Xiaomi at its 'smarter living' event in Bengaluru launched three new smart devices on Tuesday. The company introduced new sizes in the Mi TV 4X and 4A series, a new water purifier and the Mi Band 4. Here's everything that was launched at the event:

Mi TV 4X-series

The Mi TV 4X-series received three TVs with new sizes of 43-inches, 50-inches and 65-inches. All the three TV models come with a 4K HDR 10-bit panel. The 65-inch Mi TV 4X is the biggest Xiaomi TV in India yet.

The three TVs also feature Xiaomi's new image processing engine, called the Vivid Picture Engine. The company promises to deliver deeper contrasts, punchier colours, and significant depth to the picture quality. In terms of sound technology, the TVs come with Dolby support

The 65-inch variant also delivers Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) and MEMC support that is enabled by a dedicated card. It comes with a Cortex A55 processor.

The 65-inch variant is priced at 64,999 and will be available on Flipkart and mi.com. The Mi TV 4X 50-inch and 43-inch are priced at 29,999 (Amazon) and 24,999 (Flipkart) respectively.

Mi TV 4A-series

The Mi TV 4A series received a new 40-inch variant a full HD panel. Xiaomi revealed very few details about this TV. However, it confirmed that all the new Mi TVs come with the latest version of Patch Wall UI. It now comes with in-built Amazon Prime and Netflix support as well as a data saver feature. It also brings a data counter and support to cast local files to TV feature as well. It is priced at 17,999.

All the TVs announced today would go on sale starting 29 September.

Xiaomi also launched a black variant of the Mi Soundbar. The specifications of this variant are essentially the same as original Soundbar launched early this year.

Mi Water Purifier

Xiaomi's new water purification system sports a compact size, Xiaomi says it only takes up the size of an A4 sheet. It comes with a 7-litre tank made out of an FDA-approved material. Xiaomi placed emphasis on the device's Penta-purification system. Xiaomi said the water flows through three cartridges—PPC (polypropylene cotton), activated carbon, RO and finally post activated carbon— before sitting still in the tank illuminated by UV lighting to ensure high-quality water output that conforms to BIS standards.

The Mi Water Purifier can be connected to the Mi Home app that allows live TDS-tracking and one-tap ordering of new cartridges.

Xiaomi said a major pain-point of water purifier users was that of cartridge replacement and maintenance. Xiaomi has tried to eliminate the need to call a technician by introducing DIY cartridges that can be installed and replaced by a complete Luddite within 30 seconds.

Although Xiaomi is taking pride in simplifying the ordering process of a new filter, it hasn't mentioned anything about the recycling or disposal of them.

The Mi Water Purifier is priced at 11,999.

Mi Band 4

The Mi Band 4 is lit by a 0.95-inch AMOLED display panel that provides information about a user's physical activity as well as notifications of text messages and voice calls directly from a connected phone. The display can also serve several other purposes, it can also display QR codes. It also boasts a microphone for voice assistance. This means users can interact with the smart band via touch as well as voice commands. The Mi Band 4 will also come with a six-axis accelerometer. It can also identify various swimming strokes and offer swolf scores, a feature especially beneficial for swimmers.

It is priced at 2,299.

Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2

This product, priced at 500, is available only on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform. It uses an infrared-assisted motion sensor to switch itself on only if a person is present in a room.