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Business News/ Technology / News/  GTA 6 fever prompts lifestyle overhaul: Fans prioritise health ahead of game launch

GTA 6 fever prompts lifestyle overhaul: Fans prioritise health ahead of game launch

Excitement for GTA 6 reaches unparalleled levels as fans eagerly await the game's debut. Some fans are making significant decisions like quitting smoking to ensure they are in peak health for the release.

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Excitement for the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has reached unparalleled levels, as fans eagerly await the game's debut. The anticipation surrounding Rockstar's newest addition to the iconic franchise has led to unexpected transformations in the lives of some enthusiasts. Surprisingly, this even extends to decisions like quitting smoking, reported HT Tech.

Rockstar Games, known for its secretive approach to project details, has at last revealed information about GTA 6. The studio has recently declared that a sneak peek at the much-anticipated game will be disclosed in early December. As anticipation grows, a fan community is making efforts to ensure they are in peak health when the game is finally released.

Reportedly, the ten-year anticipation for a fresh GTA installment has prompted certain fans to make a significant decision: quitting smoking to ensure they are alive and well for the launch of GTA 6.

A Reddit user, who identifies as a devoted GTA 6 enthusiast, shared his personal journey of giving up smoking in anticipation of the game's release. Expressing concerns about potential health issues and the desire not to miss out on the gaming experience due to preventable complications, the fan stated, "I've been a fairly heavy smoker for a while now. Lately, I've been coughing a lot more and just feeling like shit from the cigarettes, but addiction is a hell of a thing. I'm so hyped for GTA 6 that the thought of being in the hospital or on heavy medication as a result of cigarettes has got me to quit cold turkey. I will not miss out on this game and want to be in my best possible health for it. Today is 10 days free. Thanks, Rockstar!"

The Reddit post struck a chord with numerous individuals who extended congratulations to the person and recounted their own experiences of undergoing substantial lifestyle alterations in anticipation of the game. The remarkable influence of gaming, even prior to its release, has left some enthusiasts amazed by the profound impact it can exert on people's lives.

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