The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo
The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo: Handy dual screen, but needs polish

  • The Zenbook Pro Duo has dual displays that increase productivity, and has top specs that ensure fast and reliable performance
  • It is priced at 2,09,990

If you have seen the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo in images or stores, you probably already like the idea. Since Windows recognizes the screen on top of the keyboard on this laptop as a second display, you can simply drag apps to the bottom screen instead of minimizing them out of sight every time.

In practical use cases, that’s really useful. For instance, you can quickly search for information on Chrome while you type an article, you can keep chat messengers open on the bottom display while watching movies or working on something else, and so on. It’s actually great and immensely useful.

That said, there are quite a few downsides to this feature. The second screen reduces space for the keyboard, meaning there’s no palm rest, making it cumbersome to use this when mobile or on your lap, like on an airplane, etc. We also found the keyboard to be slightly crammed, reducing typing speed at least initially. You will make a lot of mistakes while typing at first.

But perhaps the clumsiest part is that the touchpad has to be moved to the side, adjacent to the keyboard.

The unusual touchpad placement makes it almost impossible to get used to, and we recommend using an external mouse instead.

Another complaint is that the Screenpad Plus (which Asus calls the second screen) has a much lower resolution than the main display. Things look washed out and touch latency is higher than ideal. In sum, the Zenbook Pro Duo makes a compelling case for dual-screen laptops. What is needed is a bit more polish, though.

However, other than the issues with ergonomics, the Zenbook Pro Duo is a fast laptop with really good battery life.