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Business News/ Technology / News/  'Not just Aai, Indian kids also saying 'AI' as their first word': PM Modi tells Bill Gates

'Not just Aai, Indian kids also saying 'AI' as their first word': PM Modi tells Bill Gates

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed India's growth and development with Bill Gates, emphasizing the role of Artificial Intelligence. Modi humorously mentioned how some Indian kids are now saying 'AI' as their first word, showcasing the widespread use of AI in the country.

Bill Gates (L) with PM Narendra Modi (Right)

Ahead of the Lok Sabha election 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wherein the two discussed on range of topics pertaining to India's growth and development. Prime Minister Modi spoke on the role of Artificial Intelligence in today's time with the billionaire. PM Modi jokingly said that kids in India have become so advanced that they are saying ‘AI’ as their first word. "In India, we call mother ‘aai’ in most of the states and now some advanced kids are saying AI as their first word…it's a joke but aai and AI sound similar'.

Further PM Modi said AI has penetrated beautifully in the country even the common men can use it smoothly.

PM Modi says, ‘Women are more open to adopt new technology in India!’

"I used AI during the G20 Summit for language interpretation," PM Modi.

During the G20 Summit, all my drivers downloaded an AI app through which they communicated with various foreign guests who came to India to attend the Summit, the prime minister said.

'India a key country for us': Bill Gates hails country's role in global progress

PM Modi demonstrated the use of AI on his Namo app to Bill Gates. The PM asked Gates to take a selfie via the Namo app. Suddenly all photos of Gates with Modi appeared on the app. PM Modi said that innovations like AI are significant and should be embraced "to enhance daily life for everyone".

"I aim to ensure that users feel comfortable and recognise its utility and later encourage them to innovate and contribute new features".

From AI to Deepfakes: 5 Things to know on PM Modi and Bill Gates' discussion on India’s digital revolution

According to PM Modi, “It would be a big injustice if AI is used just as a magic tool. One should compete with ChatGPT".

"If such a good thing (AI) is given to someone without proper training, it is likely to be misused...I suggested that we should start with clear watermarks on AI-generated content. So that nobody is misguided...In a democratic country like India, anybody can use deepfake...It's crucial to acknowledge that deepfake content is AI-generated...We need to think about some dos and don'ts..."PM Modi added.

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