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Business News/ Technology / News/  Top 10 Google Pixel 8 Series features that challenge Apple and Samsung: Video Boost, Zoom Enhance and more

Top 10 Google Pixel 8 Series features that challenge Apple and Samsung: Video Boost, Zoom Enhance and more

Pixel 8 Pro introduces temperature sensor, Best Take and Magic Editor, Zoom Enhance, Night Sight for videos, Video Boost, Audio Magic Eraser, Google Assistant with Bard, 7 years of software support, and 1TB storage option

Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone (Google)Premium
Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone (Google)

Google has unveiled the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro across the world, showcasing a fusion of hardware upgrades and groundbreaking AI features that redefine the smartphone experience. Here are top 10 features from Google Pixel 8 Series that give a tough fight to Apple and Samsung and make Google Pixel 8 Series worth giving a try.

Pixel Call Screen

Call Screen is a handy feature that allows you to identify callers and their intentions before answering a call. Google showcased its capabilities during a demonstration, revealing its ability to detect and block scams, such as fake lottery calls. On the other hand, if it identifies a legitimate delivery agent at your doorstep, it offers predefined options like instructing them to leave the package by the door. This feature streamlines call handling, ensuring you only engage with calls that matter while protecting you from potential scams.

New Temperature Sensor

The Pixel 8 Pro introduces a novel infrared temperature sensor located on its metal camera visor. This sensor serves a dual purpose: firstly, it enables users to monitor their body temperature, providing alerts for sudden drops that could signal health concerns. Secondly, it facilitates the swift assessment of object temperatures, such as beverages or cookware, ensuring they are safe to handle with a quick scan.

Best Take and Magic Editor

Google enables users to select the ideal face from a series of images captured during a photo session, ensuring the best outcome. If, for instance, someone has closed their eyes in the preferred shot, you can easily choose an alternative image where their eyes are open.

 Zoom Enhance

Google has introduced a noteworthy feature this year that may reduce the significance of optical zoom in flagship smartphones. Known as Zoom Enhance, it harnesses AI to enhance the sharpness of already zoomed-in images, potentially matching the quality of photos captured with optical zoom lenses.

Night Sight for Videos

Google initially introduced Night Sight, a night photography feature, with the Pixel 3. It enhances low-light photos by brightening them, increasing detail, reducing blurriness, and maintaining color accuracy. Up until now, Night Sight has exclusively applied to nighttime photos. However, with the Pixel 8 series, Google is extending this feature to improve low-light video footage. 

Video Boost 

Video Boost offers users a valuable advantage, as Pixel generates a single file that is stored both locally on your device and in the cloud. Simultaneously, another copy of the file is uploaded to Google's servers, where it undergoes processing to enhance low-light visibility and overall color quality. This processing typically takes a few hours to finalize, and Google will notify the user once it is finished.

Audio Magic Eraser

Google has introduced a feature called Audio Magic Eraser, which proves highly beneficial in noisy surroundings. This feature empowers users to effectively reduce or entirely eliminate background noise from videos captured on either the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro. Moreover, it extends its functionality to videos shot on alternative devices, ensuring a versatile noise-cancellation solution.

Google Assistant with Bard

Bard, when integrated into the Google Assistant on Pixel devices, will leverage Generative AI to offer personalized and intuitive responses. Demonstrated at the Made by Google event, this feature will enable users to request assistance with tasks like captioning a social media post including relevant hashtags. Although it is currently in testing, it is anticipated to debut initially on the latest Pixel devices.

Seven Years of Software Support

Google extends an impressive seven-year software support package with the Pixel 8 series, encompassing major OS updates, security patches, and Pixel Feature Drops. This duration surpasses the offerings of other prominent Android phone brands. 

1TB Storage Option

Google offers a 1TB storage option with the Pixel 8 Pro, catering to power users, gamers, and content creators who tend to consume storage rapidly due to extensive game downloads, movie files, and high-resolution photo and video capture.




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Published: 05 Oct 2023, 11:48 AM IST
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