomes the company to offer voice-activated calling via a mobile carrier.

Users will be able to link up to six mobile numbers to their Google Home and sync contacts for seamless calling using the speaker.

Telstra says lets you 'stay connected in even more places' using Google Home or Nest speakers.

There haven't been any announcements to bring this functionality to India.

The internet and software giant has been pushing hard to innovate newer ways to be connected. Last year, Google announced the Duplex service that uses its voice assistant to make calls for you using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms.

The service started taking shape this year when its capabilities were demonstrated at the Google I/O 2019, where the Duplex service was shown to be renting cars from National Car Rental's website. The assistant interacted with a human and understood and responded to questions in complex sentences.

Google also announced its voice-assisted services in more regional languages in India to get grab of more rural users.

Google Nest Hub was also launched this year. It can be thought of as a display fitted to a smart speaker. The device runs Google's custom OS and adds more features to a regular Google Nest smart speaker.

With inputs from ANI.