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Business News/ Technology / News/  AI Integration to Deepfake concern: 5 Key takeaways from PM Modi and Bill Gates' discussion on Indian digital revolution

AI Integration to Deepfake concern: 5 Key takeaways from PM Modi and Bill Gates' discussion on Indian digital revolution

In a conversation with Bill Gates, PM Modi emphasized India's technological progress, including democratizing technology, empowering women, integrating AI in governance, addressing AI challenges, and advancing in renewable energy like Green Hydrogen projects.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates in a conversation with Prime Minister Modi.

In a recent discussion with Bill Gates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted India's strides in technology, focusing on digital empowerment, women's inclusion, and AI challenges. Here are five major key takeaways from their conversation:

India's Digital Revolution

PM Modi explained how India has embraced technology to prevent monopolies and ensure it is accessible to all citizens.In addressing the digital revolution in India, Modi emphasized its global curiosity during the G20 Summit in Indonesia. He conveyed that India has democratized technology to avoid monopolies, asserting it as a people-centric endeavor. Moreover, Modi explained how he wants to curb digital divide in India.

Empowering Women with Technology

Modi noted that women in India are particularly open to adopting new technology. He highlighted initiatives like the 'Namo Drone Didi' scheme, which aims to promote technology, especially among women. The scheme has been successful in changing mindsets and providing new opportunities, stated Modi.

AI Integration

Interestingly, Modi discussed the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in various aspects of governance, including its use during the 2023 G20 Summit. He highlighted how AI is transforming sectors like health, agriculture, and education, mentioning the translation of his Hindi speech into Tamil using AI during a cultural event.

Addressing AI Challenges

Modi stressed the importance of addressing challenges posed by AI, including issues like deepfake technology. Additionally, he has also proposed measures such as comprehensive training for AI systems, adding watermarks to AI-generated content, and establishing a legal framework to regulate AI and deepfake technology.

Green Hydrogen Project

The PM of India also spoke about India's progress in renewable energy and further advancements in Green Hydrogen. He highlighted the launch of a hydrogen-powered boat in Tamil Nadu as a significant step. Modi also proposed integrating this boat into the Kashi-Ayodhya route, aiming to support the Clean Ganga initiative.

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