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Business News/ Technology / La Opala dinner sets are sturdy and good for reheating food: Top 10 picks
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La Opala dinner sets are sturdy and good for reheating food: Top 10 picks

La Opala’s crockery sets are popular and durable, making them perfect for parties and occasions. These sets are strong, scratch-friendly, safe for microwave use. Check out the new range of top 10 dinner sets for your home.

Enjoy the latest selection of La Opala Dinner Sets for the greatest dining experience.Premium
Enjoy the latest selection of La Opala Dinner Sets for the greatest dining experience.

Since how simple it is to illuminate your dining room, dinner sets are essential when it comes to artistically arranging your home. There are numerous fashionable, pair-and-set-and-pair, complex dinner sets on the market. The sophisticated sets, which are excellent at holding and presenting food for guests, are typically employed for special occasions or house parties. With regard to strength, scratch resistance, microwave safety, and durability, we have identified the best-selling and easiest-to-find dinnerware sets from the La Opala brand on Amazon. The La Opala dining sets have been expertly crafted to be a beauty and to have fantastic endurance.

The top 10 La Opala dinner sets in India, according to our research teams, have been chosen for you to better grasp the features and specifications of the dinner set that best meets your needs. Many companies that compete with La Opala may be found on Amazon, however La Opala items are more reasonably priced and have a more upscale appearance.

1. La Opala, Novo Collection

Utilizing European technology, La Opala’s Novo Collection Opal Glass Dinner Set was produced. The La Opala dinner set has been updated with a superior grade range that is lighter, more durable, safe to use, and priced affordably. The best dinner sets in India are included, totalling 23 pieces of crockery.


  • Pattern: Floral Collection
  • Name: Novo Item
  • Weight: 5.27 Kilograms
  • Finish Type: Glossy

Pros Cons 
Good qualityThe pattern is not shiny
Facilities can easily be replacedThe dinner plates are not that big

2. La Opala Dinner Set

When placed on the dining table, the La Opala, Novo Collection, and Opal Glass Dinner Set add a touch of sophistication, and the features are fantastic with gorgeous flower designs in lavender colour. The opal glass substance on that has excellent durability and thermal shock resistance, and it gives off a luxurious appearance.


  • Item Weight: 6.35 Kilograms
  • Care Instructions: Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe
  • Material Type Free: BPA Free

Pros Cons 
Incredible designPackaging has to be enhanced
Good lookingPrints should not be used every day

3. La Opala Glass Dinner Set

The gorgeous opal glass and captivating floral pattern on the La Opala, Novo Collection, Opal Glass Dinner Set are inspired by the vibrant autumnal hues. The small flowers and intricate designs that adorn each plate, bowl, and serving piece make a visual feast for the eyes.


  • Item Weight: 4 kg 80 g
  • Pattern: Floral
  • Finish Type: Glossy

Pros Cons 
The dinnerware is decent.The plates are not very large.
Good quality. Costs can be minimised

4. La Opala, Novo Collection

Your eating experience is made more stylish by the La Opala, Novo Collection, and Opal Glass Dinner Set, which feature subtle designs inspired by water. This dining set is suitable for daily use because it is sturdy and attractive to look at.


  • Item Weight: 5 kg 20 g
  • Net Quantity: 20 count
  • Finish Type: Glossy

Pros Cons 
Usability is simplePlates are modest
Amazing qualitylittle lumps after using for a few weeks

5. LaOpala Ivory Tulip Garden Dinner Set

The 33-piece dinner set of the La Opala Diva Sovrana Collection Dinner Set includes two casseroles that are perfect for storing, serving, and reheating food. Additionally, compared to previous La Opala dinnerware sets, this one's plates, bowls, and platters are a little bit bigger.


  • Item Weight: 1 kg
  • Finish Type: Matte
  • Product Care Instructions: Dishwasher-Safe

Pros Cons 
Nice designThere should be greater durability
Worth the moneyReplacement must be effective

6. La Opala Diva Sovrana Collection Dinner Set

The La Opala Diva Sovrana Collection Dinner Set promises to transform every meal into a sumptuous banquet by drawing influence from numerous regal traditions from throughout the world. Whether it is a geometric pattern or a gold filigree pattern on a rich, regal background, each design radiates an air of grandeur, nobility, and distinction.


  • Item Weight: 9 kg 700 g
  • Product Care Instructions: Do Not Bleach
  • Is Microwaveable: Yes

Pros Cons 
It has a great design, Misty DropStrong quality is required.
Looks goodPackaging should be enhanced

7. La Opala Diva Classique Collection Dinner Set

The 19-piece La Opala Diva Classique Collection Dinner Set combines a variety of consumer interests with the Classique Collection through a unique design approach. The standards for fine tableware were first made international. The LaOpala dining set is of incredible quality and is a great purchase.


  • Item Weight: 5.97 g
  • Product Care Instructions: Oven Safe
  • Material Type Free: Ash Free

Pros Cons 
Decent designPackage with damage
Looks nice and elegantBetter delivery is required

8. La Opala, Sovrana Collection

By choosing one of the sets, you may add elegance to your dining table for any occasion and be sure to amaze your visitors. Each piece from the collection is beautifully detailed and will match your décor. You may depend on them for lasting utility given their qualities of elegance and durability.


