Xiaomi teases three smart cooking appliances

  • Two of these are expected to be Mijia Rice Cooker and Mijia Induction Cooker
  • The third one seems to be a smart weighing scale

After launching seven smarter living products last year, Xiaomi has made it very evident that it is ambitious about expanding its product line. The Chinese electronics major has teased the arrival of its smart cooker range in India. The teaser, posted by Mi India and Xiaomi Global VP Manu Kumar Jain, suggests the arrival of three new smart cooking products.

The video teaser on Twitter was posted with the caption "Burgers, pizzas, pasta, biryani! Why does tasty food always end up being unhealthy & calorie heavy? Things are about to change. Can you guess what's coming?"

The two products, widely expected to be Xiaomi's Mijia range, are already available in China. However, Xiaomi has neither mentioned a tentative launch schedule of the products nor their pricing in India.

The Mijia Rice Cooker starts in China at 599 Yuan (about 6,000 ) while the Mijia Induction Cooker starts at 199 Yuan (about 2,000). The accessories of the cooktop start at 99 Yuan (about 1,000).

The Mijia Rice Cooker boasts an OLED display and comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to be paired with a corresponding app to control temperature and pressure.

The Mijia Induction Cooker also has an OLED screen but also comes with a knob for smart controls.

We are still uncertain about the third smart cooking appliance. Some reports suggest that it might well be a smart weighing scale. It might make sense for Xiaomi to include that in the line-up—what goes around, comes around, right?

This might be an April Fool's Day prank from Xiaomi as well — we can't really be sure about that.