Televisions with 4K resolutions have become so cheap that it’s difficult to justify buying expensive television sets anymore. However, the competition in this segment is also much more than it used to be five years ago. The Vu Cinema 4K is one of the few televisions in the space that differentiates itself from others. It does so not by its price, but with the help of a single feature: it allows you to play Dolby Vision content.

The fact is that 4K TVs are easily available today, as are televisions that support high dynamic range (HDR). What is not available at this price is Dolby Vision, a different and often better version of HDR, which few TVs support. The television also runs on Android TV, which means that you can download Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. So, even if you can’t bring your own Dolby Vision or HDR content, you can certainly stream it if your internet speed is supportive.

Having said that, the Vu TV isn’t a no-compromise TV either. Black levels are noticeably low and the best picture quality is seen when you’re watching movies, scenes, and videos set in daylight. Blacks often look like a darker shade of grey, but that is sort of a standard at this price point as well. It’s a problem if you’re buying the larger screen size of this TV, but for the 43 and 50-inch variants, it’s fine.

We also saw some issues with how the television deals with motion, even after turning off all the motion smoothing settings. Characters sometimes move too fast or smoothly, which may seem unnatural to some.

Despite all that, while the Vu Cinema 4K has its weaknesses, at 29,999 it does make a case for itself. If you’re planning to buy a 4K television, consider this.

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