A new and extremely dangerous trend has been fast spreading across social media. The trend, similar to the fatal Blue whale challenge that broke out on social media platforms, is called the skull-breaker challenge and it has the potential to give you quite a serious headache.

What is the skull-breaker challenge all about?

The dangerous challenge that is currently trending on the popular video-sharing app TikTok involves three people in the act. First, two people on either side of the third one will jump in the air and once they land, the person in between the two will do the same. However, when the third person jumps in the air, just then, the other two are going to kick him on his legs, rather on his shins, while he is mid-air, making the jumper fall on the ground on his back.

This bizarre challenge can result in extremely serious head and back injuries and in some cases, it may also lead to the death of the last jumper. Most of the time, the third person jumping is not aware of the kick and that is when things become serious and the the jumper is is caught unawares, similar to a prank situation.

Skull-breaker challenge is picking up quickly as more and more teenagers and young adults are indulging in performing the act without any safety precautions causing worry among parents. Moreover, one of the first videos was shot in a school in Venezuela and it later spread across the globe.

In another video, the victim seems to have lost consciousness after the fall:

Many worried over this free-fall fatal dangerous trick expressed their concern over social media. There are also reports on how governments of different countries are issuing advisory against this dangerous challenge. For instance, media reports suggest Bangkok cops have announced that those who cause severe injuries to people by performing the skull-breaker challenge can face jail terms of between two and 10 years.

The skullbreaker challenge, also known as the "tripping jump challenge" have reportedly injured several people in US and Europe already. According to the Mirror, a student was hospitalised after sustaining wrist injury while performing the challenge.

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