  • Colour: White
  • Brand: La Opala
  • Pattern: Traditional
  • Collection Name: All
  • Item Weight: 15000 Grams

Pros Cons 

Nice and classy look


9. La Opala Diva

Sovrana, which draws inspiration from various regal traditions from throughout the world, promises to elevate each meal into a lavish banquet. Each design exudes an air of royalty, aristocracy, and distinction, whether it be gold filigree patterns over rich, regal backgrounds or regular geometric designs. It is a good product. Delivered on schedule and in good shape. In terms of product quality, I'll give it a five-star rating. I'm very happy about that. Comparatively speaking to other dinnerware sets on the market, the soup and vegetable bowl sizes are adequate. The way it looks is extremely lovely.


  • Colour: White
  • Brand: La Opala
  • Pattern: Traditional
  • Collection Name: Opelware dinnerset
  • Item Weight: 8.36 Kilograms

Dishwasher and microwave safe 
Break, Chip, and Scratch Resistant 
Extremely Lightweight, and Stackable 

10. La Opala Diva

La Opala debuted its most stylish line of opalware, Diva, in 2008. This line is among the best in the world. Diva is known for its Milky White Glaze as well as for its breathtakingly stylish patterns. It is the ideal fusion of global refinement and everyday practicality. The product is fantastic, and the packaging is lovely. The plates were all in good condition. Two crates contained it. The design was just as shown.


  • Material: Glass
  • Brand: La Opala
  • Colour: White
  • Shape: Round

Microwave Safe 
Freezer Safe 
Dishwasher Safe 

Top 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
La Opala Novo Collection
Nice design
Worth the money
Seem elegant
La Opala, Novo Collection, Opal Glass Dinner Set
Exceptionally beautiful design
Packaging is nice
Good quality
La Opala, Novo Collection
Nicely done
Delivery went smoothly
Portable and helpful
La Opala, Novo Collection
Looks nice and elegant
Value the cost
The dinnerware is decent.
LaOpala Ivory Tulip Garden Dinner Set
Usability is simple
Freezer SafeLightweight
La Opala Diva Sovrana
Affordable price
Good value for the money
The plates are bigger
La Opala Diva Classique Collection Dinner Set
Usability is simple
Amazing qualityStrength is good
La Opala Sovrana Collection
Good quality
Unique design approach
Good products
La Opala Diva
High heat resistance and durability
Extremely Lightweight
classy appearance
La Opala Diva
Dishwasher Safe
Freezer SafeGood quality

Best overall product

Elegant geometric details and the vivid Regent Blue colour mix in the La Opala, Novo Collection, and Opal Glass Dinner Set to create a classy appearance that will impress your guests. With this chic dinnerware set, which comes with plates, vegetable and soup bowls, a platter, and a couple casseroles, you have all you need for a mealtime pleasure. Because it is reasonably priced and frequently has discounts on Amazon, this product is a fantastic choice to purchase. Since the dinner sets are completely designed, they impress visitors and make your dining space look sophisticated when the food is served in them. You can review the various LaOpala dinner set prices provided in this article, choose one that fits yourla opala dinner set range, and mark the boxes next to the things youneed to have dinner sets. When it comes to durability, these dinner sets are superb. They are also lightweight to use and simple to handle and store.

Best value for money

La Opala, Novo Collection Dinner Set in budget is charming and elegant with a timeless appeal. The sets’ distinctive appearance makes a statement, and if you take pictures with them, they can become popular online. Opal ware promises extreme heat resistance and sturdiness, making it perfect for everyday usage. The dinner set is also “tempered," or hardened by a specific thermal process that renders the components three times more resistant to shattering and chipping than a dinner set that has not been tempered. As we have offered user reviews of the LaOpala dining set, we have recommended the top-rated products above.

How to find the la opala dinner sets?

People always want their dining area to seem elegant and prefer using dinner sets that last for a long time. In this article, we have stated La Opala's best dinner set features are the best and most reasonably priced while still looking elegant. Whether you want to get an inexpensive or costly dining set, you must decide on the price and establish a range. If you choose the less expensive option, you must first read the site reviews and watch every YouTube video that is relevant before deciding whether it meets your needs. Ask those who have purchased these items if the brand can be trusted and how impressive the dining sets are. Check to see if the substance they are made of is safe for your health. We have compiled a list of the goods in terms of design, reviews, and health. To find out more information about the products we’ve already described, we assembled a separate research team. Along with this item that we have already discussed, we can purchase alternatives to theLa Opala dinner set on Amazon.


Question : Can LaOpala Dinnerware be delicate?

Ans : The brand makes the opal whiter and lighter than before by enhancing the delicate glow with the highest-grade chemical components. Glassware made of opal that has been tempered is more durable and has a longer lifespan than glass that has been traditionally annealed.

Question : Is LaOpala a reliable name?

Ans : The opal glass substance it is composed of offers remarkable durability and resilience to thermal shocks, giving it a luxurious appearance. The kit is utilised for the microwave and dishwasher to enable easy operation and maintenance.

Question : Is the LaOpala brand Indian?

Ans : It was thought that opal glass was rare and difficult to make when it was first discovered in France. It was a challenging challenge, but the entrepreneur conquered it with unwavering enthusiasm and tenacity, and in 1988, under the brand name "La Opala," he successfully introduced opal glass in India, ushering in a new era for the tabletop industry.

Question : Are LaOpala sets microwave-compatible?

Ans : Because it is constructed of materials devoid of bone ash, it is healthy for your health. Due to its resistance to heat and chemicals, it is a safer option than dinnerware made of plastic or melamine. The Diva series is microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can wash the dishes without worrying about breaking them.

Question : Is Opalware's construction durable?

Ans : Opalware is made of toughened opal glass, which gives it greater tensile strength and durability. This indicates that it can survive regular use without easily cracking or fracturing.

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