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Business News/ Technology / Meta brings Instagram’s AtoZ guide on top safety features
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Meta brings Instagram’s AtoZ guide on top safety features

With the rise of young users on social media everyday, the concern for their digital safety and concern is also rising. To recall, Instagram has recently launched several parental control features in order to prevent minors from cybercrimes. Here are a bunch of features from Instagram to keep users safe on the platform.

 Instagram’s AtoZ guide on top safety features.Premium
Instagram’s AtoZ guide on top safety features.

The digital age has all of us connected at the touch of our fingerprints where the world is just a swipe away. With the rise of young users on social media everyday, the concern for their digital safety and concern is also rising. To recall, Instagram has recently launched several parental control features in order to prevent minors from cybercrimes.

Here are a bunch of features from Instagram to keep users safe on the platform.

Account status

Account Status is a way to find out if something you’ve posted (like comments, posts, or stories) has been removed for going against our Community Guidelines and if it may lead to your account being taken down. If your content is removed for violating Community Guidelines, you’ll be notified in the Instagram app. The removal will also be listed in Account Status, which you can check at any time. Settings > Account > Account Status

Block Accounts

Simply block unwanted followers, because when you block someone on Instagram, you're essentially rendering them invisible. They'll be unable to peep into your profile, posts, or stories, and won't even receive a notification that they've been blocked. Go to the person’s profile, click on the three dots at the top right corner, hit ‘Block’ and then choose if you’d like to only block this particular account, or also other accounts they may have or create.

Close friends

This feature on Instagram offers a select group of followers a privileged glimpse into your private Stories. This way, you can share special moments and memories with only the people you trust the most. Settings > Account > Close Friends

Don’t receive requests

The ‘Don't Receive Requests’ feature on Instagram is the tool for maintaining your digital boundaries. You can block incoming friend requests and keep your list of followers under your control. No more unsolicited interactions, just a curated and carefully curated network of friends and followers. Settings > Privacy > Messages > Potential connections/ Other people > Don’t receive requests

E-mails from Instagram

If Instagram ever emails you about your account, it will appear in your app under “Emails from Instagram." Do not ever fall for those notorious emails that say anything otherwise.

Settings > Security > Emails from Instagram

Following & Followers

The Following and Followers feature can be used to both connect and protect. On one hand, you can follow and connect with like-minded individuals, expanding your network. On the other hand, you can control who follows you and see who's keeping tabs on your profile, ensuring your safety and privacy on the platform. Whether you want to keep your profile private or public, this feature puts you in the driver's seat, giving you control over who gets to see your posts and interact with you. Settings > Notifications > Following & Followers

Guidelines for the community aka Community Guidelines

The platform has a set of Community Guidelines in place. These guidelines state what is and is not allowed on Instagram. They are based on feedback from people and the advice of experts in fields such as technology, public safety and human rights.

Hidden Words

The Hidden Words feature in the privacy settings is your shield against online trolls and negative comments. With just a few taps, you can block out offensive or inappropriate messages and comments, protecting your peace of mind and digital well-being.

Settings > Privacy > Hidden Words

Instagram Safety

If you are not sure what safety tools are available, or want to access the ‘Parent’s Guides’, or even if you know someone who’s in immediate physical danger - this a place for all those resources or guidance to take actions.

Settings > Supervision > Instagram Safety

Just say NO

Say no to phishing scams, buying follows and fake verifications messages, to protect your account. This is not a product feature, rather a guidance for you to question offers that seem too good to be true and a nudge for you to check for authenticity of messages and offers you receive, so you catch the phishers and scammers at play.


To stay safe on Instagram, one can mute or block accounts


Limit unwanted interactions for a period of time by automatically hiding comments and message requests from people who don’t follow you, or who only recently followed you.

Settings > Privacy > Limits

Message Controls

Users can customise their messaging experience and control who can send you direct messages, set filters to automatically block unwanted messages, and even choose who gets to see your active status. Settings > Privacy > Messages > Potential Connections / Other People > Don’t receive requests

Not Interested

Instagram's feature called "Not Interested" allows people to indicate their disinterest in posts displayed on the Explore page, filling the gap left by the absence of a dislike button. Even for Reels that you’re not interested in, you can hit the three dots and hit on ‘Not interested’.

Only ‘People you follow’ or No one

This feature gives users control over who gets to tag you in their posts. With just a few taps, you can limit your profile's availability for a tag from everyone or people you follow or no one. You can also choose the option to manually approve the tags.

Settings > Privacy > Posts

Private Account

With just a switch, users can make your profile private, ensuring that only the people you've accepted as followers can see your posts, stories, and information. This feature is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their content to themselves or have more control over who gets to see it.

Settings > Privacy > Private account

Quiet Mode

Instagram's Quiet Mode disables notifications and provides an automatic response to direct messages, allowing you to concentrate on activities such as driving or studying without distractions. This feature has launched only in a few select countries for now, which doesn’t include India, but is one to look forward to.

Reels and Remix Controls

Your reels are available for people to remix, and add their fun take or response on them. This may be open to your followers or the public at large, depending on your account being private or public. While this unlocks creativity, you do have an option to disallow anyone to create reels that include your videos or photos, or download them as part of remix. This is available through Reels and Remix Controls.

Settings > Privacy > Reels and Remix

Security Checkup

This takes a very few moments of your time, but it’s an essential step to undertake to protect your account. You should review your information like email and your phone numbers and add an extra login protection to your account. Accurate information will help Instagram connect if there’s ever a security issue with your account.

Settings > Security > Security Checkup


Protecting your account is key, and one of the simplest ways to do so is by enabling two-factor authentication. It's like having a digital bodyguard that ensures only you have access to your account. Simply set up an email, phone number, or WhatsApp or utilize a third-party app and let Instagram confirm your identity every time you log in from a new device.

Settings > Security > Two factor authentication

Unrecognized Logins

This feature keeps you notified of any suspicious login activity. Settings > Notifications > From Instagram > Unrecognized logins

Video Chats

You can keep the option to video chat open to everyone, to the people you follow or just turn it off.

Settings > Notifications > Calls

Who can add you to groups

Manage who all can add you to groups. It’s your option to be added to groups by everyone (apart from those you’ve blocked) or give that privilege to only people you follow on Instagram.

Settings > Privacy > Messages > Group Settings > Who Can add you to groups

(e)Xpress freely

Now, once you go live, you can assign a moderator during your stream. An Instagram live stream moderator will be able to report comments and remove viewers from live. They can also turn off comments for a viewer. For doing so, you need to Tap the three dots next to ‘Comment’ at the bottom. Then tap ‘Add Moderator’. You can search for the account you want to assign as a moderator at the top or tap Add next to their account below Suggested. Lastly, tap ‘Confirm’.

You follow (Accounts)

From ‘Accounts you follow’, you can see the ‘accounts you’ve least interacted’ and evaluate if there’s a reason why you’d like to continue following those accounts.

Settings > Privacy > Accounts you follow

Zzzz... Take a break

This feature is a gentle reminder for you to step away from the app and take a break. It encourages you to set reminders for future pauses and promote a healthier relationship with Instagram.

Your activity > Time spent > set reminder to take a break

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Published: 12 Feb 2023, 12:34 PM IST
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