While Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home (now renamed Nest) are the poster children for smart speakers, it is the more compact and affordable Echo Dot and Home Mini speakers that appeal to the budget-conscious buyers. With the new Nest Mini, Google is trying to deliver more value for money by offering better audio output, Bluetooth 5.0 and the nifty little hook on the back that will let you hang the speaker on the wall.

Priced at 4,499, the Nest Mini retains the pebble-shaped design of the predecessor and has a similar fabric finish. While it was launched in four colour options including a coral and light blue variant, in India the colour options are limited to the standard charcoal and chalk.

Like its predecessor, the Nest Mini supports voice commands allowing users to summon the Google Assistant for news, weather and sports updates, set reminders, play music and adjust volume. Users can also adjust the volume by tapping on the right side of the speaker and if you don’t want it to listen to your conversations waiting for the wake word, there is the option to mute the mic.

A big limitation of the first Mini speaker was the audio quality as it sounded too feeble even for basic music playback. Google has addressed that with the Nest Mini. The speaker output now packs a lot more punch and is capable of filling a small room on its own without losing audio clarity.

The Nest Mini is better than its predecessor and is a viable option for users who want to remain in Google’s ecosystem.

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